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Job Description and Personal Specification by Ue0G6WA


									Job Description and Personal Specification
Director of Congregational Development
Job Title: Director of Congregational Development

Accountable to: Mission Superintendent

Key Tasks:
In partnership with the Mission Superintendent and other members of the pastoral
team the Director of Congregational Development is responsible for the development
of the spiritual life of the congregation in a number of areas, e.g. pastoral care and
discipleship at East Belfast Mission.

 This will include the development and implementation of an innovative and effective
evangelism programme, small group programme and model of pastoral care to ensure
those attached to the church at EBM achieve their full potential and for those
currently outside the church that a meaningful engagement takes place to allow the
gospel to be presented in a positive way.

The following list of duties is meant to describe the work in detail, but it is recognised
that it is not exhaustive.

Main Duties

Pastoral & Visitation Ministry
To provide in conjunction with other members of the pastoral team a system of care
that incorporates encouragement, Christian love and emotional support.
         Keep an ongoing record of pastoral care.
         Meet on a regular basis with other teams members to ensure that the model
           of care is being implemented.
         Take gifted individuals on visitation to train them as an apprentice.


      To ensure in conjunction with other staff members and congregation members
       that models of discipleship are happening throughout the congregation.
      Be involved in the planning and participation of the worship life of the church
       to ensure that discipleship and spiritual development are part of the wider
       worship of the church.
      To develop small group ministry throughout the congregation to provide
       pastoral care, spiritual nurture, fellowship, encouragement and discipleship.
       Encourage lifestyle evangelism as a culture of the church at every age level in
        collaboration with every ministry in the church by teaching individual how to
        reach his/her network of family, friends and contacts.
       Follow-up on all “visitors” (non-members) for the purpose of reaching the
        unsaved and challenging the saved to a deeper lifestyle evangelism daily

Other Skills and Abilities
Exhibits a passion for God and a Christ-like spirit. These qualities will be evidenced
in personal life, family relationships, and ministry.

The ability to work efficiently and effectively in team situations is critical, as well as
the ability to work independently.

Must possess solid time management skills and organisational abilities.

The ability to communicate and establish effective working relationships.

The ideal candidate should be creative, detail oriented, flexible, and decisive with the
ability to organize and coordinate work, set priorities, and motivate others.

Scale and Impact
The post-holder will work in partnership with a team of people who will be both staff
at EBM and volunteers from the church and the mission.

Discretion to Act
The post holder will have leadership responsibilities for a team of volunteers and will
recommend to the Mission Superintendent on ministry strategy in relation to the

Environment and Stress
EBM is a diverse and busy environment, which involves contact with a wide range of
people, volunteers and staff. The post will involve out of hours work, including

The post holder will be expected to develop and maintain good working relationships
with church members, volunteers and colleagues.

The headquarters of EBM are at 239 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1AF where
there is adequate car-parking. Any travelling expenses related to other journeys
necessary for the successful fulfilment of duties will be met by EBM. It would be
expected that the majority of such journeys would be in the greater Belfast area.

Personal Specification
 Committed Christian and a member of a Christian congregation
 Able to uphold the aims and ethos and doctrine of the Methodist Church in Ireland
 Willing to become a full member of the congregation
 Proven communication skills
 Three years experience in church work or a recognised related qualification
 Current driving licence and access to a car
 A qualification from Bible College or Theological College
 Computer literate

   Demonstrated capacity for creative thinking and the development of new

Title: Director of Congregational Development

Location:            East Belfast Mission, 239 Newtownards Road, Belfast BT4
Salary:              £15,921 (to be reviewed in January 2004)
Expenses:            A mileage allowance is paid in respect of mileage undertaken
                     in the course of business.
Leave:               20 days annual leave plus 12 statutory days per annum.
Pension:             Group personal pension scheme.
Retirement Age:      65 years.

This document should not be taken as constituting conditions of employment.


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