SERMON NOTES
                           “Bite Your Tongue”
                                                                  THE LORD’S DAY— June 15, 2008
Introduction                                                     MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE 9:30 A.M.

                                                    A Warm Welcome is extended to all who have come to worship
                                                    with us today. You are invited to join us for coffee in the
I. The Tongue is Small                              fellowship hall following the service. The ALS System is available
                                                    for those with hearing impairments. A nursery room is also
                                                    available and is located at the bottom of the west basement stairs.

                                                GOD GATHERS HIS PEOPLE

                                                     Prelude: Milly Kroese, organist
                                                               Catherine Schreur, pianist
                                                     Call to Worship
                                                     Silent Prayer
II. The Tongue is Strong                        *    God’s Greeting
                                                *    Hymn #179 “The Glorious Gates of Righteousness” vs 1,2,4,5

                                                TO RENEW OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM

                                                     Prayer of Confession
                                                     Assurance of Pardon
                                                     Hymn #155 “Love God with All Your Soul and Strength”
                                                     God’s Will for Our Lives
III. Keep a Tight Reign on Tongue               *    Hymn #500 “How Firm a Foundation”                            all

                                                     Children will sing songs from Vacation Bible School

                                                TO HEAR HIS WORD

                                                     Prayer for Illumination
                                                     Scripture: Psalm 127: 1 - 2 (540)
                                                                   Joshua 24: 15 (p 205)
                                                     Pastor - This is the Word of the Lord
                                                     People respond - Thanks Be to God
                                                     Message: “Marriage Matters - To Your House”
                                                     Prayer of Application
                                                *    Hymn #582 “Praised Be the Father”                           all

                                                TO GIVE THANKS

                                                     Congregational Prayer
                                                     Offering: 1st - Budget and Benevolence
                                                               2nd - CES (Fair Share)
GOD SENDS US FORTH WITH HIS BLESSING                                                  THE LORD’S DAY - June 15, 2008
                                                                                    EVENING WORSHIP SERVICE 6:00 p.m.
*   Hymn #484 “Humble Praises, Holy Jesus”               all
*   God’s Blessing                                                  LET US PREPARE OUR HEARTS TO WORSHIP GOD
*   Doxology #638 “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”
*   Moment of Silent Reflection                                         Prelude: Jen Prins, pianist
*   Postlude                                                            Welcome & Call to Worship
                                           *stand if you are able   LET US WORSHIP GOD WITH JOYFUL HEARTS
                         Sermon Notes
                                                                        Hymns #250 “I’ve Come to Tell”
               “Marriage Matters - To Your House”
                                                                               #195 “Our God Reigns”
                                                                    *         #559 “Stand Up, Stand up for Jesus”                     all
                                                                    *   God’s Greeting
                                                                    *   Confession of Faith

                                                                    LET US OFFER GOD OUR THANKSGIVING
I. Finding a Perfect Housemate
                                                                        Congregational Prayer
                                                                        Offering: Zuni Christian Mission School

                                                                    LET US HEAR THE WORD OF GOD PROCLAIMED

                                                                        Heidelburg Catechism: Lord’s Day 43 (p 914)
                                                                        Scripture: James 3: 2 - 12 (p 1062)
                                                                        Message: “Bite Your Tongue”
II. Building a Strong House

                                                                    LET US LIVE THE WORD OF GOD
                                                                    *   Hymn #528 “Lord, Speak to Me That I May Speak”     all
                                                                    *   God’s Blessing
                                                                    *   Doxology #501 “Oh, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing” vs 1,7
                                                                    *   Silent Prayer
                                                                    *   Postlude

                                                                                                                  *stand if you are able

                                                                               WANTED: One volunteer to ride along and help at the Cary
WORSHIP NOTES                                                                  Christian Center in MS. Leaving Iowa June 21, and leaving
The flower arrangement in front of church is in loving memory of Eunice        Cary the following Friday, June 27. For more information
Wiekamp, who went home to be with the Lord a year ago - June 16.               contact Harv Verbrugge at 729-3560.

