At the Heart of Our Community
                                                                          September/October 2004

              DIRECTOR’S                             With that little festive hint, can I once again say
                                                     many thanks to everyone who has assisted us
                UPDATE                               this last year and I look forward to working with
                                                     you all in the future.
With the nights starting to draw in and with
holidays, at least for some of us, already           With best wishes
becoming a fading memory, proof that this year                          David Miles
was flashing by came at our AGM. It didn’t seem
possible that another year had gone by, yet
there we were in the council chamber reviewing
GVA’s activities.    Many thanks to all that
attended and a special thanks to the Mayor,                 GOSPORT LEARNING
Councillor Keith Edwards for once again                  COMMUNITY GRANT SCHEME
welcoming us to the Town Hall. It was yet again
a successful and enjoyable event with an                 What would you do with £2,500 to help
opportunity to talk to people about the issues                promote learning activities
affecting us all.                                                in your community?
I am pleased to say that since our last newsletter    Do YOU have an IDEA as to how you might
GVA has been given an Investors In People                 encourage, promote or organise
award. This is a quality award which means that            Learning in your community?
we have met the necessary standards, based on
good business practice by leading employers,            Do YOU need a grant to make it happen?
for managing and developing our staff and
volunteers in line with GVA’s aims and                        If so then please contact GVA
objectives. This award recognises the hard work                      on 023 9258 3836.
everyone at GVA, together with our friends, puts
in to making us a successful organisation.

We are now looking forward to seeing the                        JOB OPPORTUNITY
development of our new premises taking place
behind Safeway’s on the St George Barracks            Driver needed from 2.45pm-3.45pm Monday
site. The steelwork is already in place and work      to Friday term time only to collect children
is on target for completion by the autumn of          and take them to an after school club.
2005. The new building will enable us to offer a
wider range of facilities to groups and               Must have your own transportation, ideally a
organisations and importantly will offer full         7 seat-people carrier. You would transport
access for the disabled.                              children from local schools to Holbrook
                                                      Recreation Centre. You would need to
I know people will not welcome the reference,         provide your own insurance and petrol and
but Christmas is now not that far away. GVA’S         will need to have a police check or willing to
mince pie lunch is already planned from               obtain one. In return you will be paid £280 a
11.00am – 1.00pm on Wednesday 1st December            month.
at the Little Chapel St George Barracks. All are
very welcome.                                         For further details please contact Mandy
                                                      Lovell on 023 92 522532.
    PSORIASIS SELF-HELP GROUP                               VICE CHAIRMAN NEEDED
                                                               FOR HOME-START
The Psoriasis Association is based in
Northampton, telephone no 01604 711129.
                                                             GOSPORT & FAREHAM
However, there is a local self-help group based
in Southampton. There are monthly meetings           Home-start needs a Vice Chairman as soon as
(March-November), social activities and a            possible, with a view to take over from the
chance to help with fund-raising for research.       current Chairman next June 2005.
Further details can be obtained from Dave
Edwards on 023 8047 4112.                            Home-start offers friendship and informal
                                                     support to parents with young children, in local
    CLUB HAMPSHIRE NEEDS YOU!                        communities throughout the UK, so that every
                                                     child can have a good start in life. Committee
        Volunteer Recruitment                        meetings are held bi-monthly for 2 hours.

Club Hampshire is a charity providing social         If you are interested please contact Sally Ray
clubs for older and disabled people. Meetings        on 023 92 582498.
are held weekdays at our Centre based at The
Anchorage, Willis Road, Gosport.
                                                                 CAfE OPEN FOR
We urgently require volunteers to help with the                THREE MORE YEARS
running of our clubs and car drivers who are
able to transport our members to the centre and      Community Action for Energy programme gets
home. All expenses will be reimbursed.               bigger and better.

