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									“Mummy Dearest”
                DNA Detective
Students working on Tryscience “DNA Detective” experiment.
Students Looking at the TryScience website.
Students sharing DNA research.

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“Mummy Magic”
Students prepare materials.
Our Apple Mummy: Before
Our Apple Mummy: After Mummification
Featured Students:
             Tiffani I.
             Alicia B.
             Christa I.
             Linda T.

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Student Research on Embalming
                   Field Trips
• Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor, New
  York, September 2003
• We participated in an experiment which examines DNA on
  the basis of forensic DNA fingerprinting. We prepared a
  sample of our own cheek cell DNA by using a saline
• Learning Objectives Achieved:
       - How to retrieve living tissue from human body.
       - How to obtain and separated DNA from cells with
         the process of gel electrophoresis
                        Field Trip
• American Museum of Natural History, New York
• Research: Frozen Tissue Collection of the Ambrose
  Monell Collection for Molecular and Microbial Research
• Objectives Achieved:
       • Learned how the museum’s frozen tissue collection could be used to
         support a broad range of research.
       • Viewed the frozen tissue storage vats and learned about the liquid
         nitrogen layer kept at low temperatures for the prevention of tissue
       • Became familiar with the computer database which is able to track
         each bar-coded vial, giving source of specimen and its record of
         thawing and refreezing.

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