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									             Bristol Objective 2 Neigbourhood Action Plan

                                  Invitation to Tender

           English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 2007

  Sector Focused Pre Employment ESOL


Bristol City Council (Objective 2 Team) is seeking to purchase additional ESOL provision for
residents of Bristol’s designated Objective 2 area in 2007. Suitably qualified and experienced
organisations are invited to tender to provide these services, as specified in this document.

Bristol City Council is keen to accept the most economically advantageous tender, but does not
commit itself to accepting any tender.

Rationale for intervention

ESOL is an identified priority within the Bristol Objective 2 Action Plan and ESOL provision is
also an emerging priority for Bristol’s ‘Integrated Employment & Enterprise Initiative’ (IEEI).

The estimated ESOL population, aged 16 – 64, of the City of Bristol is 11815. The estimated
ESOL population aged 16 – 64 living within the five Objective 2 Wards is estimated to be 3265,
representing close to 10% of the total 16-64 year old population in the Objective 2 area. The
Objective 2 area is home to nearly 30% of the City of Bristol’s ESOL population.

Whilst there is a considerable amount of ESOL provision available to residents of the Objective
2 area, there is clear evidence that many potential learners cannot access the ESOL provision
they need at the right time and in the right place, extensive waiting lists exist and many of those
providing advice and training identify a lack of pre entry and entry level provision. There is also

an apparent lack of intensive work –focused ESOL provision that provides both entry to work
and a platform for further training and development.

Research has confirmed that many people are less concerned with formal ESOL qualifications
and more with gaining a level of skills that enable people to function in work. Embedding ESOL
within vocational training is recognised as a potentially faster route to employment than taking
formal qualifications and evidence within the Objective 2 area shows that there would be
demand for industry specific ESOL –Particularly in the key local entry-level employment
destinations of warehouse and distribution, hospitality and security.

How to Bid

There is a budget of £122,920 to purchase the services indicated in the specification contained
within this document. Tenderers are required to state how they intend to meet this specification.
An indicative profile of outputs and outcomes to be achieved are shown. Tenderers are required
to state how many of these outputs and outcomes they will achieve, how these will be achieved,
and include any qualitative indicators.

The individual beneficiaries to be trained are to be additional to existing provision, and cannot
be declared as outputs/results for any other regeneration funding programme.

Tender Submission

Tenderers who wish to provide these services are required to provide the following information:


The information disclosed in this form will be used in the selection of tenderers.

      Please note that whenever used in this questionnaire, the term organisation refers to a
       sole practitioner, partnership, incorporated company, co-operative, charity or analogous
       entity operating outside the UK, as appropriate, and the term ‘officer’ refers to any
       director, company secretary, partner, associate, trustee or other person occupying a
       position of authority or responsibility within the organisation.

      Answer the questions specifically for your organisation not for the group if you are a part
       of a group of companies. Where, however, group policies, statements etc. are normally
       used in your organisation, please answer accordingly.

      Where a question requests a YES/NO answer please make it clear which answer is
       indicated and include further information necessary to clarify that answer. The Council is
       entitled to interpret any ambiguous replies in its favour.

      If you are proposing to tender as part of a consortium, you will need to lodge a statement
       explaining the corporate or other structure under which the consortium will tender. Each
       participant must complete a questionnaire and you must demonstrate which participant
       will be responsible for which part of the contract. You should also note that the Council
       will only accept bids from consortia where all participants accept full joint and several
       liability for the whole contract.

      This questionnaire must be fully completed even if you have previously submitted a
       questionnaire to the Council. It is not acceptable to cross reference to earlier or other

      Applicants should note that they may be asked to clarify or provide additional information
       before the Council is able to determine its select list of tenderers, and that the provision
       of false information may disqualify an applicant from inclusion. Also, that in accord with
       the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, the name of a person dealing with an
       application will be a matter of record.

      Non UK based organisations should attempt to answer each of the questions in this
       questionnaire substituting where relevant the appropriate legislation, code of practice or
       professional qualifications which are applicable within their domestic jurisdiction.

      The Council does not bind itself to complete this tender process and shall not be liable
       for any loss or expense incurred by any applicant as a result of its decision not to
       proceed to the award of the contract.

