DIOCESAN CYCLE of PRAYER for August 2008

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					DIOCESAN CYCLE of PRAYER for August 2008
Friday 1 August
Enugu (Nigeria): Emmanuel Chukwuma (Bishop)
Pray for the Lambeth Conference—Visitors and Pilgrims to Canterbury
St Mary, Finchley: Philip Davison (Rector designate); Nigel Wildish, Christopher Wheeler and
George Lunn (Readers)
St Mary Primary School and Nursery
Holy Trinity, Church Lane: Laurence Hill (Vicar)
Holy Trinity Primary School and Nursery
Saturday 2 August
Esan (Nigeria): Friday Imaekhai (Bishop)
Pray for the Lambeth Conference—Religious Communities
St Paul and St Luke, Finchley: Nicholas Pye (Vicar), Mavis Crispin
All Saints, Durham Road: Christopher Hardy (Vicar); Mike Waring (Reader)
All Saints Primary School
Sunday 3 August—Trinity 11
Pray for the Scottish Episcopal Church: Idris Jones (Primus, and Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway)
Pray for the Lambeth Conference—Canterbury Cathedral
Härnösand (Sweden): Tony Guldbrandzén (Bishop)
Pray for the members of the Synod and of the Synodal Council of the Old Catholic Church in the
Czech Republic: Josef Koenig (Chairman)
Central Barnet Deanery: Nigel Taylor (Area Dean), Prebendary Adrian Benjamin (Chapter Clerk)
Deanery Synod: Nigel Wildish (Lay Chairman), Sonia Singham (Treasurer)
Monday 4 August
Convocation of American Churches in Europe: Pierre Whalon (Bishop)
Pray for the Lambeth Conference—for participants and staff as they travel homewards
Christ Church, North Finchley: Timothy Atkins (Vicar); Anne Atkins, Kostakis Christodoulou,
John Cooper and Ian Fabray (Readers)
Pray for the Wren Academy, opening in September
Finchley Memorial Hospital: Timothy Atkins (Chaplain)
Tuesday 5 August
Exeter: Michael Langrish (Bishop), Robert Evens (Bishop of Crediton), John Ford (Bishop of
St Barnabas, Holden Road: Henry Kendal (Vicar), John Coles, Colin Brookes, Michael Pavlou,
Bill Radmall; Robert Irving, and Rena Cardy (Readers), Elliott Ireton (Children’s Worker)
St Marylebone Crematorium: Christopher Gower (Chaplain)
St Pancras Cemetery
Wednesday 6 August—Transfiguration of Our Lord
Ezo (Sudan): John Zawo (Bishop)
ALMA (Niassa): pray for St Andrew, Chigoma: Tiago Mitula; St Bartholomew, Ngofi: Antonio
Camuendo; Holy Cross, Mandambuzi: Afonso Chimunji
St John the Apostle, Whetstone: Kevin Mitchell (Vicar), Cindy Kent; Barbara Kirkbride (Reader)
Emmanuel Network Church: Simon Kirby (Minister-in-Charge)
St John Primary School
North London Hospice: Kevin Mitchell (Chaplain)
Thursday 7 August
Faisalabad (Pakistan): John Samuel (Bishop)
St James the Great & St John the Evangelist, Friern Barnet: Paul Walmsley-McLeod (Rector);
Barry Hall (Reader)
St John Primary School and St John and All Saints Nursery
All Saints, Friern Barnet: Prebendary Adrian Benjamin (Vicar); Ann Deutsch and Olayinka
Ademiluyi (Readers)
All Saints Primary School
St Peter’s, Bourne Centre for Christian Education and Spirituality: David Rogers (Warden)
Friday 8 August
False Bay (Southern Africa): Merwyn Castle (Bishop)
St Paul, New Southgate: Mark McAulay (Vicar)
St Paul Primary School and Nursery
New Southgate Cemetery: Mark McAulay (Chaplain)
Christ Church, Barnet: Nigel Taylor (Vicar), Keith Hilton-Turvey (Associate Vicar), Peter
Liddelow; Steve Neale (Youth Worker), Sarah Wade (Children’s Worker)
Christ Church Primary School
Saturday 9 August
Fianarantsoa (Indian Ocean): Gilbert Rakotondravelo (Bishop)
St Mary the Virgin, Monken Hadley: Timothy L’Estrange (Rector designate); John Stibbs
Monken Hadley Primary School
Barnet General Hospital: Tom Baron (Chaplain)
Sunday 10 August—Trinity 12
Pray for the Province of the Anglican Church in South East Asia: John Chew (Archbishop, and
Bishop of Singapore)
Linköping (Sweden): Martin Lind (Bishop)
Pray for the members of the Examining Body and the candidates for the ordained ministry in the
Old Catholic Church in the Czech Republic
