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									                                                                                                 This career map provides a standardized framework and career enhancing information to individuals and managers for the professional development of the Army Civilian Corps. The map serves as the professional blueprint for your successful civil service career while providing information and
                               Civilian Career Map                                               guidance for advancement.

Career Program:              CP 53 - Medical
Career Series:               0601 General Health Science (Associate Professor)

Qualifying for a Career      OPM Qualification Standard
Series Description                                 General Schedule                                                         General Schedule
0601 Description
                                                           GS 12                                                                    GS 14
Group Coverage Qualification
Standards for Professional
and Scientific Positions                              Nonsupervisory                                                           Nonsupervisory
Key Assignments/Key          Locations:                                                          Locations:
Billets                      Medical Center                                                      Medical Center

                             Army Medical Department Center And School (AMEDD C & S)             Army Medical Department Center And School (AMEDD C & S)
                                                                                                 US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing (USAGPAN)

                             Positions:                                                          Positions:
                             Advanced Level                                                      Advanced Level
                             Associate Professor (Physician Assistant)                           Associate Professor (Anesthesia Nursing)
                             Associate Professor (Phys Asst/Academic Coord)

Leadership Competencies      Accountability                                                      Accountability
                             Communication                                                       Communication
                             Life Long Learning                                                  Life Long Learning
                             Customer Service                                                    Customer Service
                             Ethics/Values/Integrity/Honesty                                     Ethics/Values/Integrity/Honesty
                             Flexibility                                                         Flexibility
                             Interpersonal Skills                                                Interpersonal Skills
                             Resilience                                                          Resilience
                             Technical Credibility                                               Technical Credibility
                             Decisiveness                                                        Decisiveness
                             Problem Solving                                                     Problem Solving
                             Strategic Thinking                                                  Strategic Thinking
                             Public Service Motivation                                           Public Service Motivation

Functional Competencies      Life Support                                                        Life Support
                             Clinical Skills                                                     Clinical Skills
                             Program Administration                                              Program Administration
                             Simulation Technology                                               Simulation Technology
                             Professional Credentials                                            Professional Credentials
                             Instructor Skills                                                   Instructor Skills
                             Physician Assistant Certification
Core Competencies            Communication (Oral & Written)                                      Communication (Oral & Written)
                             Computers                                                           Computers
                             Ethics/Health Insurance Portability Act of 1998                     Ethics/Health Insurance Portability Act of 1998
                             Accountability                                                      Accountability
                             Customer Service                                                    Customer Service
                             Diversity/Cultural Awareness                                        Diversity/Cultural Awareness

                             Ethics/Values/Integrity/Honesty                                     Ethics/Values/Integrity/Honesty
                             Flexibility                                                         Flexibility
                             Interpersonal Skills                                                Interpersonal Skills
                             Team Work                                                           Team Work
                             Life Long Learning                                                  Life Long Learning
                             Resilience                                                          Resilience
                             Technical Credibility                                               Technical Credibility
                             Decisiveness                                                        Decisiveness
                             Public Service Motivation                                           Public Service Motivation
Leader Development           Foundation Course                                                   Foundation Course
                             Action Officer Development Course                                   Action Officer Development Course
                             Basic Course                                                        Basic Course
                             Intermediate Course                                                 Intermediate Course
                             Advanced Course (Distance Learning Phase)                           Advanced Course

Professional Development     Organizations and Functions of AMEDD                                Organizations and Functions of AMEDD
                             Basic Computer Courses                                              Basic Computer Courses
                             Listening and Memory Development                                    Listening and Memory Development
                             Instructor Training Course                                          Instructor Training Course
                             Communicating For Results                                           Communicating For Results
                             Effective Army Writing                                              Effective Army Writing
Occupational / Functional    Infection Control                                                   Infection Control
Training                     HIPAA                                                               HIPAA
                             Health Care Ethics I                                                Health Care Ethics I
                             Health Care Ethics II                                               Health Care Ethics II
                             Graduate School USA: Introduction to Program Evaluation             Graduate School USA: Introduction to Program Evaluation
                             DT Earned Value Management                                          DT Earned Value Management
                             Graduate School USA: Advanced Project Mangement Certificate         Graduate School USA: Advanced Project Mangement Certificate
                             Program                                                             Program
                             AACP Continuing Medical Education                                   Anesthesia Continuing Education

                             Prime Physician Assistant Continuing Medical Education              American Society of Anesthesiologists Educational Opportunities
                                                                                                 American Association of Nurse Anethetists--Accredited Programs for
                                                                                                 Continuing Education

