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									Waterfall Tourism Gitgit

Git-git waterfall tours or attractions Gitgit Waterfall is unique and full of charm,
this place is perfect for the visitors who have a hobby of trekking with their
stunning natural and of challenging terrain in the form of the greenery around.
With the clear water on the sidelines of are scattered rocks, creating a silence for
every visitor and occasional accompanied by birds singing, so it is suitable as a
place of recreation and calm down or yoga.

Git-git waterfall has a height of approximately 35 meters filled with a diversity of
vegetation and waterfalls that flow naturally with a constant flow throughout the
year. Git-git waterfall location situated in the village Bite, sub Sukasada, about 10
Km from Singaraja or about 11 km to the south towards the direction of Bedugul.
Git-git waterfall offers the beauty of a very beautiful and charming, weather was
so cool. Also along the way that leads foot waterfall location, you can enjoy the
landscape around, and enjoy the melodious chirping of birds.

If you starting your journey from the direction of Denpasar, you can enjoy the
exciting landscape along the way. The cool air passing around Bedugul, Beratan
Lake is famous for its fresh and you can stop over lunch with beautiful views of
Lake Beratan. Then continued journey, you will pass the road uphill to the
hundreds of monkeys on the roadside, which is often known as Alas Kedaton.

So have a holiday in Bali with Bite Waterfall ... .. !

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