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									                                  Hampton School District One
                              2012-2013 SCHOOL CHOICE FORM

              As described in the Parent Notification letter, when a school is identified
           as a focus school for improvement, the Federal ESEA Accountability
           System requires the school district to offer parents School Choice. Parents
           may send their child to another school in the district that has not been
           identified as a focus or priority school and transportation costs must be
           covered by the school district. If more transfers are requested than the school
           district has available space or transportation funds, then priority will be
           given to the lowest achieving students. If you would like to transfer your
           child to another school, please complete this School Choice form.

              The following schools in Hampton School District One have been
           identified as possible options for parents interested in participating in School
           Choice. Please indicate your selection for school choice.

                 Brunson Elementary
                 Varnville Elementary

                 I do not wish to participate in school choice. I would like for my
              child to remain at the home base school (Ben Hazel Primary).

              Student’s Name:

              Grade Level 12-13 School Year:

              Name of Parent:


              Phone Number of Parent:              -     -

              Signature of Parent/Guardian:___________________________________

                  Transportation Requested                Transportation Declined

              Return this form to Mr. Jack W. Hutto by Thursday August 16, 2012.
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