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					        By Luis A Ramirez
Made in cooperation with Liger inc.
   There are 12 signs in the Chinese Zodiac

   Every year it rotates to the next animal if the
    year was the year of the horse it goes to the
    year of the sheep.

   The order starts with the rat then moves on
    to the ox then to the tiger so on and so on.
   Like the Western Zodiac It has twelve Parts
    except instead of changing every month they
    change every year.
   It is a stereotype that this zodiac is solely used
    in China it is used throughout most of the
    eastern Asian countries.
   There is also more to the Zodiac then a yearly
    cycle there is a monthly, daily and, hourly
    cycle. (a lot more complicated0
   The Rat is the first sign in the zodiac.
   Rats are known for there charm.
   They are kind of perfectionists.
   They are also gossipers so they say.
   People born in 1997 and 12 years before, 12
    years after are all the ox. It could also keep
    going if we survive 2012.
   Ox’s are patient ,speak little and inspire
   They are a little stubborn.
   They also hate to fail and to be opposed.
   Tiger people are sensitive, deep thinkers and
    capable of great sympathy.
   People have great respect for tiger people.
   However tigers are extremely short tempered.
   Tiger’s can come into conflict with there
    elders or the authority.
   Rabbit people are articulate, talented and
   They are virtuous, reserved and, have
    excellent taste.
   They would also make good gamblers because
    they have the uncanny talent to pick the right
    thing yet they don’t because they are
    conservative and wise.
   People born the year of the dragon are
    healthy, energetic and, short tempered
   They are also honest, brave and inspire trust.
   They also never borrow money.
   Snake people are deep.
   They say little and are very wise.
   They are also vain and a bit stingy.
   Snakes are also said to be financially lucky.

(like Donald trump)
   People born in the year of the horse are
    popular (I didn’t know a whole age group
    could be popular)
   They are good with their hands.
   There also suckers for the opposite gender.
   They are also very independent and don’t
    listen to advice.
   People born sheep are said to be elegant and
    talented in the arts.
   At first they seem better then most of the
    other zodiac animals but sheep can be shy,
    puzzled by life and highly pessimistic.
   Yet sheep never really have to worry about
    how to make money because there abilities
    make money for them.
   Clever, skillful and, inventive monkeys are
    geniuses at heart.
   Monkey people are original and can solve the
    most difficult problem with ease.
   Monkey people want to do things immediately
    if they don’t they get discouraged and leave
    their projects.
   People of the year of the rooster are deep
    thinkers, capable and talented.
   They like to be busy and are devoted beyond
    their capabilities.
   If they fail at anything they try or it doesn’t go
    as best as they wanted they very dissapointed.
   People born the year of the dog have the best
    traits of the human nature.
   They have a deep sense of loyalty and inspire
    confidence because they can keep secrets.
   But dog people can be slightly selfish and are
    extremely stubborn.
   People of the year of the pig are gallant and
   Whatever they do they will do it with all their
    strength and power.
   They have tremendous fortitude and great
   Pigs don’t make many friends but the ones
    they do are for life.

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