Worksheet writing by 1ywq6g


									Worksheet (Ch. 4)

Nouns                           Nouns                      Verbs + adjectives +
Tourist attractions             Historic ruins             Get lost
Sightseeing places              bazaar                     Have a
                                                           great/nice/terrible time
malls                           hotel                      Packed with tourists
libraries                       temple                     Touristy
museum                          Social event               Lovely place
gardens                         courts                     fascinating
Parks                           Churches/cathedrals        glorious
Monuments                       Tourist shops              historical
castles                         The cinema                 modern
Art galleries                   markets                    enjoyable
concerts                        restaurants                Famous for its historic
palaces                         Stalls/kiosks              Worth visiting
mountains                       statue                     lively
stadium                         exhibition                 crowded
Gymnasium                       Architectural marvels      Fabulous
theatre                         Entertainment centre       There is a big mix of
                                                           people in London
Al-Musmak Castle                Tourist destinations       Enjoy oneself
Al-Thumama Entertainment        marketplace                Good place
Janadriyah Festival             Leisure activities         There is a lot to do in
                                                           the evenings
                                Recreational activities    interesting
                                                           Great place
                                                           Go on a sightseeing tour
                                                           Holy place/holiest city
                                                           A city on the banks of
                                                           the Persian Gulf
                                                           Positioned in/located in
                                                           /situated at/

Taking pictures       Go camping                                  Check out
Seeing a great        Go shopping/jogging/hiking/climbing         pilgrimage
film at the           mountains/fishing/drifting/horse riding/sky
cinema                diving/bungee
Go sightseeing     Go out for a walk/drive/drink/meal/drink
Do a bit of/ a lot touring
of sightseeing
Have a look
Taking pictures
Spending money
Go out

Giving Directions

Next to =beside

Behind/on your left # on your right

On the (northwest, southeast, etc) corner of (of --------Street)

At the intersection (of -----Street and ----Street)

Across the street from/opposite (the flower shop)

On both sides of the street

In the middle of the block

Around the corner from the flower shop

In the middle of the street

Down the street from the restaurant or up the street from the restaurant

Between the restaurant and the video store

On ____Avenue/Street

At the restaurant

On the left/right

At + address

In + city, state, country

verbs                          distance                    directions
Go / walk/ drive/ turn/        Half a block, one mile, two Up/down the street
stay/take /continue/pass/      kilometers                  North, south, east, west,
turn left/ turn right/get                                  right, left, straight

(First,) go down this street (for ____ blocks).
(Then,) turn left/right at the traffic light.
(After that,) go straight on _____ Street until you get to the ______.
(When you get to the _____,) turn left/right again.
(Then,) stay on_______Avenue for about _______ yards/meters.
It's on your left, next to the __________. You can't miss it!

1. Excuse me. Is there a grocery store around here?
Yeah. There's one right across the street.
2. Can you tell me how to get to Phoenix?
Sorry. I don't live around here.
3. Where's Tanner's Leather Shop?
It's on the corner of Holly and Vine. Next to the library.
4. How do you get to the bank?
Go straight down this street for two blocks. Turn left when you get to Maple Street.
Stay on Maple for half a block. It's on the left hand side.

1. The jewelery store is behind the Italian restaurant
2. The bar is on Second Avenue
3. The police station is on the left from Fire Department
4. The toy store is across from the Chinese restaurant
5. The movie theater is opposite the Book store
6. The sporting goods store is behind the Furniture store
7. The bar is next to the Chinese restaurant.
Take the first street on the left. Take the next street on the right. Go straight on and
cross the road. It's on the left.

2. Take the first street on the left. Go down the street. Turn on the right. Take the
next street on the right. Go straight on and cross the road. Go straight on. It's in front
of you on the other side of the road.
3. Take the first street on the left. Take the next street on the right. Take the next
street on the right. Pass the Fire Department. It's on your left.

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