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									EMC Creative’s Colleen Edwards Has a China Strategy

A key component of EMC Creative's PR Department is agency self-promotion. Earlier this year,
co-founder Colleen Edwards toured China to evaluate the country's growth in master-planned
communities. The agency gained major features with the San Francisco Chronicle, California
Builder Magazine and the Contra Costa Times that positioned Edwards and the agency as
experts on master-planned communities with a global outlook.

Colleen’s China-based long-time friend and associate Chip Pierson of Dahlin Group Architecture
Planning was her guide for the China excursion. The latter firm has run a 30-person office in
Beijing for over 5 years.

“We felt Colleen's trip gave us the media opportunity to position EMC as ahead of the curve,
thinking beyond our borders for new opportunities and as an agency with an intense curiosity
about how things are done, either in our backyard or 10,000 miles away,” said Scott Tiernan, the
agency’s Senior Director of Public Relations.

“We pitched the San Francisco Chronicle, California's second largest newspaper with a Sunday
circulation of nearly 450,000, on an article about Colleen and her trip. The newspaper readily
agreed. Former San Francisco Chronicle real estate editor Richard Paoli spoke with Colleen in-
depth and penned the piece, which ran as the cover story in the September 14, 2008 Sunday Real
Estate Section.

“We received very positive feedback on the article and it helped to raise EMC Creative's profile
in the homebuilding industry.”

Each EMC account executive received a PDF of the Chronicle interview to send it to all agency

“We also pitched California Builder Magazine, the publication of the California Building
Industry Association (circulation: 11,500),” said Tiernan. “The publication ran a multi-page
feature in their September 2008 issue, giving us extensive visibility into the homebuilder
executive community in California.”

“On Saturday, November 15, the Contra Costa Times (circulation: 180,000+) ran a feature
profile on Colleen. The article appeared in the newspaper's high visibility Real Estate section and
touched on Colleen's trip to China, but also covered her views on the evolution of master-
planned communities as well as her input and perspectives on challenges and opportunities in the
homebuilding industry, including the growing ‘green and sustainable’ movement.”

Learn more about Colleen’s China visit.

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