Academic Training
                             4 yr course leading to a degree in an academic field related to the 4 yr course leading to a degree in an academic field related to the
                             health sciences or allied sciences appropriate to the work of the   health sciences or allied sciences appropriate to the work of the
                             position                                                            position

                             3 yrs of progressively higher level graduate education to a Ph.D    3 yrs of progressively higher level graduate education to a Ph.D
                             degree or equivalent doctor degree                                  degree or equivalent doctor degree

Certifications               Basic Life Support                                                  Basic Life Support
                             NCCPA Certification                                                 Nurse Anesthetist Certification

Mandatory Training           Basic Life Support
                             Mandatory Training for DA Civilians

                                                                                                                      Self Development
Learning Resources           ACTEDS Training Catalog                                                                                                                           Army Distributed Learning

                             Army-e-Learning - SkillPort                                                                                                                       Army Management Staff College

                             ATIA ACCP "My Courses"

                             Army Civilian Education Courses

                             AMEDD Virtual Lbrary

                             The Textbooks of Military Medicine

Career Guides /              AMEDD Civilian Corps Chief                                          Civilian Career Management - AR 690-950                                       The Army Family Advocacy Program - AR 608-18
                             Civilian Life Long Learning (CAC Required)                          Civilian Personnel Career Management                                          The Army Substance Abuse Program - AR 600-85
                             Civilian Education System                                     Total Army Performance Evaluation System                      Army Career Intern Program

                             CP 53 Training Prerequisites                                  Training and Career Development Program

                             CP 53 ACTEDS Plans                                            Civilian Personnel Administrative Publication

                             Army Civilian Handbook                                        Army Community Service Center - AR 608-1

Career Links                 Army Civilian Employment                                                                                                    USAGPAN History

                             The Army Civilian Human Resources Agency                                                                                    American Academy of Physician Assistants

                             National Security Personnel System

                             Army Benefits Center - Civilian

                             Army Civilian Personnel On-line Portal

Professional Organizations Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants         Survey of Anesthesiology                                      Association of the US Army
and Journals
                           Association of Physician Assistants in Cardiovascular Surgery   American Association of Nurse Anesthetists                    Soldier Magazine

                             Journal of Physician Assistant Education                                                                                    AMSUS - The Society of Federal Health Professionals

                             The Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists                                                                    American Medical Association

                             Journal of Clinical Anesthesia                                                                                              The Society of Medical Consultants to the Armed Forces

                             Journal of Anesthesia and Clinical Research                                                                                 AMEDD Journal

Miscellaneous Links          Army Management Staff College                                 Army Medicine                                                 US Army School of Aviation Medicine

                             Army Civilian Employment                                      AMEDD Jobs                                                    AMEDD Jobs

                             All Federal Vacancies                                         AMEDD Center & School                                         AMEDD Center & School

                             Feds Hire Vets                                                Military Health System                                        Military Health System

                             US Office of Personnel Management                             Armed Forces Medical Library                                  Armed Forces Medical Library

                             OPM Salary Charts                                             US Army Aeromedical Center                                    US Army Aeromedical Center

                             DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce                          U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases   U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

                             Army Knowledge Online                                         US Army Medical Materiel Agency                               US Army Medical Materiel Agency
                  Occupational Series
0601 General Health Science (Associate Professor)



Advanced Level

Associate Professor (Physician Assistant)
Associate Professor (Phys Asst/Academic Coord)
Associate Professor (Anesthesia Nursing)
This series covers positions that involve research or other professional and scientific work that is specifically health-
oriented in character, when the work is of such generalized or miscellaneous specialized nature that the positions
are not more appropriately classifiable in any of the existing series in this or any other Group. The work requires a
background of knowledge, skills and techniques gained from professional training in a health science or allied
scientific field, but has no paramount, rigid or continuing requirement for the knowledge, skills and techniques
characterizing any of the established series that reflect one or more of the academic disciplines or recognized
professions. Such work may cut across and require understanding of scientific methods and techniques common
to several recognized professional fields in the health, medical or allied sciences (e.g., work in the field of health
research administration requiring knowledge of research methodology common to a number of different scientific
Entry level positions in this series work under closer supervision and in a developmental capacity performing
assignments and completing training, both of which are aimed in preparing the incumbent to gain the knowledge
and skills necessary to perform the duties outlined in their target grade positions.
Intermediate level employees generally have 1 year of experience equivalent to at least a GS-7 (entry level).
Typically, employees are able to perform the full range of duties/procedures required by their field, however, they
continue to work under close supervision. Completed work is reviewed for technical soundness and conformity to
policy and established requirements. Employees must possess sufficient knowledge in their area of specialty and
have considerable knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, histology, and cytology of various body sites.
Advanced level employees possess extensive knowledge in their area of specialty and can perform their duties
without on-site supervision or guidance. They exercise independent judgement in making decisions, and may be
responsible for day-to-day operations, personnel, quality of patient care, and long-range planning of clinic (or
assigned duty location) to include existing programs and future programs. Employees at this level possess
knowledge of emergency procedures for actual or potential life-threatening situations in order to initiate prompt and

