There will be four assignment options for you to choose from for by L8CWuJ64


									                                           Mosaic Experience
                                               World History
                                                Chapter 21
                                               World War II

There will be four assignment options for you to choose from for this chapter. Please review the
complete information for each option on our website at – Chapter 21. All work is
due April 16, 2010. Options MUST be approved.

Option 1: -Old School - recommended
        On an individual basis, complete all section reviews as described below. Take 2 objective tests
        worth a total of 100 points (double point valve)

    TEST Description:
        100 Point Objective Test (2 tests – 20 & 30 questions)
        The tests will cover each of the following sections.

    Section Description:
       Using the Guiding Question (GQ) listed below for each Section, write at minimum of a 3
       paragraph summary of the Section which answers the GQ. Be sure to include the "Key Word(s)
       from each Section.

        Section 1: Threats to world Peace (10 points)
                GQ -     Why was the League of Nations unable to keep Japan and Italy from taking over other
                         countries?       Key words - Mukden

        Section 2: Hitler's Aggressions (10 points)
                GQ -     How and why did Great Britain and France follow a policy of appeasement with Hitler?
                         Key word - German aggression

        Section 3: Axis Gains (10 points)
                GQ -     How did the U.S. role in World War II change between the late 1930's and the Fall of
                         1941?            Key Word - Neutrality Acts (2)

        Section 4: The Soviet Union and the United States (10 points)
                GQ -    What were Japan's goals in the Pacific and how did they affect the United States?
                        Key Word - Pearl Harbor

        Section 5: The Holocaust (10 points)
                GQ -    What was the Holocaust?
                GQ -    How did some people try to resist the Holocaust?
                        Key word - genocide

        Section 6: the End of the War (10 points)
                GQ - How did the Allies win the war with Japan?
                        Key word - island hopping

Total Points
                Section summaries            = 6 X 10 = 60 points
                Test - Objective portion     = 100 points
                          Total              = 160 points

                                       Mosaic Experience
                                           World History
                                            Chapter 21
                                           World War II

Option 2 - Read a Book & Watch a movie

The following book and movie has had a huge impact not only the WW II generation but the
generations which followed.

Use the following questions as a guide when you are reading the book and watching the movie.
   1. About one week after Anne received her diary she wrote in it the saying, "Paper has more
       patience than people." (June 20, 1942.)
           o   Why did Anne think she could confide more in her diary than in people.
   2. Anne often worried about her Jewish friends. On November 27, 1943, Anne described her
      dream about her friend Hanneli Goslar.
           o   What do you think this dream was about? Why was the dream so disturbing for Anne?
               Compare this dream to Anne's original description of Hanneli (June 15, 1942)
   3. In what ways did Anne show that she was becoming a young woman by the age of fourteen?
           o   How did Anne envision herself as a grown woman?
           o   How was this different from her image of her mother?
           o   What did Anne read that influenced her perspective on becoming a woman?
           o   Whom did Anne talk to about her new feelings, and why?

On June 20, 1942, Anne listed many of the restrictions the Nazis placed on Jews during the Third
       Make a list, based on the diary, of what Anne could no longer do. How would your day be
       different if you had to follow these laws? Describe a typical day for you under these

                                        Mosaic Experience
                                            World History
                                             Chapter 21
                                            World War II

 “What one Christian does is his own responsibility, what one Jew does reflects on all Jews."
                                                                                        (May 22, 1944.)

       What is a stereotype? Create your own definition. How did stereotypes contribute to the
       dehumanization process that happened in Anne's world? Do any of the stereotypes that Anne
       wrote about still exist? What other stereotypes exist today?

Incorporating all of the above Option 2 information into a report format and using our guidelines, write
a minimum of a 5-page paper (plus cover & bibliography pages) which compares and contrasts the book
and the movie. Be sure to include your thoughts, and observations as well as including the answers to
the above questions.

Additional resources:
       See Anne Frank’s Links on the Chapter website

 Points 160 (100 test + 60 Section)

Option 3 - The Art of Propaganda
       After reading through the first site listed below (Propaganda site) , go to the second site
       (British Propaganda). After studying the pictures in the second site, following our guidelines,
       write a 3 page paper which describes the "Art of Propaganda" as it pertains to World War II
       Great Britain. Include the common factors in each picture, the differences of each, and include
       the answers to the following questions in your paper.

       1. How did the British government make use of film and radio?
       2. Why was so much emphasis placed on posters and flyers?

       Additional resources:
       See the following links on the Chapter website
          1. Propaganda site
          2. British Propaganda

 Points 160 (100 test + 60 Section)

                                          Mosaic Experience
                                             World History
                                              Chapter 21
                                             World War II

Option 4: Group ( or individual) Report


       This chapter has six (6) sections. Each member of the group will write a one page report on
       their assigned section which will be graded individually. Each section report will answer the
       appropriate section question below.

       These section reports will then be used to write a final report will serve as a study guide for
       the unit test as well as the second semester final exam. The final report will include one (1)
       page for each section, a cover page and a bibliography page for a total of seven pages. The
       paper will be written to according to our guidelines.

       Section 1: Threats to world Peace
       (Answer Reading Check on page 590 thoroughly.)

       Section 2: Hitler's Aggressions
       (Answer Reading Check on page 595 thoroughly.)

       Section 3: Axis Gains
       (Answer Reading Check on page 603 thoroughly.)

       Section 4: Imperialism in Japan
       (Answer Reading Check on page 608 thoroughly.)

       Section 5: The Holocaust
       (Answer Reading Check [Concentration Camps] on page 611 thoroughly.)

       Section 6: The End of the War
       (Answer Reading Check on page 617 thoroughly.)

       Final Report = 100 points
       Test - Reading Checks = 10 points each (60 points)
       Total – 160 points


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