Chapter 12 Study Questions by U77EuDdo


									APES Chp 11 and 12

Chapter 11 Study Questions
  1. Can we feed the world?
  2. What percentage of the Earth is being farmed?
  3. What is undernourishment?
  4. What is malnourishment?
  5. What is Marasmus?
  6. What is kwashiorkor?
  7. What are the major foods that humans depend upon for sustenance?
  8. How much food is produced per person per year?
  9. What have ben the recent trends in food production?
  10. How much food is needed per person per year>
  11. If more food is produced than is needed per person each year, why is there world
  12. Has food production exceeded human population growth?
  13. What is aquaculture?
  14. What is mariculture?
  15. Can aquaculture and mariculture feed the world?
  16. What is an agro-ecosystem?
  17. How do agro-ecosystems differ from natural ecosystems?
  18. What is crop rotation?
  19. What is a limiting factor?
  20. What is a limiting factor?
  21. What is Liebigs law of the minimum?
  22. What is a synergistic effect?
  23. What is demand-based agriculture?
  24. What is resource-based agriculture?
  25. What is traditional agriculture?
  26. How can agricultural production be increased?
  27. What is the Green Revolution?
  28. How do I eat lower on the food chain?
  29. What foods should I consume if I want to eat lower on the offd chain and still get
      essential amino acids?

Chapter 12 Study Questions
  1. How does agriculture affect the environment?
  2. How are soils affected by agricultural production?
  3. How can we reduce soil erosion?
  4. How does agriculture affect fertility?
  5. When do plant nutrients pose an environmental problem?
  6. What species are pests?
  7. How do farmers control pests?
  8. What are some of the environmental effects of pesticide usage?
  9. What are some methods of biological pest control?
  10. What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?
  11. Are these pesticides in the food chain and in environment?
  12. What are the potential impacts of Genetically Modified Crops (GMCs) on the
  13. What are some of the environmental effects of grazing?
  14. What is desertification and how can it be prevented?

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