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									Tourism Wenara Wana in Ubud

Wenara Wana or commonly known as the Monkey Forest, is a tourist attraction
that is located approximately 1 km from the center of Ubud Village government,
which includes the traditional village of Padang Tegal. If the distance from
Denpasar at least 24 km to reach the location. With the road conditions are good
enough so that it can be reached by various types of vehicles in about 50

Wenara Wana Ubud is populated by hundreds of monkeys, with a kind of long-
tailed monkeys (macaques / Macaca fascicularis). Of this amount is divided into
several types, namely about 23 adult male monkeys, 79 monkeys and 98 adult
female monkeys who still fairly small.

All monkeys are found in Wana Wenara consists of 3 groups, each group
occupied certain places in the vicinity. If 2 of 3 of the group met was at the same
time, there will be a fight over territory fights.

Apes is believed by locals as "the approaches of the Gods" in the Pura Agung
Dalem, so it is protected existence. In the vicinity of Wana Wenara there are
three pieces of the Holy Temple. Third Holy Temple that surrounds Wenara
Wana was estimated be built around the middle of the 14th century, at the
beginning of Dynasty Gelgel. Pura Agung Dalem which is adjacent to the
northwest of the forest, is the most important temples that exist in this forest,
besides two others, namely: Temple of the Holy Bath in the west sea of forest
and Prajapati Temple which is located adjacent to the southeast, which is where
the Gods palace Ciwa, is one of the Pura Desa Adat heaven Three Padang

In the vicinity of Wana Wenara tourist attraction there are various facilities
namely the stalls selling various kinds of souvenirs, hotel, restaurant, and not far
from that location there is a tourist attraction Ubud Palace, the Museum Puri
Paintings, Arma Museum, Neka Museum and others.

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