GS 12: Serves as an Associate Professor in a Graduate-level course. Upon Graduation, the students receive a
Master's of Physician Assistant Studies. Plans, refines and assists in presenting Physician Assistant education in
the Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP). Develops, evaluates, modifies and instructs graduate level
classes in fundamentals of clinical medicine and surgery, which includes human anatomy and physiology,
pharmacology, laboratory testing, diagnostic testing, patient dispositions and patient education and PA professional
issues. Leverages emerging technologies and evidence-based medical literature in the presentation of the classes
to facilitate student understanding and mastery of the class content. Reviews class content and teaching aids on a
regular basis to ensure accuracy and timeliness of presented material as well as adherence to current practice
guidelines and recommendations. Courses will include the Clinical Competencies for the Physician Assistant
Profession as outlined by the national Commission on Certification of the Physician Assistant (NCCPA), the
Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) and the guidelines of the
Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA). Utilizing data from student critiques and quality improvement
peer review, modifies the instructional content and/or presentation method to best serve the graduate students.
Ensures that the appropriate university requirements are met to maintain the contractual agreement with the
affiliate university and to meet accreditation standards as established by the ARC-PA.

Assists in conducting practical exercises in clinical practice to include physical examination techniques, special
patient model exercises, outpatient medical patient shadowing, and emergency medicine and surgical skills
practicums. This position is recognized as an authority in physician assistant clinical practice and an expert in
administration and the management of an evolving database required for accreditation. The employee will function
as a subject matter expert to the ARC-PA and PAEA for US Army policies and procedures and ensures all
appropriate university requirements are met IAW policies and guidelines of the affiliating university. Identifies
potential physician assistant-related research topics and ideas and assesses the feasibility of each project.
GS 14: This employee is recognized as an authority in cellular, animal, and clinical trials research as it relates to
anesthesia. Position supervises the preparation of student research proposals and data collection in the required
graduate research classes for the US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing (USAGPAN). Identifies
potential anesthesia related research topics and ideas, and assesses the feasibility of each project. Supervises
students with regard to each projects' scientific merit, methodology, appropriate review board approval, data
collection and evaluation, and manuscript/poster preparation. Reviews and edits student manuscripts for scientific
merit, content and format. Ensures student compliance with USAGPAN research guidelines and host university
research project requirements through direct contact with students. Explores and develops novel research and
submits for funded research projects with students. Conducts independent and original research in anesthesia with
novel agents purported to have anesthetic activity for the better understanding of the pharmacodynamics of these
agents and the interaction of these agents and immunology. Develops protocols for conducting research, analyzes
and evaluates the results of research and prepares articles and/or papers for presentation and/or publication in
various professional media. Results of these research and others reported in the scientific literature are utilized to
update programs of instruction toward a better understanding by students and for the incorporation of this
knowledge into better treatment of patients. Provides advice, assistance and guidance to the Director, Assistant
Director and Clinical Faculty in matters related to student and faculty research. Promotes, endorses and serves as
a role model and peer reviewer for research among USAGPAN students and faculty, Army CRNAs and Nurse
Corps Officers. Promotes collaboration with other health care disciplines and providers. Develops, evaluates,
modifies and instructs the entire scientific theory course. Provides advice, assistance and guidance to the Director,
Assistant Director and Clinical Faculty in matters related to scientific theory.

