Finally, all of you, live in

   harmony with one

another; be sympathetic,

   love as brothers, be

   compassionate and

        Theme verse for the 2012-2013 school year

          AUGUST 16, 2012
             7:00 p.m.
             AUGUST 16, 2012

1. Opening Devotions and Call to Order

2. Reading of Minutes of Last Annual Meeting

3. Approval of Board Members Elected by Chapters

4. Committee Reports

5. Development Director’s Report

6. Announcements and Questions and Answers - Barkel

7. Adjournment and Closing Prayer

8. Refreshments

                  BUSINESS ITEMS

A. Confirmation of Board Members
   1. Joeli Dokter (re-elected)
   2. Michelle Hoekstra (New)
   3. Craig Solsma – (re-elected)

B. Thank you to Retiring Board Members
    1. Brenda Bolkema
                           BOARD ROSTER
                             2012 - 2013

    Kevin Gesink – Sioux Center, IA            712-395-0764

    Todd De Weerd - Rock Rapids CRC                472-2603
    Darwin Hoogendoorn - Rock Valley 1st CRC       476-5955
      Rich Koele - Sioux Center 1st CRC            722-1935
      Roger Tubergen - Doon United Reformed        726-3198
      Donna Van Grouw - Hull 1st CRC               476-5278

    Craig Landegent - Inwood CRC                   473-2474
    Jim Jansen - Sheldon Immanual CRC              324-3697
    Leroy Talsma - Hull Hope CRC                   439-2381
    David Van Holland - Sioux Center Bethel CRC    722-0478

    Duane Bajema - Sioux Center Covenant           722-3133
    Dell Faber - Rock Valley Trinity               470-2090
    Dave Hofland - Sanborn URC                     728-3103
    Gaylon Van Holland – Rock Valley Calvin        476-5537/470-1805

    Joeli Dokter – Sioux Center Faith CRC          722-1983
    Michelle Hoekstra – Sheldon 1st CRC            738-2286
    Craig Solsma - Sanborn CRC                     729-3763
                                               Principal’s Report

At Western Christian High School, our focus as a faculty, staff and constituency is to live out the motto of the
school which states “Learning…to serve the King”. Our primary mission is to “provide God-centered secondary
education to young men and women using the Bible and its principles as the foundation for the total
curriculum.” Employees of Western Christian are committed to the mission of the school, and constituents
should expect that we live out our mission statement and motto in every contact we have with the young
people we serve on a daily basis. Living the mission will be our guiding principle this year and it is our hope to
live up to the high ideals set by the founders and current constituents of our school.

One specific goal as a faculty this year will be to encourage and foster a culture of harmony and love within our
student body and staff. Our theme verse this year comes from I Peter 3:8 which states, “Finally, all of you, live
in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.” We all
have heard reports of bullying and student suicides in schools around the country. It is our goal to counter a
culture of bullying by overtly sharing the love of Christ with our students in this Christian school. Christ calls us
to love as brothers and to be compassionate and humble in our relations with one another. Living in harmony
with one another and being sympathetic towards each other runs contrary to our contemporary culture of put-
downs which is prevalent particularly in today’s popular media. Our goal will be to counter today’s culture of
put-downs and hate with this specific message of the Gospel which calls us to love each other as Christ loves

Once again, God has blessed us with a quality faculty and staff who have agreed to return and work at Western
Christian. We will have one new teacher in our midst this upcoming school year. Mr. Trevor Mouw will be
teaching in the English Department as a replacement for Mrs. Abby DeGroot who has moved into her new role
in the Library-Media Center. We look forward to Trevor’s presence in our school. While we celebrate the
arrival of new teachers, we also want to thank and offer best wishes to Mrs. Brenda Schaap who faithfully
served Western Christian for many years. We thank God for the positive impact she had on our students over
the course of her tenure at our school. We also thank all those faculty and staff members, both past and
present, who have given so much of themselves to students in service to the mission of our school. We
appreciate the great work that you have done and continue to do and offer thanksgiving to God for your
willingness to use your gifts.

I also want to thank all of our constituents and supporters for the varied ways in which you contribute to the
life, health and mission of our school. We thank you for your positive contributions and the sacrificial ways in
which you truly give of yourselves for the students of Western Christian High School. May we together always
be willing to help guide our young people in “learning…to serve the King.”
                                       PRESIDENT’S REPORT

With the close of another school year at Western Christian, it is a good opportunity for reflection,
while also looking ahead. We are thankful for God’s faithfulness and his wonderful blessings on the
students, faculty and staff, board, and constituents over the past year. It was also the inaugural year for
Dan Barkel as Principal and myself as Board President. Dan made the transition to his new
administration a smooth one and provided solid leadership to Western. I personally want to thank him,
the board, and everyone else for their encouragement and support in my initial year. In addition to our
normal business, the board has accomplished many things over the past year. As we look ahead we are
also excited about several new initiatives, including the continued move forward in utilizing
technology in the class room, implementing a strategic planning process, etc. We are also thankful for
the exceptional staff and faculty we have in place for the new school year to provide Christ-centered
Christian Education. These are exciting times at Western and we, the board, continue to ask for your
prayers as we seek God’s will in providing leadership to this institution!

