Galungan Holiday

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					Galungan Holiday

The meaning of Galungan

Galungan is a big day in the the Hindu religion is are commemorating every six
months, based on calculations pawukon which falls on Wednesday pancawara
Kliwon, wuku Dungulan. Galungan which fall on February 1, 2012. Today is the
anniversary of the creation of the universe and its contents, the day Galungan
commonly known as warning Dharma against adharma.

Hindus make offerings presented to Sang Hyang Widi Wasa and the god / of
Lord with all its manifestations as a sign of gratitude for the mercy and grace that
has been given. At that time many Penjor usually placed in front of each house,
as a symbol of of Lord Mahadeva offerings presented to a resident of Mount

Galungan Pewedalan Jagat also a day / birthday universe. Hence Hindus
Galungan Day ceremony, offerings deliver to its designation is intended as the
expression consecrated feeling, prostration, amazed and grateful to the cosmos
created by God, we understand the cosmos as a place to live, giving all sources
of a living for the Day of Galungan very good conduct punia funds either in the
form of material, and a devotion / service.

Because in any form punia fund whose purpose it was given to the welfare of the
people, the peace of a very high value when given to put it mildly. Welcome
welcome Galungan for the people who celebrate and apologize and unseen.

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Description: Galungan is a big day in the the Hindu religion is are commemorating every six months