      Applicants are advised to read the specification sent out with this questionnaire. All
       queries regarding this contract should be made in writing or by e-mail to:

               Paul Owens
               Objective 2 Programme Manager
               6 York Court
               Wilder St
               Bristol BS2 8QX



1.1 Name of the Organisation making
the application:

1.2 Contact name:

1.3 Address:

1.4 Telephone number:

1.5 Fax number:

1.6 E-mail address:

1.7 Website address (if any):

1.8 Date of registration or incorporation:

1.9 Company Registration number (if

2.1 Please confirm that the insurance levels listed below will be in place before a
contract is signed?                                                   Yes/No

          Employers Liability being not less than £10 million
          Public Liability being not less than £5 million


3.1 Is your organisation?

 a) a sole trader                                                       Yes/No
 b) a partnership                                                       Yes/No
 c) a limited company (limited by shares)                               Yes/No
 d) a limited company (limited by guarantee)                            Yes/No
 e) a public limited company                                            Yes/No
 f) a charity                                                           Yes/No
 g) other (please specify)

  3.2 Is your company a subsidiary of another company?                  Yes/No
If yes, provide details of the ultimate holding
company name and address

3.3       Please enclose a summary of your organisational structure. Full details
          enclosed?                                                   Yes/No


4.1 a) Does your organisation propose to tender to provide the Services required itself?

      b) Does your organisation intend to use partners, third parties or sub-contractors to
         provide some or all of the service?            Yes/No

4.2 If your answer to 4.1(b) is yes please identify the intended sub-contractors or
    partners for the bid below (if currently known):

Organisation name Organisation address and contact details Service provision

Please note that if the Council is willing to agree to sub-contracting any element of the
service, it will only be on the basis that you accept full liability for any sub-contractor. If
you are proposing to tender jointly with someone else, each of you must complete a
separate copy of this questionnaire and you may only tender on the basis that all of you
will each accept full responsibility for each other’s performance.

The Council will not consider sub-contracting appropriate, where there is a possible
contact with children or vulnerable persons and there is a potential loss of control over
the individuals who are engaged in service delivery.

4.3 Please give a brief outline of your policy regarding the use of sub-contractors and if
    applicable, the extent to which you might envisage using them for this requirement:


5.1 Do you know of anything that might bar you from tendering or make you an
    unsuitable applicant to be considered? Please consider the notes on Regulation
    23 below before responding.                            Yes/No
    If yes, please provide details:

In confirmation of your answer, the Authority may seek evidence at a later date.

This summary is not an exhaustive list and is offered only as an indication for the
convenience of bidders. Regulation 23 sets out the grounds on which a services
provider may be deemed ineligible to tender for or be awarded a public contract.
Rejection is permissible when a Service Provider:

         Has been convicted of any of the following offences: conspiracy, corruption,
          bribery, fraud, money laundering or any other offence within the meaning of
          Article 45(1) of the Public Sector Directive,
         Is in a state of bankruptcy insolvency compulsory winding up, administration,
          receivership, composition with creditors or any analogous state, or subject to
          relevant proceedings;
         Has been convicted of a criminal offence related to business or professional
         Has committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of business;
         Has not fulfilled obligations relating to payment of social security contributions;
         Has not fulfilled obligations relating to payment of taxes;
         Is guilty of serious misrepresentations in supplying information required by the
          Authority under the Regulations
         Is not in possession of a licence or not a member of the appropriate organisation
          where the law of that State requires it;
         Is not registered on the professional or trade register of the relevant State in
          which established

Some of the above criteria also refer to directors, or any other person with powers of
representation, decision or control of the organisation. Bidders should refer to the
Regulations and satisfy themselves that they are not ineligible. These can be
accessed at
or obtained from the person issuing this questionnaire.


The following questions are intended to indicate your organisation’s general technical
capability and ability. Where necessary, please expand your answers.

6.1       Provide details of the principal areas of your business activity:

6.2    Method Statement

Please explain in detail how you will deliver the services identified in the specification, to
include: marketing of the provision (how will you identify and enroll non-english
speaking Objective 2 residents to whom this provision is targetted?), location of
provision, hours of provision, milestones, etc. This is where you get to explain what your
organisation will offer. The response to this section should not exceed 3,000 words.

