DiaperBuyscom Offers Customer-Focused Adult Incontinence Products Sample Program

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					DiaperBuys.com Offers Customer-Focused
Adult Incontinence Products Sample
Wixom, Michigan (MarketWire) January 12, 2012 - As one of the leading distributors of
adult incontinence products, Diaper Buys knows the adult diapers industry in and out. Now, for
customers, this expertise is being offered to the masses through their innovative Adult
Incontinence Products Sample Program.

Finding the right adult diapers for an individual or facility can be a hassle. There are a variety of
factors that differentiate diaper brands and designs. Varying levels of absorbency, adjustability
and discreetness are just a few examples. Prior to Diaper Buys, customers had little-to-no
guidance and often made costly investments on products unsuitable for their needs. Stuck with a
mismatched product, customers find their independence, mobility, and happiness decrease.

With Diaper Buys and the Adult Incontinence Products Sample Program, it no longer has to be
that way. “We want our customers to find what they need with Diaper Buys, not settle. Our
Sample Program aims for total satisfaction, and that’s what we are committed to,” says the
DiapersBuys.com representative.

Customer’s mobility and freedom depend on finding the correct adult diaper for their needs and
lifestyle. For adult incontinence products, fit and design are integral to the effectiveness of the
products. The Diaper Buys Adult Incontinence Products Sample Program changes the current
status quo by shifting the power to make an informed decision to the customers. By allowing
customers the opportunity and freedom of choosing the best type of diaper, without wasting
financial resources, customers are able to find what works specifically for them.

Choose from all the most trusted names in the industry for your sample, including Depend,
Attends, Tena, Tranquility and many more. Diaper Buys prices are guaranteed to be competitive,
sometimes an even better deal than with competitor’s diaper coupons. Standard shipping, as
always, is free with Diaper Buys to all locations in the continental United States, including
Sample Program shipments.

DiaperBuys.com offers diaper coupons to all of the top brand adult diapers currently on the
market, at the lowest price. With customer service at such a level, there is no reason to get adult
diapers anywhere else. To take advantage of the Diaper Buys Adult Incontinence Products
Sample Program today, speak to a customer service expert at 855-BUY-DIAPERS or visit

About DiaperBuys.com:
DiaperBuys.com is the industry’s leading source for all types of diapers and adult incontinence
products. A first class commitment is what sets them apart on customer savings, variety and
quality on the largest selection of low priced diapers. Their sample program, quality guarantee
and free standard shipping make ordering with Diaper Buys the most trusted first step to
managing adult incontinence.



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