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									                                  SESSION OVERVIEW
LEARNING SEQUENCE: When and where are the Olympic Games held?                    FOCUS KLA

Lessons       Learning Activities:
   1           Brainstorm what they know about the Olympic Games in a              HSIE
                 mind map (p 22 – B28).                                           CC S1.1
               Students create a timeline using Before, Before, After,           CU S1.3
                 After (pg 20 B23 focussing on the origination of the
                 Olympics as a discussion point) of where the Olympic
                 Games have been held in the past.
                                                                                  R S1.5
               Locate Beijing on map. Worksheet.
                                                                                  R S1.6
               Obtain information about China. Write an information report
                                                                                  R S1.8
                                                                                  W S1.9
                                                                                  W S1.10
                                                                                  W S1.11
                                                                                  W S1.13
                                                                                  W S1.14

LEARNING SEQUENCE: How do athletes prepare for the Olympic Games?                FOCUS KLA

  6-7            Identify Australian athletes competing at the Olympics.           HSIE
                  Create a fact file of an Australian Olympic athlete.            CC S1.1
   8             Brainstorm what athletes would need to consider in              CU S1.3
                  preparing for the Olympics. Identify foods high in
                  carbohydrates. Cut out magazine pictures and create a            PDHPE
                  collage. Create a second collage based on ‘What If?’ (C4         AL S1.6
  9-10                                                                            PH S1.12
                  pg 26) detailing what would happen to athletes if they chose
                  the wrong food/how it would affect performance/what
 11-12            unhealthy food looks like.
                 Arrange for a dietician to talk to the students about high
                  energy foods and diet. Students use healthy food pyramid to
                  create a menu for a day that an athlete could eat.
                 Discuss training. Look at some training schedules. Students
                  choose a sport and make a weekly timetable showing how
                  they would fit training around school.

LEARNING SEQUENCE: What is the Olympic Spirit and what symbols are               FOCUS KLA
used to represent it?
  13-14        Brainstorm symbols. Discuss the significance of the Olympic
                  torch. Read about the torch relay. Cloze passage. Students        HSIE
                  make an Olympic torch (Model Making A9 pg 6). Design,           CC S1.1
   15                                                                             CU S1.3
                  make and appreciate it’s significance/meaning.
               Discuss the Olympic creed. Divide the students into groups.
                  Have them create an oath for an athlete and a judge.
                                                                                  VA S1.1
   16             Compare to the real ones.
                                                                                  VA S1.2
               Look at an Olympic flag. Discuss symbolism. Worksheet.
 17 - 18          Colour the flag. Write about what the flag represents.
               View a medal ceremony. Discuss what medals look like.
                  Make an Olympic medal.
               Imagine that you have won a medal. What would you do
                  with it?
               As revision of the unit have students participate in ‘What
                  have you learnt?’ (F31 pg 56). Students can then set their
                  own tests (see G5 pg 58)

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