6.3    Quality Plan

Please explain what quality control safeguards you will put in place, to ensure good
quality service provision. The response to this section should not exceed 600 words.

6.4    Output indicators

Please show how many outputs you will deliver:

 Indicator                                                 Number you will
 new learners engaged (people trained & assisted)
 learners progressing to employment
 learners progressing to further education or training
 learners progressing to voluntary work
 Total number of eligible taught student hours (10
 students taught for 1 hour in a class taught by a
 tutor = 10 hours)

6.5   Which professional or trade bodies does your organisation belong to:

6.6  Provide details of the number of employees and their job professions who are
engaged in the specific type of work for which you are applying. (Permanent employee
numbers, full time equivalents):

 Type of staff                        No of Employees
                    Permanent staff           Sub-contracted or agency
                                                   employee staff

6.7      Please describe in a maximum of 1000 words, your previous experience
         of providing Services similar to those required by the Council. How your
         experience meets the requirements of the Contract Notice. Your current
         resources available and how you would introduce and develop your
         organisation in order to undertake this contract:

6.8     Please provide details of what facilities, equipment and systems are available to
        your organisation, which would ensure that the requirements of the specification
        are met:

6.9     Does your organisation have a Health and Safety Policy, which includes the

      General statement of Policy                                         Yes/No
      Organisational chart showing Health and                             Yes/No
      Safety responsibilities
      Arrangements for carrying out the work                              Yes/No
      paying particular attention to the managing
      of contractors, and other health and safety
      Clear information on how the policy will be                         Yes/No
      communicated to the work force.

A copy of your organisation’s Health and Safety policy is not required at this stage, but
will be required later on in the procurement process.

6.10 Has your organisation, during the last 3 years, been prosecuted for contravention
     of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, or equivalent legislation or been
     subject of a formal investigation by the Health and Safety Executive, or similar
     national body charged with supervision of health and safety standards?

    yes, provide details of the incidents and what action has been taken since the
  : If
  event and what precautions are now in place to prevent re-occurrence


7.1 Please provide details of any quality assurance certification that your company
    holds e.g. ISO 9001:2000 or equivalent standard. Please include a copy of any
    certificate. If no accreditation held, please attach an outline of your quality
    assurance policy.

7.2 Please provide details of any quality assurance certification which you have
    applied for or that you are working towards accreditation, including relevant dates:

7.3 Outline ways in which your organisation can achieve continuous improvements and
record other services that can be provided:


8.1 The following financial information must be returned with this questionnaire:

   a) A copy of the most recent audited accounts for your organisation that cover the
      last two years of trading or for the period that is available if trading for less than
      two years.

   b) A statement of the organisation’s turnover, Profit & Loss and cash flow position
      for the most recent full year of trading (or part year if full year not applicable) and
      an end period balance sheet, where this information is not available in an audited
      form at (a).

   c) Where (b) cannot be provided, a statement of the organisation’s cash flow
      forecast for the current year and a bank letter outlining the current cash and
      credit facility position.

   d) If the organisation is a subsidiary of a group, (a) to (c) are required for both the
      subsidiary and the ultimate parent. Where a consortium or association is
      proposed, the information is requested for each member company.

   e) A separate statement of the organisation’s turnover that relates directly to the
      supply of this service for the past two years, or for the period the organisation
      has been trading (if less than two years).

8.2 The name and address of your banker:

8.3 The Council may require a parent company guarantee and/or other guarantees of
    performance and financial standing if considered appropriate. Do you confirm that
    your organisation is willing to provide if required?



9.1    Does you organisation have an environmental Poilcy or Statement? If so please
       attach it to your submission. Also please explain how your organisation will seek
       to minimise any negative environmental effects that this project may cause.
       Please provide details of any environmental management systems (eg ISO
       14001 or Eco Management and Audit Scheme) that your organisation has
       completed or are undertaking:


10.1   In the last three years has your organisation had any findings of unlawful
       discrimination made against them, by any court or industrial tribunal, or been the
       subject of formal investigation by the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE),
       Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) or Disability Rights Commission (DRC)?