CONGREGATIONAL LIFE                                                            REQUESTED ANNOUNCEMENTS
We congratulate and celebrate with Aaron & Renee Alons in the birth of         The Board of Western Christian thanks the congregation for
their son, Asa Michael, on Monday, June 9. We praise God for the gift of       your contribution to the Spring Debt Reduction Drive. The total
life.                                                                          contributions were over $60,000. If you have not yet given your
Jake Van Dyke broke his hip and had hip surgery in Sioux Falls on              gift, please send it directly to the school (marked “Spring Drive”).
Wednesday.                                                                     Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!
Lee Reitsma fell from a roof at work and broke bones in his heel. He will          Western Christian full board mtg.- Monday, June 16 at 7 pm.
be seeing the surgeon on Monday to make a determination on what to do.
                                                                               Dordt College thanks the congregation for the recent Spring
“If I can do some good today, if I can serve along life’s way, if I can do     Debt Reduction Drive offering- $843.70. Your support is deeply
something helpful say, Lord, show me how.” - Dear Kids of the                                                                          appreciated!
Congregation: Thanks so much for filling the wheelbarrow with your             Children’s Bible Story Hour at the Cornerstone URC will take
coins and money! Because of your help, you have done “good”, “served”,         place Mon., June 23 - Thurs., June 25, from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.
and have been very “helpful” to the Bible School Kids in Mississippi! We       Children ages 3 years through 2nd grade (completed) are welcome.
once again thank our congregation for their financial support but also for     Activities planned are Bible stories, singing, crafts, and snacks. If
food donations and prayer support. We praise God for our caring church         you have any questions, please call Lisa Den Hartog at 930-3141.
family. Please continue to keep us in your prayers this coming week as
we begin Bible School, for safety on work projects, and also for a safe        Prison Fellowship weekend at Cornerstone Prison Church at
return home at the end of the week.           Your Cary Serve Team             the South Dakota State Penitentary will be July 12 & 13. Sign up
                                                                               by Friday, June 27 to volunteer. More details next week.
I want to thank you for the bridal shower that was given to me by the
Fellowship committee and ladies of the congregation. The gifts, cards,         CROSSROADS CONNECTIONS - Being a father who provides is
and time of fellowship were greatly appreciated.   Amber Reitsma               a small part of being a father who leads. Find out how you can
                                                                               be a high-impact father through faith in God and His promises.
Our humble thanks to this congregation for the thoughtful cards and            Go to anytime or KDCR Radio, Sundays at 2:30 p.m.
words of encouragement you sent us following Addy’s death. Our                     WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? Kids Corner - Sunday morning at
brothers and sisters in the Lord are a dear blessing to us. Your kindness                                   7 am on KDCR Radio (88.5 FM).
will not be forgotten.                  Tim & Deena Erwin & family             WHY DO GOOD PEOPLE SUFFER? The world around us is full of
                                                                               suffering and pain. We often think that people get "what's coming
A bridal shower honoring Rebecca Oldenkamp will be given on Saturday,          to them" but is suffering really punishment for sin? If so, why isn't
June 28 from 9:30 - 11 a.m., in the fellowship hall.                           it exclusive to thieves and murders? If God is loving and just,
                                                                               then why do good people suffer? Find out on the June 22 BTGH.
Check in the kitchen: There are two lawn chairs left at the church picnic
and misc. pans/utensils - are they yours?                                      The Synod of the Christian Reformed Church is being held this
                                                                               week through Sat., June 21 in Grand Rapids. Delegates from the
SEA TO SEA - 2 WEEKS TO GO: On June 19, tour chairperson, Claire               Heartland Classis are Rev. David Heilman, Rev. Norlan Van Beek,
Elgersma, will speak about Sea to Sea to the 2008 Synod of the CRC.            John Kooiker, and Mark Volkers. Pray that the Holy Spirit will
Please join with Claire, tour participants and leaders of the church in        equip the delegates to serve in faith and obedience and will lead
praying for God’s will to be done through the tour and in the hearts           the Christian Reformed Church into new and challenging areas of
and lives of those who are impacted by it.                                     ministry. Go to to find daily updates, photos,
_____________________________________________                                  live web casts and more on Synod 2008.
Congregational Favorites . . . . Proverbs 3: 6 “In all your ways acknowledge
him, and he will make your paths straight.”
                       CHURCH CALENDAR                                REQUESTED ANNOUNCEMENTS
                                                                      The Christian Retirement Home will be hosting “The Law’s Family”,
 Today           8:45 a.m.   Meet for Prayer in Pastor’s Study
                                                                      on June 19 at 7 pm. This family from North Carolina will bring us an
                 9:00 a.m.   Church library opens
                                                                      evening of wonderful music. Bring a lawn chair & join us out front for
                10:30 a.m.   Coffee Fellowship
                                                                      ice cream, music, and fellowship. Freewill donations will be collected.
 Friday          8:00 a.m.   GEMS leave for Campout at Lake Pahoja
 Saturday        1:30 p.m.   GEMS return from Campout