Develops, evaluates, modifies, and instructs graduate level classes in biochemistry and pharmacology to include
DNA structure, function, replication and repair, RNA and protein structure and function, protein synthesis, signal
transduction, intravenous anesthetics, opioid receptor agonists and antagonists, pharmacology of pain and drug
tolerance. Ensures that biochemistry and pharmacology is taught to prepare the graduate student for
understanding of applied anesthesia, unique Army field anesthesia under battlefield conditions, and disease
pathologies. Conducts pharmacology laboratory simulation toward clinical situations that may be experienced by
Type                               Competency
Functional, or
F                Program Administration

F                Clinical Skills

F                Physician Assistant Certification

                 Simulation Technology

F                Professional Credentials
                 Instructor Skills

C                Communication (Oral & Written)

C                Computers

C                Ethics/Health Insurance Portability Act of
F                Education

L                Accountability

L                Business Acumen
L   Communication

L   Life Long Learning

L   Customer Service

L   Decisiveness

L   Ethics/Values/Integrity/Honesty
L   Entrepeneurship
L   Flexibility

    Interpersonal Skills

L   Resilience

L   Strategic Thinking

L   Problem Solving

L   Public Service Motivation

L   Technical Credibility
C   Accountability

C   Coalition Building/Networking/Partnering
C   Communication

C   Customer Service

C   Diversity/Cultural Awareness
C   Ethics/Values/Integrity/Honesty

C   Flexibility
C   Interpersonal Skills

C   Team Work

C   Life Long Learning

C   Public Service Motivation

C   Resilience

C   Technical Credibility

    Life Suppprt

Knowledge of educational requirements graduate level accreditation programs in the field of physician assistant
Knowledge of and experience in counseling and managing students in a rigorous graduate level physician
assistant program
Ability to interact and act independently on the day-to-day and long-term operation of the Physician Assistant
Program, to coordinate curriculum changes from instructors, the medical director, program director or Inter-
service Training Office (ITO)

Ability to perform minor surgical and resuscitation procedures using extensive professional knowledge and
expertise in clinical pharmacology and human anatomy and physiology.

Ability to test for acute and chronic medical, surgical and emergent conditions using knowledge and skill in
laboratory and radiological diagnostics.

Ability to conduct graduate level research and applying experimental theories and new developments to patient
care problems not susceptible to treatment by accepted methods.
Knowledge and skill as a NCCPA certified physician assistant in the delivery of medical and surgical care utilized
in the recommendation, administration, and management of medical and surgical patients
Ability to Use complex simulation technology (Laerdal Corporation's SimMan patient simulator and
arterial/venous access mannequins)
Extensive comprehensive knowledge and skill in using human simulation technology
Maintain professional credentials and provides direct patient care to ensure currency in the medical standards
Knowledge in adult educational theory and diverse instructional methodologies in support of the various learner
Skill in interpersonal and small group communications in order to gather and exchange information.
Knowledge of and skill in professional and business writing in order to effectively convey information.
Knowledge of and ability to use computer programs and office automation applications (i.e., spreadsheets,
graphics, database management, electronic communications and systems) in order to create, process, and
retrieve a variety of information.
Knowledge of data security techniques (manual and computer automated) in order to ensure security of data.

Knowledge of legal requirements (federal and state) for confidentiality of patient data in order to ensure
confidentiality of records.
Ability to train newly assigned dental hygienists in order to promote the technical growth and development of
Ability to maintain a current knowledge regarding new dental laboratory principles and technology in order to
maintain competence and certification by attending continuing education and professional development
Ability to develop dental instructional and training programs.
NOTE - below competencies taken from July 2011 AMEDD common competency list
Assumes responsibility for personal and team accomplishments, successes, failures, and mistakes
Recognizes and uses the appropriate chain of command
Uses resources efficiently
Applies the ethical decision making process
Assures that effective controls are developed and maintained to ensure the integrity of the organization
Holds self and subordinates -accountable for rules and responsibilities.
Can be relied upon to ensure that projects within areas of specific responsibility are completed in a timely manner
and within budget
Develops talent
Financial Management
Develops a Business Plan
Determines the funding requirement
Identifies staff member(s) to work day-to-day budget matters
Reviews budget status throughout the FY
Requests unfunded requirements if/when necessary
Serves as a fiscal steward
Human Resource Management
Understands manpower authorizations and requirements
Assesses staffing levels against projected requirements
Able to staff positions
Reviews a vacant position description for accuracy, edits an existing position description, or writes a new one