Please provide details of each occasion and detail what corrective action has been
taken as a consequence of each finding:

Date              Unlawful finding/area             Corrective Action Taken

10.2   Please provide a copy of your equalities policy and supporting evidence. We are
       looking for you to demonstrate your commitment to equalities in both
       employment and service provision in:

   (a) Managerial instructions for recruitment, selection, remuneration, training and
   (b) Information for employees, trade unions and other representative groups.
   (c) Recruitment advertisements and recruitment literature.
   (d) Instructions and training of staff.

10.3   As an equal opportunities organisation, the Council is keen to know how
       successful its promotion of contracts and select lists is amongst different ethnic
       groups. It would be of great assistance if you could indicate the appropriate
       category below so that we can monitor the ethnic make-up of applicants.

       The answers to this question are for information only and will not be taken into
       account in deciding whether to consider your application.

       How would you classify the overall majority ownership or control of your firm?

British                             □    Bangladeshi                            □
Irish                               □    Any other Asian background             □
Any other White background          □
                                         Caribbean                              □
White and Black Caribbean           □    African                                □
White and Black African             □    Any other Black background             □
White and Asian                     □
Any other Mixed background          □    Chinese                                □
                                         Any other ethnic group                 □
Indian                              □
Pakistani                           □    Unable to classify                     □


11.1   Please provide contact details of two referees (organisations) for whom you have
       provided services and are able to comment on your provision:




12.1    Has your organisation undertaken any contracts, in the past three years, where
        there has been:

           A failure to complete the contract on time or at all          Yes/No
           Where there have been claims for damages                      Yes/No
           Where damages have been deducted or recovered                 Yes/No
           Where a contract has been terminated                          Yes/No

If yes, to any of the above, please provide details in the table below:

 Customer name Contract reference and Date of Reason for claim/ contract
  and address    brief description of    claim/     termination
                goods and services      contract
                       provided       termination

12.2    Are there any court actions outstanding against your organisation?
If yes, please provide details:

12.3   Has your organisation been involved in any court action over the past 3 years?

If yes, please provide details:






Telephone number

E-mail address

Before returning this application form, please ensure that you have:
   i)     answered all questions appropriate to your application
   ii)    enclosed all relevant documents
   iii)   signed the above

 14. Payment Arrangements

Payments will be made based partly on service delivery (taught hours), and partly upon
achievement of outputs and outcomes.

At least 70% of the payment will be based upon hours of provision.
At least 8% of the payment will be based upon new learners engaged.
The unit cost for learners progressing to employment within 4 weeks of completing this
ESOL training and by 15th December 2007 shall be at least £100.

Please insert the number of outputs/outcomes that you propose to deliver (guided by
the specification), the unit cost for each output/outcome, and the cost for each indicator.
The Total value of the contract will be £122,920
 Indicator                            Number you will Unit cost       Total cost
 new learners engaged (people                                          (£10K +)
 trained & assisted)
 learners progressing to                               (£100+)
 learners progressing to further
 education or training
 learners progressing to voluntary
 Number of hours taught                                                (£86K +)
 student hours
 Total Contract cost                                                   £122,920

It is envisaged that payments will be made monthly, in arrears based upon a delivery
report and a submitted invoice.

This information must be provided in a sealed envelope marked “Sector Focused Pre-
Employment ESOL support – tender” addressed to: “Paul Owens, Objective 2 Team, 6
York Court, Wilder Street, St Pauls, Bristol BS2 8QX”. The envelope should not be
externally marked with any information which identifies the tenderer. The tender should
be delivered to this address no later than noon Monday 22nd January 2007.


                  Sector focused Pre employment ESOL support

          South West programme measure 1.3 Pathways to Employment
To reduce labour market exclusion by assisting young people and other
disadvantaged groups in the targeted area to participate in the Workforce. This
provision is to be targeted at, but not restricted to, women refugees & asylum seekers.

 Bristol Objective 2 Strategic Objective 3- Remove barriers to employment and
                        training for disadvantaged groups


This sets out a specification for project to run from February 2007 until December
2007, which has been developed following the ‘Mapping and Commissioning of ESOL
provision in Bristol ‘ research study.

