Sino Soviet Relations Timeline by 1ywq6g


									1920s - 1949                                 1963
Tension over Stalin’s support for the        A meeting between Party leaders of both
Chinese Nationalists and the USSR’s          China and the USSR fails to improve
interests in the Chinese province of         relations.
Manchuria.                                   China claims that its border with the USSR
                                             is the result of ‘unequal treaties’.
Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual    1964 summer
Assistance signed. Some Chinese              Khrushchev and Mao resort to bitter
resentment at unequal terms of the Treaty.   personal attacks.

1954 October                                 1964 14 October
Khrushchev’s first visit to Beijing.         Khrushchev is dismissed as Soviet leader.
Khrushchev refuses to lessen Soviet ties
in Mongolia or allow China to expand its     1964 16 October
control in North Korea.                      China explodes its first nuclear bomb in a
                                             test at Lop Nor.
Khrushchev gives a speech criticising        1964 winter
Stalin at the Twentieth Congress of the      Zhou Enlai, the Chinese Prime Minister,
Soviet Communist Party. The policy of De-    visits a series of countries in the
Stalinisation beings. Mao criticises         developing world to present China as the
Khrushchev as a revisionist.                 leader of world revolution.

1958                                         1965
Khrushchev criticises Mao’s policy of the    The USSR develops its policy of trying to
Great Leap Forward as being impractical.     isolate China in international affairs by
Mao accuses the USSR of being too            strengthening its ties with Mongolia, North
cautious and detached during the crisis      Korea and North Vietnam.
over Quemoy.
1959 June                                    Mao’s attacks on the Soviet Union’s
USSR cancels Sino-Soviet Agreement on        leadership as revisionists increase during
atomic cooperation.                          the Cultural Revolution.

1959 September                               1969
Khrushchev visits the USA. Mao               Heavy fighting at Damansky Island on the
condemns the Soviet Union’s                  Ussuri River in March when Chinese
rapprochement with the USA.                  troops attack Soviet border guards.

1960                                         1970
The USSR pulls out all economic aid and      Relations between China and the USSR
advisers from China.                         improve slightly with the visit of Kosygin,
                                             the Soviet Prime Minister, to China.
China gives economic support to Albania      1971
after it splits with the USSR.               Henry Kissinger, the US Secretary of
China also encourages Romania to             State, visits China and paves the way for a
become more independent of Soviet            visit by US President Richard Nixon.
interference.                                Chinese relations with the USSR

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