Come along and meet us and find out more,            Community Action for Energy (CAfE), the
volunteering can be so rewarding and fun.            national programme to promote community
                                                     involvement in sustainable energy projects, is
If you are interested please contact Sylvia          to be extended for a further three years.
Gamblin at Club Hampshire (Gosport) on 023 92
584370 or 023 92 632391.                             The programme, which has attracted more
                                                     than 1, 500 members from community and
                                                     voluntary groups, local authorities, NGOs and
 TOPSS Leadership & Management Strategy              the energy sector, was developed as a pilot by
                                                     the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes.
TOPSS is an employment-led body leading on           After two successful years, CAfE has become
education, training and workforce development        a mainstream programme of the Government-
strategy for social care, including social work.     backed Energy Saving Trust (EST).
This organisation announced in June that they
will be launching a series of tools that have been   The programme provides a wide range of
developed to support ‘the leadership and             advice and support, including training, case
management strategy for social care’. More           studies, a conference, support panel and
information can be obtained from their website       helpline.    It also offers a comprehensive or         website – due to be relaunched in coming
                                                     months – that provides monthly news updates
                                                     as well as information on sources of grants and
            USEFUL WEBSITES                          funding.
Training in the Care Sector including the
Registered Care Managers Award: The Quinn            Members of the CAfE network, and nearly all
Centre.                     of its services, are free. To join, call the CAfE
                                                     helpline on 0870 261 444 or visit
askNCVO: Online advice for the Voluntary and
Community Sector.
     FIREWORK SPECTACULAR                           The Rowans
                                                    Saturday 16th October – get your Christmas
           30th OCTOBER
                                                    Cards and Calendars at The Rowans stall at
                                                    the Craft Fair, Thorngate Halls, 10.30am-
Firework spectacular, family entertainment at       4.00pm.
Priddy’s Hard and early evening preview of
Explosion! Fireworks start at 7.30pm.               Saturday 23rd October – Market stall at
                                                    Gosport Market.
Under 3’s FREE – Tickets can be brought in
advance from Explosion! Telephone 023 9250          Wednesday 3rd November – Bridge afternoon
5603.                                               at Gosport Rugby Club, Gosport Park. The
                                                    afternoon will follow the usual format with tea,
                                                    a raffle and prizes for the Bridge.
                     HALLOWEEN PARTY
                        AT GOSPORT                  Saturday 13th November – Christmas Card
                         RNA CLUB                   sale at Mike and Jenny Bartlett’s, 32 Foster
                                                    Road, Gosport.
                       30th OCTOBER

                     A FREE evenings DISCO,
                     fun and games for all the
family - so why not get dressed up in fancy dress
with the children and join us for the evening. If
you are interested or would like further
information please contact Dave Upton on
01329 312270.
                                                        ONE DAY TO CHANGE THE UK
                                                    Saturday, 30th October 2004 is CSV Make a
       FAMILY LEARNING WEEK                         Difference Day, the UK’s largest day of hands
                                                    on volunteering. Supported by Barclays, CSV
 Between 11 and 17 October it is family
                                                    Make a Difference Day encourages people to
 learning week and many schools are inviting
                                                    try volunteering for one day in an activity that
 families to come and see classes in action.
                                                    will have a direct positive impact on the local
 There will be lots of organised activities,
 including cooking sessions for dads and kids.
                                                    Last year, 88,000 people volunteered in over
 In Gosport on the 16th October between             4,600 activities; people held tea-parties for the
 11.00-4.00pm at the Salvation Army Hall at         elderly, revamped community areas and built
 The Crossways, there will be an activity called    sensory gardens. Anyone from age 2 to 105
 ‘Drumming Fun for Everyone’. The activities        can take part including individuals, schools,
 include: African drumming; dance workshops;        companies and social groups.
 card mask making; art projects; storytelling;
 refreshments and face painting displays.           To find out how you can get involved in this
 If you are interested and would like further       year’s CSV Make a Difference Day, go to our
 information please contact Pat Moran on            website, or call
 023 92 827110.                                     freephone 0800 284 533.
         FOR CHILDREN 2005                          COMMUNITIES - Creating places people
                                                             can be proud of
Do you know 12 children in real need of a
break?                                             ‘Cleaner Safer Greener Communities’ brings
                                                   together a range of Government activities
Harvest Trust is a charity which provides free     aimed at improving the quality of life for
seaside holidays for groups of disadvantaged       everyone by making our streets, parks and
children. The holidays are for groups of twelve    public spaces better. This includes activities
children between the ages of 8 and 12, and are     and projects such as combating vandalism and
based at the Trust’s own holiday centre in West    gum deposition, improving our streets and re-
Wales.                                             invigorating our community gardens and
All of the week-long holidays take place between
April and September and are organised in           The website
partnership with schools, community groups and     provides a single access point to a range of
childcare organisations. The Trust provides all    Government agency and non-governmental
accommodation, transport and admissions free       organisations’ programmes with information,
of charge. Your organisation will need to only     ideas and advice about:
buy food and provide three adult workers to
accompany the children.                                getting involved in local activities to
                                                        improve your local environment
Application forms are available NOW for the            funding opportunities to start your
2005 holiday season. For more information and           own activities
a brochure and application form please                 how you can report and influence
telephone 01559 371190 for visit our website at         local issues