                                                                      The 13th Annual Gospel Music Festival will take place June 20 - 21
                             Cary Serve Team arrives home
                                                                      at Central Park in Sioux Center, from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. each day.
                                                                      30 groups from eight states will participate in this fundraising event
                                                                      for Hope Haven. There will also be a lunch stand available. In case of
 Greeters: A.M. Sarah Pals, Dick & Cora Prins
                                                                      inclement weather, this event will take place in the Dordt Rec Center.
             P.M. John & Maureen Prins, Roy & Jeri Prins
 Nursery    A.M. Adrienne Reitsma, Lorna Vos, Sara Bootsma
                                                                      Call for Counselors: Youth Bible Camp at Pine Lake Christian Camp in
            P.M. Bev Brouwer, Leilla Reitsma
                                                                      Eldora, IA is July 21 - 25. Dedicated Christians willing to serve a
 Hospitality:     Bill & Veda Bousema
                                               LIFTING OUR LAMBS      counselors may apply to the by board (by July 1). Write to Pete Louters,
                  Lee & Susie Van Tol
                                               TO THE SHEPHERD        29024 810th Ave., Hollandale, MN 56045, or call 507-889-3721.
                  Harv & Linda Verbrugge
                                                                         Also, all graduates of grades 6 - 12 are encouraged to attend.
                  Martin Breems
                                                                              Registration forms are on the back table.
 Prairie View:    James De Young               Bryan Vander Plaats
 Video:           Brandon Oldenkamp
                                                                      Why wait to be a mentor? Teens need you to encourage and support
 Audio:           Stefan Sybesma               Jim & Joy Van Dyke
                                                                      them as they grow, and face the challenges of life. If you’re willing to
                                                Rev. Sam & Karen
                                                                      give an hour a week and are at least 21years old, you could become a
                                                         Keyser       mentor. If you have questions or are interested, please call Barb
Offering: A.M.     1st - Budget & Benevolence
                                                (Northern             Trowbridge, at 712-737-4831.
                   2nd - Love INC
         P.M.      Elim
                                                                      JFA Summer Work Project Opportunity Rosebud Reservation –
Greeters A.M.      Heath & Wendy Reitsma
                                                                      June 23-29, 2008. JFA is excited about partnering with Alfred & Shirley
                   Ken & Leilla Reitsma
                                                                      Old Lodge in their out-reach ministry on the Rosebud. They work
            P.M.   Bob & Linda Oldenkamp
                                                                      primarily with the Milkscamp & Bull Creek communities, 2 of the 27
                   Ben & Adrienne Reitsma
                                                                      communities which comprise the Rosebud Reservation. We will be
Nursery: A.M.      Verla Elgersma, Vonnie Hofman, Carol Buteyn
                                                                      working on the homes of two elderly women. Alfred and Shirley are
          P.M.     Michelle Alons, Lana Van Engen
                                                                      very compassionate people with a passionate desire to be the
Pianists:          Leah Alons, Jackie Freese
                                                                      messengers of God’s love and hope for their people! You can become
          P.M.     Cella Bosma
                                                                      part of this project by 1) becoming part of the team that goes to the
Hospitality:       Ken & Liz Elgersma, Lee & Starla Reitsma,
                                                                      reservation – for a day or two, or what ever works – construction skills
                   James & Mary De Young
                                                                      will be needed but there will be work for all. 2) by supporting this
Prairie View:      Jerry Bousema
                                                                      project through a monetary gift. For more information please contact
Video:             Josh Bosma Audio: Bob Oldenkamp
                                                                      Pat at JFA (712-476-2804) or
                                                                      Love INC requests prayers of praise for the wonderful progress being
Jan & Darlene Van Ee - Mike Visser
                                                                      made by the families enrolled in the “Love Help” budget course. Also
Rev. Sam & Karen Keyser - Denny Vos
                                                                      thank God for the faithful teachers and mentors who are being used
Kent & Rachelle Bosma - Ryan Vos
                                                                      to make a difference in the lives of these families.
Rev. Michael & Megan Ribbens - Kevin Wiekamp
                                                                        Next Sunday, June 22 at 1:30 p.m., at the Bethel Ref. Church, there
Brian Pals - Arlan Wiekamp
                                                                      will be a benefit for Love INC starring the Annual Summer Music Camp,
                                                                      “Rock Solid - God’s Promises for the Trail of Life”. A freewill offering
                                                                      will be taken for Love INC and refreshments will be served.

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