Can apply recruitment strategies, review resumes, interview, and select employees
Identifies employee strengths and areas that need to be strengthened; with the employee, establish an Individual
Development Plan (IDP)
Provides opportunities for employees to attend training for professional growth and development; for certification;
for sustainment, for job skill enhancement
Able to perform effective counseling and feedback to employees
Applies disciplinary actions in accordance with established procedures
Mentors employees
Complies with all guidelines of EEO and fair labor practices
Technology Management
Develops and demonstrates technical and functional expertise for team missions
Understands how one’s skills and actions contribute to mission readiness for the team
Keeps team current on technological advances
Oral Communication
Speaking/listening - Makes clear and convincing oral presentations to individuals or groups. Listens effectively
and clarifies information as needed. Facilitates an open exchange of ideas and fosters atmosphere of open
communication. 1. Present briefings to command and staff. 2. Speaks at conferences stakeholder meetings and
Soldier training sessions. 3. Clearly presents oral information to customers in multiple contexts, including active
Uses correct grammar
Uses correct intonation
Able to persuade a decision maker to choose a course of action
Written communication
Able to produce clear, concise, and effective written products
Uses correct spelling and grammar
Able to write to persuade if needed; able to persuade a decision-maker to choose a course of action
Presents well organized material for briefings and is prepared to answer questions
Able to gather information and share with team
Able to develop an effective feedback system for a team
Able to apply lessons learned
Able to develop subordinate leaders in a team
Able to actively seek opportunities for team training to develop work skills
Fosters continuous learning for oneself and the team
Continues self-development activities to include leader development courses
Demonstrates respectful and professional demeanor to all customers all the time
Provides timely response/feedback to all customers
Provides recommended solutions to fix problems/answer concerns
Identifies and analyzes problems or issues
Develops a course of action; considers multiple perspectives, seeks buy-in, uses appropriate staffing procedures,
evaluates the feedback, and communicates the decision
Personifies high standards of honesty, integrity, trust, openness, fairness, and compassion
Positions the organization for future success by identifying new opportunities
Marketing as appropriate within position and scope of work
Partners with outside organizations to utilize best practices
Applies lessons learned and new ideas to real time results
Embraces change as a growth process
Keeps focused on new opportunities and evolving obstacles
Is open to new ideas and how they can enhance the organization
Amenable to alternate work schedules
Amenable to alternate work locations (Telework)
Communicates with sensitivity, empathy, and openness to build and maintain positive relationships among team
Uses appropriate leadership styles for each situation
Understands one’s behavior styles and the effect on the team
Understands motivation and the effect on the team
Uses praise and rewards as appropriate
Counsels as appropriate – both positive and negative
Fosters team building
Encourages team members to maintain physical and mental health
Promotes a safe work environment
Recognizes and manages stress in oneself and team members
Conducts situational and environment analysis
Identifies, selects, and assesses strategic alternatives
Prioritizes organizational objectives and taskings
Collects accurate data to support strategic planning
Identifies barriers to organizational achievements
Recommends strategies to remove barriers
Considers and assesses risks and alternatives
Demonstrates sound judgment to reach conclusions
Leads your team effectively in crisis
Applies critical thinking to workplace situations
Uses critical thinking and problem solving skills effectively
Instills core values
Practices professional qualities
Makes decisions as appropriate for a supervisor
Ensures team members understand and follow all federal, state, local, and other applicable laws
Uses technical skills and actions to contribute to mission readiness and performance
Holds self accountable for rules and responsibilities, produces measurable, high quality, timely, and cost-effective
Accepts responsibility for mistakes
Sets priorities
Can be relied upon to ensure that projects within areas of specific responsibility are completed in a timely manner
and within budget
Develops networks and builds alliances
Written communication – Writes to convey information in a clear, concise, organized manner, using correct
English grammar, punctuation, and spelling
Oral Communication – Demonstrates ability to clearly and effectively articulate and present ideas, issues,
functional expertise
Listening - Receive, attend to, interpret, understand, and respond to verbal messages and other cues; pick out
important information in verbal messages; understand complex instructions; appreciate feelings and concerns of
verbal messages

