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									                       Interactive Notebook Outline for Mr. Shows ICS
                                         TITLE                                   DATE

Left Page = Red Margin + 1      Right Page= Right Side of the paper
inch line                       The right page is for writing down factual information.

      Is used to process
       information              The information that should go on the right side of the
      Paraphrase notes         notebook would include:
      Come up with                o Worksheets stapled or glued in the notebook
       questions that you can      o Vocabulary words
       answer with your            o Science concept information such as definitions or
       notes                           facts
                                   o Text book notes
The student may also choose        o Film or video notes
to process information             o Guest speaker notes/questions
through:                           o Notebook prompt
    o Brainstorming                o Scientific method
    o Biography posters            o Reading notes
    o Mind mapping                 ■ USE BOTH THE FRONT AND BACK OF THE
    o Cartoons/doodles                PAPER. If you have incomplete pages, feel free to
    o Poetry and song lyrics          draw horizontal lines to separate the pages. Make
    o Concept maps                    sure that each entry has its own date or title
    o Venn diagrams
    o Sketches                     ■   Dates and titles should be on the top of every page
    o Flow chart or timeline           and every activity.
    o Answering prompts
    o Diagramming
    o Charts

       9-21-02                                  9-21-02

Magnet Poem                     Write down the following definition: Magnet

Moves stuff around              1.magnet: A magnet is any piece of certain kinds of
Attracts like material          material, as iron, that has the property of attracting like
Gets you around the world       material.
Never put near computers
Electromagnets are made
with magnets
Two are on our refrigerator

1-07-08                         1-07-08
                                Reading Chapter 3 Notes
The neutron is like a zero.
Protons and electrons cancel    Neutron – neutral particle
out each other.                 Proton – positive particle
                                Electron – negative particle
                Interactive Notebook Scoring for Mr. Shows ICS

                       IN SCORING
10 Questions
pertaining to each     -1/2 PT for either missing dates or titles on pages
testing unit
                       -1/2 PT for not having 10 Questions THAT CAN BE
                       ANSWERED BY YOUR NOTES
NO recall questions
                       -MISSING NOTES (Dependant on volume missing)

NO yes or no           -1/2 PT OUT of ORDER NOTES
                       -1/2 PT for Foreign Material

                       IF I CAN’T READ IT, YOUR GRADE IS BASED ON

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