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					Business depression the current epidemic of the world / Do you have it? Gavin Tonks business mentor and consultant says:-Trade your way “out of a business depression.” “When you are business depressed nothing is more important than getting effective treatment.” Understanding Business Depression If you've been diagnosed with business depression, you may wonder why it had to happen to you. The fact is that anyone can get business depression. The first step in fighting business depression is to understand what it is, how it affects you, and what causes it. Causes of Business Depression Business Depression has no single cause; often, it results from a combination of things.  You may have no idea why business depression has struck you.  Whatever its cause, Business depression is not just a state of mind.  It is related to physical changes in the business, and connected to an imbalance of a type of chemical that carries signals in your brain and nerves, making you forget the obvious and loose sight of logic that is required to plan your way back to business profitability. Some of the more common factors involved in business depression are:  Family Owned business. Genetics play an important part in business depression. It can run in families for generations. Family business is problematic especially when it comes to adapting to the future.

Business trauma and stress. Things like financial problems, the breakup of a business relationship can bring on business depression. You can become business depressed after changes in your life, like not having work, and believing in media reports and becoming catatonic in your business dealings.

Pessimistic business personality. People who have low self-esteem and a negative outlook are at higher risk of becoming business depressed. These traits may actually be caused by low-level depression and a belief that there is no business out there at all.

Physical business conditions. Serious business conditions like no business, cancelled contracts and negative behavior and attitude in those around you can contribute to business depression, partly because of the physical weakness and stress they bring on. Depression can make business conditions worse, since it weakens the immune system and can make pain harder to bear. In some cases, business depression can be caused by listening to media that has no bearing on your business and the clients around you.



Other psychological disorders. Anxiety disorders, not planning disorders, no business plan, and (especially) no clue about the future and how you intend to trade out of the current situation often appear along with business depression. How business antidepressants work for you and your business When certain chemicals in the business (such as cash, orders and profit] are out of balance, business depression usually does occur. Planning and focus improve the symptoms of business depression by bringing these current disorders back into balance. Because different types of business solutions are designed to work differently, side effects associated with each type of business depression medication can vary. Some of the major types of business antidepressants are discussed below: NDRIs (No new business-phrine and “don’t do it differently-phrine” are re-uptake [get going] inhibitors) they are a type of antidepressant that increases the levels of no new business and do not change a thing by blocking their "re-uptake" [get going] in your brain [The ability to think straight under really tough economic conditions]. When you are in these states, your business is currently causing the business depression and business desperation, then you really “are” under the influence of NDRI’s [No direction regarding income] Business planning and strategy is the only business solution within this class of remedy approved by “business that has business”. Side effects may include weight loss, loss of appetite, and dry mouth, however a new dawning realization will come about showing the - “world” actually is not at an end yet. WE need to redefine what we are doing so clients see the sense in doing business with us. Business has not died it has just stopped trading or is waiting for some miracle sign. If we are all waiting for a sign when will we know when we have seen it? SSRIs (Selective Service Re-uptake [get going] Inhibitors) these are currently preventing us from seeing business opportunity. It is making us dream and not get out and see. We are all working in our brains and not contacting people who can make decisions and see where things can move to from the current positions. (see Common Side Effects of Business Antidepressants non business dealings. The depression will not go away until we all decide to make it go away


Business Depression Day by Day Even after you've learned that you have business depression and are planning to change your business strategy, “treatment” you won't feel better right away. Business depression can be frustrating, because recovering from it takes time. Business decisions and planning require time to make a difference and this must be factored into your planning and decisions. While you have to be patient to heal, there are still steps you can make to feel better. Make a list of all contacts and see what is happening, I did and found two new projects that are extremely exciting and were happening under my nose. I realized that one person has opened a whole new avenue of prospects and have found three new products I am able to market to my current network. I drove around the city today and could not believe it is being literally rebuilt, so it is not a fact that there is no business the fact is that I am currently not involved in this business. We need to make a conscious decision to ensure our business is more relevant to customers who desire our products or services more and are therefore prepared to open their purse strings and pay. Money is under the mattress and until our services and offerings provide more value than the shadows under the bed than I am “afraid” business depression will be our way of life. Business depression is like recovering from addiction, “Admittance is the first step to recovery”. Business depression exits because we are allowing it too. Let’s begin recovery and ignore the business depression. Common Side Effects of Business Antidepressants non business dealings.  Lack of sleep  Tormented dreaming  Business abandoning you because you look haunted  Not knowing what deals can be done in your business as you are not focusing on survival / understanding your business has never been so vital  Unmotivated staff  Good staff leaving  Higher costs  Less business and less profitable business  Unplanned trading marketing and purchasing Authored by Gavin Tonks / 19/06/2009


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