Limited access to appropriate ESOL courses have been identified as one of the key
barriers to employment facing residents of the Objective 2 area and this study has
identified gaps in the supply of pre-employment ESOL particularly tailored to key
employment sectors in the area.

There is an estimated minimum of 3265 people of working age in the area with ESOL

This project work focused ESOL for beneficiaries who aim to move directly into
employment. The project should provide embedded ESOL within either sector
focussed vocational training/awareness or delivered as part of general employability

Proposed activities and delivery style:
    Initial assessments should include ESOL, numeracy and literacy, with a focus
      on the requirements of the occupations/sectors that beneficiaries will be
      employed in.
      The existing skills of beneficiaries must also be profiled so that they can be
       built on during delivery.
      Where ESOL is being delivered alongside vocational training, it must be
       embedded into the appropriate vocational training, enabling beneficiaries to
       gain the full range of vocational, English language and employability skills
       required for sustainable employment.

      Whether it is embedded in vocational training, or delivered as part of general
       employability training, ESOL should be customized to respond to the
       employment sectors into which beneficiaries will move.

      Proposals must provide a clear and demonstrable rationale for their chosen
       sector focus giving consideration to regional skills shortages and wider
       economic development opportunities.
      Job brokerage leading to employment must form part of activities. The project
       needs to show they will progress individuals into employment by way of
       employment support, including description of job brokerage interventions.
      The project should include effective placement and post placement support
       and a system to track individuals for up to 6 months.
      Proposals will need to demonstrate how they have been developed according
       to local employer needs and recruitment practices
      Learning and employment support will be delivered intensively – 12-15 hours
       per week
      Provision should be on a roll on roll off basis with beneficiaries spending an
       average of 2 weeks on the programme before moving into employment or
       more appropriate longer term training/education.
Delivery partners should demonstrate expertise in ESOL, work-based learning in the
identified key sectors, job preparation, job brokerage, IAG and jobsearch. Practical
examples of helping people with ESOL needs into work must be provided.

Service provision should be accessible to disadvantaged target groups.


Partnerships between community-based organisations that offer job brokerage
support and community-based organisations and colleges that offer ESOL and linked
vocational provision are encouraged.

                                  GEOGRAPHIC AREA

The Objective 2 area is described within the Programme Complement and is defined
by local authority boundaries, as they were is 1991.

The eligible area comprises:

City of Bristol – Ashley, Easton, Filwood, Lawrence Hill and Windmill Hill wards.

Details of the designated Bristol Objective 2 area can be found at:

                                   TARGET GROUPS

Economically inactive (100%)
BME (75%)
Over 50 (5%)

This training provision is to be free of charge to the beneficiaries/learners.

 Indicative Outputs and Outcomes – the following table illustrates a proposed ratio of
                  provision. Tenderers can increase these figures.

 180 new learners engaged (people trained & assisted)
 80 learners progressing to employment
 45 learners progressing to further education or training
 10 learners progressing to voluntary work


 £122,920 January 2007-December 2007

                            TIMESCALES FOR ACTIVITIES

 Activities must be completed by 31st December 2007.

                             DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS

 Noon Monday 22nd January 2007

Record Keeping

You must keep records relating to the delivery of these services until 2015, including full
details and evidence beneficiaries (learners engaged). Bristol City Council, the
Secretary of State, the National Audit Office, the European Commission and the
European Court of Auditors or their representatives shall have the right within the limit in
Regulation 1220/1999 to the following:

i)     to inspect the project and to require such further information relating to the
project as they think fit; and

ii)    to be provided with original documents relating to the project.

Reporting Requirements

Monthly: You will be required to submit a monthly report (to be accompanied by your
invoice) showing services delivered in that month.

Quarterly: on 20th April 2007, 20th July 2007, 20th October 2007, you will be required to
submit a progress report. A sample ‘quarterly’ progress report is provided.
At the end of contract: By 31st December 2007 you will be required to submit a Project
Closure Report, excluding financial data. A sample of a Project Closure Report can be
found at:


All project beneficiaries (learners) must be demonstrably made aware that their training
provision is funded through the European Social Fund and the Objective 2 Action Plan.

All project publicity must feature the Bristol Objective 2 and ESF logos
( )


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