New Haven CT Dentist, Dr. George Discher, Offers Natural Relief For Sleep Apnea Patients

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					New Haven CT Dentist, Dr. George Discher, Offers Natural Relief For Sleep
Apnea Patients

New Haven, CT, 30-AUGUST-2012 - Sleep Apnea Solution Center and W Haven
sleep apnea authority, Dr. George Discher DDS, are pleased to announce a
state of the art solution to a malady that strikes many adults and
children each year. The condition is obstructive sleep apnea.

Those with this condition, which is often characterized by snoring,
experience multiple episodes of breathing cessation during each night.
These episodes may last as long as 30 seconds or longer. As might be
expected, the victim of sleep apnea is unable to obtain a restful night's
sleep, because the individual is constantly awakened, when the brain
signals lack of oxygen. A gasp for breath follows, the oxygen flow is
resumed and the individual sleeps again.

W Haven sleep apnea authority Dr. Discher, spoke about the types of apnea
during a recent interview session, "Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by
some sort of blockage that occurs within the airway that impedes the
natural flow of breathing. With central sleep apnea the problems with
breathing throughout the night occur because of a miscommunication within
the brain. Complex sleep apnea is a combination of these two. This makes
diagnosis even more vital as it's important to not only know if you have
sleep apnea or not, but it's crucial to know what type you have so that
the therapy prescribed for you works flawlessly."

The natural therapy provided by Dr. Discher consists of installation of a
night-time mouthpiece which gently repositions the lower jaw. This device
is painless and effective for the obstructive type of apnea. It does not
require the wearing of a bulky and uncomfortable facial mask and head

Learn more about the natural solution for obstructive sleep apnea and how
the same therapy that is effective for TMJ has proven to be useful in
reducing the incidence of apnea episodes by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and
others who want additional information about the details contained in
this press release may contact Dr. Discher at the location provided

Contact Person Name: Dr. George Discher, DDS

Company Name: Sleep Apnea Solution Center

Address: 654 Savin Avenue, New Haven, CT. 06516

Contact Telephone Number: (203) 933-7135



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Description: Sleep Apnea Solution Center and Dr. George Discher DDS, W Haven sleep apnea authority, offer effective results to lessen the episodes of obstructed breathing. The dental device works without chemicals or invasive techniques and is fully natural.