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					       SmartSite Profile for Discovering Our Class Community
                        CRD 20: Food Systems, UC Davis, Fall 2011
                                      Ryan E. Galt

This questionnaire will help us answer an important question for any learning
community: who are we as individuals and as a group?

1. Using a word processor, answer the questions below. You should use your answers
   from the survey spreadsheet that Ryan has shared with the class – just find your row
   and copy and paste your answers.
2. Find a photo of yourself that will help classmates and your instructors to identify you.
   Place this photo toward the top of this document.
3. Save it with the following file name: “Last name, First name-Profile.” For example,
   mine would be named “Galt, Ryan-Profile.”
4. Delete everything above the line below, including these instructions, save it again,
   then turn it in under the Assignments section of SmartSite.

Complete it by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 29.

1. Where are you from? (family origins, hometown, recent residence, etc.)

2. What kinds of direct experiences have you had with the food system? Have you or anyone in
your family farmed or market gardened, worked in agricultural business, policy, food
processing, distribution, retailing (cash register, waiting tables, etc.), waste management, or
other profession directly related to food?

3. Have you ever considered working in a food-related profession? If so, which one(s)?

4. Were there any food-related events or activities that took place in your hometown when you
were growing-up? Please describe them briefly.

5. Where did your family and friends from your hometown get most of their food?

6. While in high school, did you think much about the food you chose to eat?

7. Now that you are in college, what are the most important considerations that inform the
food you eat (e.g., cost, flavor, consequence on health or body, business practices of seller,
environmental impact, etc.)?
8. What general interests, if any, made you choose to take a class on food systems?

9. What specifically would you like to learn about in this class?

10. What specific skills do you want to develop in college (public speaking, research, writing,
graphic design, etc.)?

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