Choice Receiving School Letter by HC120830212437


									Dear Parent/Guardian:

As you are probably aware, the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law has many new
requirements that impact schools and districts nationwide. One of these regulations
requires districts to provide parents whose children attend Title 1 schools that are
designated as being in “School Improvement Status” with the right to transfer to a new
school. This year, ZZZZ has been designated as being in “School Improvement Status,”
so parents there have the option of sending their children to (X number) schools selected
by the school district.

After considering all schools in the district that met the requirements under NCLB and
considering such issues as distance and accessibility, the district has selected XXXX and
YYYY as schools available for choice to ZZZZ school parents.

The (name of ) District has a history of promoting open enrollment and school choice
within its schools and programs. We believe that this choice for parents as provided for
in NCLB is an extension of that philosophy. Within our (Name of DISTRICT) family,
we take great pride and interest in our neighborhood schools and what is best for our
kids. This is true for parents at XXXXschool, YYYYschool, and ZZZZschool as well as
all schools in the district.

Great things are happening at ZZZZ school. Their staff, in partnership with the
community, has helped students make excellent academic progress, and ZZZZ parents
are supportive of their school. Due to those community ties as well as national data
indicating very few parents opt to leave their neighborhood school, we do not anticipate a
significant increase in our school population. Should that occur, additional funding and
appropriate staffing would be provided to our school.

This is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the wonderful sense of community we
enjoy at our school. We look forward to welcoming any ZZZZ students who choose to
join our school, and we will continue to provide an excellent education for all our

If you have any questions about this, or any other school matter, please contact me at


Principal of XXXX or YYYY School

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