First_semester_math_skills by lanyuehua


									Lesson          Skill (All of these are LEVEL H)      Score (Write in pencil, so you can update it.)
B9       Decimal Numberlines
B5       Put decimals in order
B3       Decimal word names
C3       Numberlines with integers (+, -)

F2       Add, Sub. Money
F3       Add, Sub. Money (word problems)
F4       Multiply Money
F5       Multiply Money (word problems)
F6       Divide Money
F7       Divide Money (word problems)
I3       Properties of addition
J1       Add, Sub. Decimals
J2       Add, Sub. Decimals (word problems)
J3       Estimate decimals
K9       Properties of Multiplication
O1       Multiply decimals
O2       Estimate products of decimal numbers
O4       Divide decimals and whole numbers
P1       Write expressions for words
P2       Evaluate expressions
P5       One step equations with whole numbers
P9       Function table with equation (find a rule)
P10      Write linear functions
P16      Distributive property
T2       Equivalent fractions review
T3       Simplify fractions
T4       Understanding fraction word problems
T6       Compare like & unlike denominators
T7       Compare fractions:word problems
U1       Add, Sub. Fractions with like denom.
U2       Add, Sub. Fractions (like) in words.
U3       Add, Sub. Fractions (unlike)
U4       Add, Sub. Fractions (unlike) with words
V5       Multiply fractions (models)
V6       Multiply fractions
V7       Multiply fractions (words)
W1       Divide by fractions (models)
W2       Reciprocals
W3       Divide fractions

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