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									Publix Super Markets:
   NO MORE genetically engineered foods!
By signing this petition, I call upon the owners and management of Publix Super Markets, Inc. to begin the immediate phase-
out of all genetically engineered (GE) ingredients from Publix store brand food products.
   Several large US food retailers --including Trader Joe's and Whole Foods -- have already begun to remove GE ingredients
from their own brands. Publix must do the same. Poll after poll confirms that most Americans would choose to avoid GE food
products if given the choice.
    My choice is clear: I want Publix to stop selling GE food products, starting with its own brand!
    I commend Publix for offering some "certified Organic" foods, which at present are the only foods that I can be certain are
not genetically engineered, and I ask Publix to offer more such foods. Nevertheless, GE crops have already contaminated some
organic crops, and Publix must act swiftly to stop supporting the GE foods industry. Otherwise, organic foods will be
irreversibly contaminated, and this will have the effect of eliminating everyone's ability to avoid the GE food experiment.
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       Please return petitions on a weekly basis to: Florida Alliance for Safe Foods, PO Box 21511, Sarasota, FL 34276-4511
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       Note: This information is not shared with any other group (except for being submitted to Publix Super Markets, of course)

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