  The closing date for applications will be          Maetwerk provides employment support
             31st January 2005                       for those with substance abuse. You must
                                                     be clean or on a programme and be
                                                     receiving benefit of some kind or be
                                                     eligible for benefit and 16+. You should
ABBEYFIELD UK ARE LOOKING FOR                        not be time bound.           Please contact
A RELIEF WEEKEND HOUSEKEEPER                         Steve Frampton or Jan Ousalice on 02380
                                                     682491 who are based in Southampton
                                                     but will travel to other areas.
Abbeyfield UK based at 138 Privett Road are
looking for a relief weekend housekeeper and a
                                                        DEVELOPMENT THROUGH
relief cleaner.
The housekeeper would be required to work
6 hours on a Saturday and 4 hours on a Sunday.     Published by BASSAC, this new publication is
The position would involve preparing, cooking,     a     step-by-step   toolkit   for  community
serving lunch and tea. You would cater for 3 or    organisations interested in developing diversity
4 but never more than 8 people. A meal for         effectively with basic information, useful tips,
yourself would be provided.                        quotes and checklists to help develop a truly
                                                   diverse organisation. For more information
If you are interested in either position please
give Sylvia Foster a call on 023 92 503304.
                                     YOUNG CARERS
                               INTER-AGENCY WORKSHOPS
The Inter-agency workshop will explore the following:-

    Who are young carers?
    Brief outline of UN Convention on Rights of the Child.
    Aims and Objectives of ‘Taking Responsibility’, Hampshire County Council’s Inter-agency
     policy for supporting young carers.
    What do young carers need?
    A video presentation from Young Carers.
                                            And more….