Pray for the Bishop of Edmonton, the Rt Revd Peter Wheatley, and for his staff, including Christine
White (Bishop’s Secretary)
Monday 11 August
Florida (USA): Samuel Howard (Bishop)
St Mary and Christ Church, Hendon: Gwyn Clement (Vicar), Peter Anthony
St Mary Primary and Secondary Schools
Middlesex University (Hendon & Bounds Green)
Tuesday 12 August
Fond du Lac (USA): Russell Jacobus (Bishop)
St Jude-on-the-Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb: Alan Walker (Vicar); Dr Geoffrey Britton and
Robert Chandler (Readers)
St John, West Hendon: John Hawkins (Vicar), Tony Halton, Steven Young
St John Infants School
Wednesday 13 August
Fort Worth (USA): Jack Iker (Bishop)
ALMA (Niassa): pray for St Barnabas, Ngoo: Mauricio Msossa; St Paul, Mepoche: Bernabe
Ngunga; St John the Baptist, Chia: Jaime Goane
St Alphage, Edgware: Prebendary Hugh Moore (Vicar), John Caster
St Augustine, Grahame Park: Prebendary Hugh Moore (Vicar), Dane Batley-Gladden (Associate
Thursday 14 August
Fredericton (Canada): Claude Miller (Bishop)
St Matthias, Colindale: John Hawkins (Priest-in-Charge)
Colindale Hospital
St Peter, Cricklewood
Friday 15 August—The Blessed Virgin Mary
Freetown (West Africa): Julius Lynch (Bishop)
All Saints, Childs Hill: John Wainwright (Vicar)
All Saints Primary School
Saturday 16 August
Gahini (Rwanda): Alexis Bilindabagabo (Bishop)
St Paul, Mill Hill: Jonathan Shaw (Vicar), Jan Lowe
St Paul Primary School
Sunday 17 August—Trinity 13
Pray for the Church of South India: Badda Sugandhar (Moderator, and Bishop of Medak)
Møre (Norway): Odd Bondevik (Bishop)
Pray for the work of the diocesan commissions, institutions and organisations of the Old Catholic
Church in the Czech Republic
West Barnet Deanery: John Hawkins (Area Dean), Tim Boniwell (Chapter Clerk)
Deanery Synod: Yvonne Southwell (Lay Chairman), Michael Buck (Secretary), Jamie Ingham Clark
Monday 18 August
Gambia (West Africa): Solomon Johnson (Bishop)
St Michael and All Angels, Mill Hill: Canon Barry Wright (Vicar)
Metropolitan Police Chaplaincy: Canon Barry Wright (Chaplain)
British Forces Post Office, Inglis Barracks: Graham Fieldhouse CA (Chaplain)
Tuesday 19 August
George (Southern Africa): Donald Harker (Bishop)
John Keble Church, Mill Hill: Oliver Osmond (Vicar), Ian Godfrey; Harry Lamb and Michael
Buck (Readers)
Edgware General Hospital
Mill Hill School: Andrew Keep (Chaplain)
Wednesday 20 August
Georgia (USA): Henry Louttit (Bishop)
ALMA (Niassa): pray for St Bartholomew, Messumba: Basilio Calange; St Luke, Chiwanga:
Franco Catutula; St John the Baptist, Metangula: Franco Cacongue
Edgware Team Ministry: St Margaret, Edgware, St Andrew, Edgware and St Peter, Stonegrove:
Michael Clark (Team Rector), Paul Berry (Team Vicar), Simon Rea; Richard Boulton, David
Franklin and Liz Brooker (Readers)
Thursday 21 August
Gippsland (Australia): John McIntyre (Bishop)
St Alban the Martyr with St Michael & St Barnabas, Golders Green: Rex Morton (Vicar),
Prebendary Donald Barnes
Community of St Mary at the Cross, and Henry Nihill House: Dame Marie-Thérèse OSB (Superior),
Tim Boniwell (Chaplain)
Friday 22 August
Gitega (Burundi): Jean Nduwayo (Bishop)
St John at Hampstead: Stephen Tucker (Vicar), Sarah Eynstone, Dr Jim Walters; Handley Stevens
Hampstead Parochial Primary School
Edenhall Marie Curie Home: Terence Handley MacMath (Chaplain)
St John, Downshire Hill: Jonathan Gould (Chaplain)
Royal School: Jonathan Gould (Chaplain)
Saturday 23 August
Glasgow and Galloway: Idris Jones (Bishop)
Christ Church, Hampstead: Paul Conrad (Vicar), Peter Blackburn, John Cooper
Christ Church Primary School
Sunday 24 August—St Bartholomew/Trinity 14
Pray for the Church of the Province of Southern Africa: Thabo Makgoba (Archbishop of Capetown)
Turku (Finland): Jukka Paarma (Archbishop of Finland), Kari Mäkinen (Bishop of Turku)
Pray for the Old Catholic clergy and lay people in the parishes of the Church of the Czech Republic and
