Sony Ereader by 6O9mDS


									                     SELCO Hints for the Sony E-reader

      What to do with the Sony E-reader (after unpacking):

   For complete and detailed instructions, see manual included on CD-ROM.

Turn it on using the power button on top of the reader (left side).
        If it comes on, check the battery on the bottom left hand corner of the
        screen to see if it needs charging or not.

Browse the menu on the eBook.
     To view book titles, press the number 3 button (right side of reader).
     You can choose a book and begin reading; or view pictures; or listen to

       You can turn pages by pressing the arrow keys on the right side of the
       reader or use the arrows on the button in the bottom left hand corner.

       To get back to the main menu, press the center of button in the lower right
       corner at the same time as the menu button (next to it).

              Pressing the menu button alone will take you back to the sub-
              menu, such as the table of contents of a book.

Install eBook Library software on your computer.
        Simply insert the CD-ROM into your computer and follow the onscreen

       Open your eBook Library – there should be an icon on your desktop from
       the installation process.

       Click on Help in the upper left corner. It contains the user manual for
       using the Sony eBook and offers detailed explanations.

       Following is a brief quick start guide to get you started.

Downloading books from the Internet and transferring them to
your reader.

      The best way is to click on eBook store in the right hand column of the
      eBook library. This will send you to the Sony eBook store where you can
      choose titles to download. You must open an account and there will be a
      charge for the book(s). The site also requires a credit card for billing
      purposes. Prices range all across the board.

      Follow the instructions on the eBook site to download. The book will
      download directly into your eBook Library.

Transferring to the reader:

      Turn on the reader and connect it to the computer using the supplied USB
      “Reader,” will appear in the left column.
      Simply drag your new title into the “Reader.”

      (For some reason, the message, “Do not disconnect,” stays on the eReader for quite
      some time. Give it a few minutes and then disconnect and look for your title in the

         Transferring audio files and pictures

Much easier than books, but you can only transfer these audio file extensions:

         .mp4, .m4a, .mov, or .qt

And these picture formats:

    JPEG file (.jpg or .jpeg file extension)
    GIF file (.gif file extension)
    PNG file (.png file extension)
    BMP file (.bmp file extension)

Click on view on the top left corner and click on Documents, Music, or Pictures.
This will open your files where you can simply click and drag pictures or songs
into the reader.

Reminder: This is not intended to replace the manual. For detailed
instructions, please check the product manual.

This guide was developed for the Techie Toolbox at the Regional Public Library Systems grant from the
IMLS, a federal agency that fosters innovation, leadership & a lifetime of learning, & State Library Services,
the Minnesota state library agency, under the provisions of the Library Services & Technology Act. This
grant was administered through the Arrowhead Library System.


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