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									                                 Invitation Letter

Dear China Consulate:

Hereby I would like to invite Applicant’s Name to visit China for visiting friend
(family visit/tourist/other purposes).

Applicant’s Name is my friend/relative. He/she was born on Date of Birth.
His/her nationality is U. S. citizen/Canada Citizen and the passport number is
Valid Passport Number.

He/she is a business-man (company employee/teacher/student/retired/other

He/she will arrive in China on Arrival Date and leave China on Departure Date.
He/she will visit Cities in China (e.g., Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Guangzhou, etc).
He/she will be staying at: Physical Address/Host Address (in China). The
expenses of this travel will be covered by your-self (inviter/parents/others).

My name is Host Name.
I currently reside in Host Address.
My phone is Host Telephone.

Host Signature:__________________________ Date: _______________________

Please note: in addition to this invitation letter, your host must provide a copy of valid
Chinese ID card.

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