of the Old Catholic mission in Slovakia
North Camden Deanery: Andrew Cain (Area Dean), Paul Nicholson (Chapter Clerk)
Deanery Synod: Mary Shakeshaft (Lay Chairman), Patricia O’Sullivan (Secretary), Charles Aylwin
Monday 25 August
Gloucester: Michael Perham (Bishop)
Gloucester: John Went (Bishop of Tewkesbury)
St Cuthbert, West Hampstead: David John (Priest-in-Charge)
Emmanuel, West Hampstead: Jonathan Kester (Priest-in-Charge designate); Emma Smith
Emmanuel Primary School
Gombe (Nigeria): Henry Ndukuba (Bishop)
Tuesday 26 August
St James, West Hampstead: Andrew Cain (Vicar); Angharad Jones (Pastoral Assistant)
St Mary with All Souls, Kilburn: Andrew Cain (Vicar); Patricia O’Sullivan (Reader), Christine
Cargill (Children’s Worker)
St Mary Primary School
Wednesday 27 August
Grafton (Australia): Keith Slater (Bishop)
ALMA (Niassa): pray for St John the Evangelist, Nansenhenge: Jaime Chapola; St Andrew,
Massengere: Francisco Sabite; Holy Cross, Bairro Popular: David Geraldo
St Luke, Hampstead: Alistair Tresidder (Vicar)
St Mary the Virgin with St Paul, Primrose Hill Road: Linda Dean, Mark Wakefield; Roberta
Berke and William Morris (Readers), Paul Perkins (Youth Worker)
Your prayers are asked for a parish in interregnum and for a successful appointment
St Paul Primary School
Thursday 28 August
Grahamstown (Southern Africa): Bishop to be chosen
St Peter, Belsize Park: Paul Nicholson (Priest-in-Charge), Dennis Bury
Royal Free and University College Hospitals Medical School
Royal Free Hospital: Robert Mitchell (Chaplain, and Area Hospital Chaplaincy Adviser), Claire
Carson (Chaplain)
Friday 29 August
Guatemala: Armando Guerra Soria (Bishop)
St Saviour, Hampstead: Paul Nicholson (Priest-in-Charge)
St Stephen with All Hallows, Gospel Oak: Prebendary David Houlding (Vicar)
Queen Mary’s Hospital: Robert Mitchell and Claire Carson (Chaplains)
Saturday 30 August
Guildford: Christopher Hill (Bishop)
Guildford: Ian Brackley (Bishop of Dorking)
Holy Trinity, Hampstead: Andy Keighley (Vicar), Graham Singh
Holy Trinity Primary School
St Mark, Regent’s Park: Dr Peter Baker (Vicar), David Jones, Richard McLaren
Sunday 31 August—Trinity 15
Pray for the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone (Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur de America):
Gregory Venables (Archbishop, and Bishop of Argentina)
Give thanks for the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Lithuania: Mindaugas Sabutis (Bishop)
Pray for the work and mission of the International Old Catholic Liturgical Commission: Roland
Lauber (Chairman)
Pray for the work of the Area Finance Adviser, Theresa Moses

Amendments and Additions to the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

The information in this document was checked and updated as near as possible to the time of
printing. If you have any amendments to suggest, or any other comments or queries regarding the
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, please contact the Editor, The Revd Peter McGeary, at St Mary’s
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Additions to future issues
The September Cycle of Prayer will include the parishes in Deaneries Nos 17 (South Camden)
and 18 (Enfield). If any parish or other institution in those deaneries has a specific request for
prayer, or other information it wishes to add, every attempt will be made to include this with the
appropriate entry in the Cycle of Prayer. Please forward details to the Editor no later than 31st
July. Similarly, details for October (Deaneries Nos 19, 20 & 21) should be forwarded by 31st

Alternatively, if there is a special event in your deanery, parish or institution on a specific date in
a month when it would not normally come up for prayer, this may also be included in the Cycle
of Prayer if space permits. In such a case, please forward details to the Editor using the
deadlines given above.

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