                               EDUCATION COMMITTEE REPORT

Brenda Bolkema, Donna Van Grouw, Joeli Dokter, Duane Bajema, and Kevin Gesink are the 2011-
2012 members of the Education Committee. Mr. Barkel also attends the meetings and provides
valuable input and leadership. The committee is excited about the plan to implement several new
college level courses and the broad curriculum being offered for the upcoming school year. The
committee has also worked on a few faculty changes for the coming year, as well. Mrs. Brenda Schaap
will be retiring from her Library Media Center position, which will be filled by Mrs. Abby De Groot.
We have hired Trevor Mouw to replace Abby as English teacher. Mrs. Elizabeth De Groot will be
teaching Spanish part-time, in addition to performing her Counselor duties. Finally, Mr. Alden Altena
will be cutting back to part-time. We thank them all for their dedicated service to Western and
Christian Education. The board has just one change, as Brenda Bolkema will be the only retiring
member. We thank her for her willingness to serve Western during her tenure on the board. Please
join me in welcoming Brenda’s replacement and our newest board member, Mrs. Michelle Hoekstra.

Kevin Gesink
Board President/Education Committee Chairman
                             TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE REPORT

We meet the 2nd Monday of the month. Members are Gaylon Van Holland, Craig Landegent, and Roger De
Groot, Transportation Director.

God has blesses us again this year by keeping us safe with all the miles we put on, transporting His covenant
children to and from school, and the activities they are involved in. God is great, Praise be to Him! Gaylon Van
Holland has been a tremendous blessing this past year on the transportation committee.

We continue to look for ways to cut transportation costs. Let us know if you have any great ideas.

Rog is still doing a great job with the buses and vans. He does a lot of fixing on our busses and vans, saving us
a lot of money. Our inspections have been very good. He also does a great job of keeping the busses clean, as
well as keeping the bus barn very clean and well organized. Thanks Rog!

Bus routes are a challenge. We spend many hours in late July and early August setting these up. Sometimes
they need to be changed during the school year. Please bear with us when this happens. We have a great bus
driver staff, and everyone has to communicate for the routes to go smoothly.

We will be purchasing a new 65 passenger bus and a used 30 passenger bus this fall.

Thank God for all He has given us and pray that He continues to watch over us and our children.

Craig Landegent
(Transportation Committee Chairman)


First of all, “thank you” to Jerry and his staff for all the work they do to keep Western Christian clean and
operating in excellent condition.

The things that were accomplished for the past year are as follows:
*The freezer in the kitchen was replaced because the old one gave up.
*The north fields were aerated and the bad spots were reseeded. They were also fertilized.
*New radios for our busses and vans were installed at a cost to the school of $15,000
*Snow stops were put on the gym roof to prevent snow from sliding off and hitting someone. We also repaired
the roof over the art room.
*The Fire Marshal said we needed magnetic door holders in certain areas of the building for fire safety. $1,500.
*The boilers were inspected last fall. One of the tubes needed to be replaced. We were also reminded the
boilers are 32 years old and need to be replaced pretty soon.
*A rooms on 3rd floor was changed to a computer lab to enable a whole class to be on the computers at one time.

The committee wants to say “thank you” to the booster club and other individuals who helped to pay for some of
these projects throughout the year.
Our committee meets once a month to discuss the finances and to actively look at keeping the school running
smoothly. We try to be good stewards of the money that has been budgeted. The members of the committee
are: Darwin Hoogendoorn, Lee Talsma and Todd De Weerd. Jerry Verhoef provides leadership for our
meetings and helps us to determine priorities and examine the expenses. We are thankful that we have a caring
staff and a wonderful school.

Lee Talsma
Building and Grounds Committee Chairman

                                   FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT

Committee Membership: Dell Faber, Dave Van Holland, Jim Jansen, Roger Tubergen, David Hofland, Craig
Sources of Funds:
Tuition: Tuition continues to provide the major source of revenue to support the education program. Cost per
student for the 2012-2013 school year is projected at $6620 per student. Tuition is projected to meet
$1,255,115 of the revenue needs for the upcoming school year.
Fair Share Funds: Funds contributed by the supporting churches continue to be a significant source
of funds to meet the cost of providing a Christ centered education. The churches are projected to provide
$433,000 of the revenue needs for the 2012-2013 school year. The committee wishes to express appreciation to
the Churches for this support.
Foundation Support: The Foundation continues to grow and with that growth makes a growing contribution to
the revenue needs of the institution. The Foundation is projected to provide $48,500 in revenue for the 2012-
2013 school year.
Fund Raisers:
        Fall Fun’d Night - The 2011Fall Fun’d night provided a net income of $110,000.
        Spring Fund Drive - The spring fund drive is projected to provide $42,000 in revenue for the 2012-
2013 school year. The 2012 spring fund drive provided in excess of $60,000
The board continues to budget conservatively relative to these fund raisers and wishes to express appreciation to
all who support these fund raising efforts.
Tuition Assistance: The tuition assistance program completed its fourth year of operation in the 2011-2012
school year and will be a significant source of financial support to families in meeting the cost of tuition in the
future. Funds for this program come from the Foundation, Fun’d Night, Spring Fund Drive and NICSTO.
Western received over $100,000 in NICSTO Funds to be distributed in 2012.
Debt: We still need $85,000 to complete our Preserve and Serve project. A large part of this is already
pledged. We also need $35,000 to pay off a new gym roof that was installed last summer.

Detailed revenue and expense information can be found in the accompanying budget documents.

The Finance Committee expresses its appreciation for the encouragement the supporters of Western Christian
High provide through their financial contributions, volunteer work and prayers. We give thanks to our Creator
whose Spirit lives in the hearts of those who share in this vision for Christian Education.

Dell Faber
Finance Committee Chairman

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