Tips for Traveling and Managing Your Incontinence

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					Tips for Traveling and Managing Your
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It’s summertime and that means it’s time for vacation! Traveling isn’t always easy when you
experience incontinence, but certain adult incontinence products can certainly make your trip a
lot easier. Here are some of the incontinence supplies we recommend for traveling with ease and
confidence while managing your incontinence:

      Adult Undergarments –The use of an undergarment offers both protection and a discrete
       fit. The option of holding the liner in place with either a soft belt or adhesive strips
       provides you with a comfort, absorbent product. The liners are shaped to fit
       underclothing and be rustle free.

      Underwear, Pull-ons, Pull-ups – These are all names for disposable PANTS. The
       development of this product has introduced new, comfortable and better fitting absorbent
       products. DiaperBuys offers underwear that is designed for the special needs for both
       women and men, with various levels of absorbency and comfort.

      Liners and Pads – Liners are available in various widths, length and shapes to offer the
       best fit and necessary protection. Companies are offering products that will adhere to
       women’s underpants, or men’s boxer or brief shorts with areas of sticky material that is
       placed in key areas to prevent movement, and special quick wicking inserts for rapid
       absorbent of urine. Last but not least is the addition of odor control products to control
       odors between changes while traveling.

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