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									Christian Science
              A Brief History
                 The founder of Christian Science is a
                 woman by the name of Mary Baker
                 She founded Christina Science when
                 she had a spontaneous recovery from
                 a very serious injury in 1866.
                 From this recovery she established
                 the idea that spirituality can over
                 come reality.
                 She then wrote Science and Health
                 which is the basis for the Christian
                 Science religion today.
                 The first first Church of Christ,
                 Scientist was founded in 1879, today
                 there are 3,000 of these churches
Christian Science
 Overall Beliefs
   God is the only creator and all the He has created is
   good. Evil is not a product of God.
   God is creator of all good and the devil is the creator of
   all evil and bad.
   To be Christian is to be Christ like therefore, loving,
   healing diseases, fighting evil and sin is a part of their
   Religious healing, healing through the power of God
   and spirituality.
   Physical healing though personal growth and
   A strong faith in the supernatural, since that is one thing
   that cannot be explained by science therefore a product
   of God.
Christian Science
 Notion of God
   God is seen as “one divine essence… eternal, without body,
   indivisible, of infinite power, wisdom and goodness…”
   Unlike most Christian practices, followers of the Christian
   Science faith do not see God as anthropomorphic, although
   they do realize that the idea of God as corporeal entity is
   hard to stray from, which shows a certain open-mindedness
   lacking in most of Christian practices.
   As said in John 1:18 “No man hath seen God at any time” so
   Christian Scientists cannot explain the true form of God.
   This shows that thy do not need to answer questions that for
   them are unanswerable but they do play with the thought
   God is a mortal magnified since we were made in God’s
Christian Science
Notion of God
  God is seen as the one who creates
  good and can only change evil, no
  more, this displays a certain
  feeling that God is not all
  powerful against evil.
  Along with the belief that God is
  anthropomorphic he is also
  infinite. God is infinite love
  therefore God must be infinite,
  this is a reasonable thought.
  God must be personal, and not a
  personal God but you must know
  God is your own personal way
  whether he is a personal or
  impersonal God.
Christian Science
 Three Stages of Advancement
   The first is to have self-knowledge. “Mental darkness is
   senseless error.” I would suppose this is like saying, to know
   God you must first know yourself, which is a reasonable
   thought considering you must love yourself to love another.
   The second is humility. “One can never go up, until one
   gone down in his own esteem.” This is a good representation
   of the two truths of love and humility but it seems to me that
   you must feel insignificant before you can know the
   greatness of God, which is unfair.
   The third is to love, “love that is irrespective of self, rank or
   following…” Love is the final concept you must master to
   achieve mental growth. It seems odd that love is so highly
   regarded as the power of God and yet it is the one thing that
   can really cause the most hurt in a persons life.
Christian Science
                    Jesus Christ
                       There is a difference between
                       Jesus, the human and Christ, the
                       He is the glory of all God’s
                       He is where man should find his
                       complete fulfillment.
                       His healing power through
                       infinite mind is highly valued.
                       Not the son of God but a perfect
                       religious being made by God.
                       It is good the see Jesus as a mere
                       human as he was and take his
                       teachings to heart and not his
                       stature as “The Son of God.”
Christian Science
 Evolution or Creationism?
   Acceptance of certain parts of the evolution
   There is a strong sense of the difference
   between spirit and body, for this reason
   evolution can help explain the evolution of
   the human race from a physical view but
   God is still responsible for the creation of
   the spirit.
   Again, this shows an open-mindedness for
   science is a religious realm.
Christian Science
Death and Where We Go
  “Heaven is not a locality, but a divine state of mind in
  which all the manifestations of mind are harmonious
  and immortal.”
  While Christian Scientists do not believe in a locality of
  heaven or hell they do believe that they exist in a state
  of mind kind of way. Heaven is a place of supreme
  mental being, which is theorized by the religious and the
  There is not death just passing through portals of belief.
  The belief that the spirit goes on after the body dies is a
  common belief, but never proven.
  “Death will occur on the next plane of existence as on
  this, until the spiritual understanding of Life is reached.”
  A view shared by the Buddhist.

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