          (Maximum of 20 people per workshop – based on a first come first served basis)
 If you have a team who are interested in attending this workshop on any of the dates below, please
 contact Gaynor Tizzard, Development Worker Young Carers, (Fareham, Gosport & Havant Areas),
 GEN11,      Fareham     District   Youth     Office,    Neville   Lovett    Community      School,
 St Anne’s Grove, Fareham         PO14 1JJ. Tele: 01329 829819/01329 829818. Or e-mail:
                               Thursday, 14th October 9.30-12.30pm
                                 (Hants North Area) - Venue TBC
                             Friday, 15th October 9.30-12.30pm
          (Rushmore Area) – This workshop will take place at 1 Pickford Street, Aldershot
                             Tuesday, 19th October 1.00-4.00pm
    (Havant Area) – Venue TBC (likely to be The Original Place, 136 Purbrook Way, Leigh Park)
                               Friday, 5th November 9.30-12.00pm
                 (Gosport Area) – Venue Brune Park School, Military Road, Gosport
                              Tuesday, 9th November 1.00-4.00pm
       (Winchester Area) – Venue Hampshire County Council Youth Service, 1 Wessex Way,
                                       Colden Common
                                Friday, 10th November 1.00-4.00pm
                                     (Rushmore) – Venue TBC
                           Wednesday, 17th November 1.00-4.00pm
        (Fareham Area) – This workshop will take place at Odyssey Youth Club, Portchester
                        Community School, White Hart Lane, Portchester
                            Thursday, 2nd December 1.00-4.00pm
       (Gosport Area) – Venue TBC (likely to be Brune Park Youth Club, Brune Park School,
                                  Military Road, Gosport)
                                  ‘LEARNING for ALL’
                          Voluntary Action for East Hampshire
                               AUTUMN/WINTER 2004/05
                                TRAINING WORKSHOPS
                      for Local Voluntary and Community Groups
Are you a paid member of staff, a volunteer or a trustee? If you are – then this could be of interest
to you.
Funded by The Lottery the Autumn/Winter 2004/05 Training Programme is available for voluntary
and community groups to participate in.
A variety of workshops are on offer, at an affordable cost:
THE DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT – The 1st October is the beginning, not the end, as
changes occur to the DDA of 1995. *Do you provide goods or services to the public? *Do you
employ fewer than 15 people? *What is “reasonable”, the topic of the day. Facilitators: Charles
Clarke of Giles Insurance and Sue Williams on behalf of South Downs Association of
Disabled People & Shopmobility Services.
VENUE: The Methodist Church, Petersfield MONDAY 18th OCTOBER 6.30pm to 8.30pm
COST: £5 (Statutory Organisations £10) includes refreshments
NOTE: If you miss this workshop we are holding another similar one in Alton facilitated by
Hampshire County Council – details included in this programme.

LEARN HOW TO USE A SCANNER & DIGITAL CAMERA. This workshop will provide you with a
good working knowledge of their uses, to enable you to digitise photographs and text using
Microsoft applications.
VENUE: Alton College WEDNESDAY 20th OCTOBER 9.30am to 4.00pm
COST: £18 (Statutory Organisations £36) includes refreshments. The College Café will be
open for you to purchase a snack lunch.

PRESENTATION SKILLS. You may have to give talks and presentations about the work you do,
about plans you have or the service you deliver. For many people, this can be a daunting prospect.
Come along and learn these skills!
VENUE: Knighton Corner, Horndean THURSDAY 4th NOVEMBER 10.00am to 4.00pm
COST: £25 (Statutory Organisations £50) includes snack lunch and refreshments.

AWARDS FOR ALL – small grants, up to £5,000, for your organisation. Come along and find
out about this Lottery grants scheme aimed at local communities. Grants of between £500 and
VENUE: St Mary’s Hall, Liss. WEDNESDAY 10th NOVEMBER 10.00am to 12.00pm
COST: £5 (Statutory Organisations £10) includes refreshments.
envoy of one’s professionalism, and their importance should not be underestimated. Come to this
workshop and learn some useful tips and ideas – especially if it saves you time!
VENUE: Acorn Christian Foundation, Whitehill Chase, Bordon
TUESDAY 16th NOVEMBER 9.30am to 1.00pm
COST: £20 (Statutory Organisations £40) includes refreshments

STRESS AWARENESS – catch it before it happens! Know how to control the symptoms and
what to do if you or a colleague should experience acute stress.
VENUE: Rehab, Alton (located behind the Alton Sports Centre)
TUESDAY 23RD NOVEMBER 9.30am to 1.00pm COST: £20 (Statutory Organisations £40)
includes refreshments

WORKING IN THE VOLUNTARY SECTOR. This workshop will look at “What is the Voluntary
Sector?” considering its culture, job opportunities within it, and the skills, attitudes and motivations
needed. VENUE: Knighton Corner, Horndean MONDAY 29th NOVEMBER 1.30pm to 4.30pm
COST: £15 (Statutory Organisations £30) includes refreshments

THE DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT – how will it affect you or your organisation? This is
another opportunity for you to get updated on the changes to the DDA of 1995. Facilitators:
Hampshire County Council VENUE: Alton Community Centre TUESDAY 7 th DECEMBER
1.30pm to 4.30pm COST: £5 (Statutory Organisations £10) includes refreshments