Anticipates and meets the needs of both internal and external customers
Delivers high quality products and services
Committed to continuous improvement within personal area of responsibility
Act as a resource, sharing information with customers and co-workers.
Embraces diversity
Demonstrates selflessness of action by doing the right thing regardless of personal and professional
Behaves in an honest, fair, and ethical manner without regard to pressure from other authorities
Lives standards of professional behavior
Open to change; readily adapts to new information, and/or changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles
Develops and maintains effective working relationships
Treats others with courtesy, sensitivity, and respect
Considers and responds appropriately to the needs and feelings of different cultures, situations
Exemplifies professionalism, tact, and empathy
Adjusts personal expectations as needed to manage personal relationships. Is aware of personal
communication style and modifies as needed.
Recognizes the impact of his/her personality on others
Able to identify personal lessons learned
Able to balance personal and professional lifestyles
Serves as a positive role model
 Displays personal conduct consistent with core values and highest professional standards
Able to consider multiple perspectives
Able to listen objectively
Fully understand roles and responsibilities within the team
Works towards consensus
Commits to lifelong learning and personal and professional development
Assesses and recognizes own strengths and weaknesses, pursues self-development.
Shows a commitment to serve the public
Demonstrates pride in being a member of the Civilian Corps
Ensures that actions meet public needs
Learns from mistakes
Deals effectively with stress/frustration/pressure and maintains focus and intensity and remains optimistic and
persistent, even under adversity.
Recovers quickly from setbacks.
Effectively balances personal life and work
Models a healthy lifestyle
Aware of civilian employee assistance programs; Army Medical Department behavioral health support programs,
and the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program.
Remains current in one’s area of expertise; provides submect-matter-expert input as expected/needed
Possesses basic computer skills – Word processing, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.
Keeps up to date on technological developments
Makes effective use of technology to achieve results
Computer literacy – demonstrates skill in using job relevant information systems and/or software applications, i.e.
word processing, spreadsheets, automated research tools, database applications, and the Internet

Able to apply critical-thinking skills
Mentors and coaches within functional area
Ability to provide appropriate life support measures for medical emergencies that may be encountered in
pharmaceutical practice.
Type                                         Course Description
F      Infection Control: Tuberculosis (TB)/Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Training.
       Provides information on TB and HIV patient management to ensure compliance with
       OSHA health and safety requirements. (Source: Local Installation/SWANK/Professional
PD     Instructor Training Course (Formerly Faculty Development Course)/Effective Briefing
       Course. Emphasis is placed on communication skills, audio-visual support, writing lesson
       plans, writing objectives, and writing test items.
F      Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Training. Explains
       HIPAA, covered entities, covered information, and the employee's responsibility for
       maintaining privacy and security of healthcare related information.
       (Source: Local Installation/Swank)
F      Health Care Ethics I (MD0066). Ethically and legally appropriate behavior of health care
       professionals, the role of ethics in healthcare, legal doctrines that affect healthcare; tort
       law, negligence, and patient consent.
F      Health Care Ethics II (MD0067). Ethically and legally appropriate behavior of health care
       professionals, patient refusal of treatment, medical records, and the scope of medical
F      Basic Computer Courses (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

F      Effective Briefings and Presentations. This course presents instruction in
       communication principles as well as the basic principles of business presentations.
       Covers how to plan presentations and provides guidance on choosing the best
       methods, materials, and location/environment for each situation. Techniques include
       presentations to inform, presentations to persuade, question and answer techniques,
       and technical presentations. Students, while learning these techniques, will be provided
       the opportunity to practice them and critique their own performance on video. (Provided by

F      Listening and Memory Development. Through lectures, practical exercises and
       discussions, the students learn to: use practical techniques for improving listening
       skills, recognize and overcome barriers to effective listening, organize information
       transmitted orally by applying the principles of effective listening, and remember names,
       faces, facts, figures, and ideas more readily and accurately. Additional information is
       available at: http:/./www.grad.usda.gov/ (Source: USDA)

F      Effective Army Writing (IS1460). A study of the principles, procedures, and practice of staff
       writing as well as introduction to a professional reading program.
       Many colleges offer continuing education for healthcare professionals in the areas
       pertaining to "Health Scientist" duties. Recommend researching local opportunities to
       obtain further education/refresher course in exercise physiology, public health and
       epidemiology. Examples can be found to the right.

Army Instructor Courses

MD0066 Course Information

MD0067 Course Information

Courses in a variety of software applications to enable employee to
efficiently manipulate data. (Source: Local/Installation)
Effective Briefings and Presentations

Listening and Memory Development

Effective Army Writing Course

University of Louisville Continuing Health Sciences Education
Broward College Continuing Education Health Science
College of Health Sciences, University of Milwaukee
Basic Life Support (BLS) - The level of medical care which is used for patients with life-threatening
illnesses or injuries until the patient can be given full medical care at a hospital. It can be provided by
trained medical personnel, including emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and by laypersons
who have received BLS training. BLS is generally used in the pre-hospital setting, and can be provided
without medical equipment. Required by all nurses. Provided locally or through commercial vendors.

Licensure: Except for research positions that do not entail patient care, all applicants must be licensed
to practice pharmacy in a State, territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia.
Basic Life Support


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