China National Argo Data Center�s Construction by G48ZG5


									            China National Argo Data Center’s Construction
                       and Operational Running

                           National Report of China
                                 Oct.22, 2003

In September of 2001, a foral entry into International Argo Cooperative Program was
approved by Chinese government. So far, China has deployed 19 Argo buoys in the
tropical western Pacific Ocean and eastern Indian Ocean. China National Argo Data
Center was established by the National Marine Data and Information Service
(NMDIS) in November, 2002, and put into trial operation in January of 2003.

China National Argo Data Center plans to set up an effective data management
mechanism in charge of Chinese management of Argo buoy data. In addition, a global
long-term operational running system responsible for Argo buoy data’s collection,
processing, management and distribution is to be established. The center’s
responsibilities fall mainly in the following fields:

   As a national node, it participates in international cooperation and exchange of
    data collected in the global Argo program, fulfilling its responsibilities and tasks
    as a member state;

   Track, collect, manage and periodically release the information on Argo buoy
    deployment and operation, as well as the information concerning implementation
    of the global Argo program, so as to serve the Chinese end users;

   Receive, process and distribute timely the data collected by the Argo buoys
    deployed by China, and supply services on Argo data’s real-time and
    non-real-time data collecting, processing and distribution for sharing;

   Participate in developing and stipulating criteria and technical specifications for
    Argo buoy data’s processing and application;

   Carry out study on methodologies for Argo buoy data’s quality control, including
    study on methodologies for Argo data’s real-time/delayed-time processing and
    quality control;

   Set up and maintain the Argo metadatabase and the database system;

   In light of the marine historical data and other marine monitoring data carry out
    study on data assimilation method and the related statistics and analysis method,
    and make Argo data products;

   Construct China National Argo Data Center’s website and issue Argo data and
    products as well as other data obtained by international cooperative programs
    timely, and moreover, supply sharing services and conduct long-term operational
    running and maintenance.

NMDIS pays much attention to the performance of China National Argo Data Center.
A special group in charge of its operational construction and operation has been
founded in the center in a bid to guarantee effective studies on methodology and
technology’s development in Argo data receiving, processing, service supply, and on
Argo data’s assimilation methods and data products.

Remarkable achievements have been made in the China National Argo Data Center’s
construction and operational running in the following aspects:

1. Connections with all Argo data centers worldwide have been established to
   facilitate Argo data’s receiving operation and relevant information’s processing;
2. A total of 1598 Argo buoys’ data all over the world have been collected and
3. Effective Argo data services have been supplied to all the relevant Chinese
   departments, entities, experts and the public, in particular, for the work of Chinese
   climate and marine forecasting as well as marine scientific research;
4. Notable phasic progress has been made in the operational running system’s
   development for Argo data’s receiving, processing, management and service;
5. Study on the quality control methods and development of the quasi-real-time
   quality control system for Argo data system and visible delayed-time quality
   control system have been carried out;
6. Study on the construction of Argo database and Argo metadatabase is being under
7. The China National Argo Data Center’s website has been established, and the
   network issuing system for relevant information has been put into operational

The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) has formally approved that the China
National Argo Data Center’s performance be brought into NMDIS’s operational work
as of July, 2003, and agreed to give financial support to the center’s long-term

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