LEARN HOW TO MAILMERGE – using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft
Access. This workshop will teach you to combine or merge data from two files into one file. For
example, create personal or customised letters by combining the text of a letter (main document)
with names and addresses created in a database in Word, Excel or Access.
VENUE: Alton College THURSDAY 9th DECEMBER 9.30am to 4.00pm
COST: £18 (Statutory Organisations £36) includes refreshments. The College Café will be
open for you to purchase a snack lunch.
ADULT PROTECTION AWARENESS. The workshop will cover: “Understanding the definition of
abuse and the definition of who is an adult *Recognising the different types of abuse. *Knowing
how to recognise signs of abuse *Having a clear idea what to do, who to talk to and where to go in
the event of alleged abuse *Recognising barriers to doing something about abuse.
VENUE: St Mary’s Hall, Liss WEDNESDAY 12th JANUARY 9.30am to 3.00pm
COST £10 (Statutory Organisations £20) includes snack lunch and refreshments
CARING FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS. Anyone dealing with the public, volunteers and paid staff
who are responsible for customer service, should not miss out on this workshop.
VENUE: Liphook Millennium Hall TUESDAY 18th JANUARY 10.00am to 1.00pm
COST: £20 (Statutory Organisations £40) includes refreshments

Further details and booking forms available from Liz Moore, Training and Resources Co-ordinator,
Voluntary Action for East Hampshire, The Tilmore Centre, 1 Tilmore Road, Petersfield GU32 2HG
Tele: 01730 710017, Fax: 01730 710117, e-mail: or book on line for
‘Learning for All’ Training Workshops at
        UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION                              British Charities have created an educational
        ABOUT NEW SOURCES                                   charities portal which can be found at
            OF FUNDING                            

In our last Newsletter (July/August 2004) we                The portal covers all A-Z that Charities come
published an article advising that you contact              under; there is an online registration for
Claire Coxwell, if you would like to receive a              charities which gives 24/7 access to your
copy of the Charities Information Bureau                    details. The portal also has a section on
monthly funding newsletter.                                 Charity shops, Charity magazines and
                                                            Charity suppliers, Charity funding board and
We would like to take this opportunity to                   of course Charity News.
apologise, as this information was incorrect.
                                                            If you go to the section marked ‘Register
Should you wish to have a copy of this                      your Charity’, it will allow you to expand on
newsletter e-mailed to you would you please                 the work you do and reach out to new
contact Karen Hughes at                   people. It’s FREE to join!
or Annie McLellan at who
will e-mail you a copy of the funding                       If you have any questions please e-mail
newsletter.                                                 Mr Tom Watkins, Charity support at
                Gosport War Memorial                            Work-Based Training Opportunities
                Rehabilitation Unit are
                having a Christmas Party                    The Learning & Skills Council have produced
                on the 18th December from                   an online database giving details of local
                1.30-3.00pm and would like                  courses and training providers able
                anyone that can play a                      to offer work-based learning opportunities.
                guitar or sing to help them                 The database can be searched by area,
entertain the patients. If you are interested               sector,     qualification  and/or     training
could you please contact Sally or Sandra                    provider to give full details of training
on 023 92 603218.                                           options available, together with location,
                                                            contact name and telephone number.
                                                            /wfd/training.asp to find out more. If you
GVA’s Lunch Bunch will be available to help                 don’t have access to the internet, contact the
with a Christmas Party in December.                         Workforce Development team direct on
                                                            08450 194182 with details of your

   Gosport Voluntary Action is a company limited by guarantee, Registered in England & Wales Number 4191320
                                      Registered Charity Number 1087177

                        The views in our NEWS may not be shared by us.
           Gosport Voluntary Action, Bury House, Bury Road, Gosport PO12 3PX
                               023 9258 3836  023 9260 2505
                             
     We are grateful for the support of Gosport Borough Council, Hampshire County Council
                                      and all our Volunteers

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