Sample_Accounting_Resume by fiverra10


									                                  John Q. Graduate
                                    123 Main Street
                                   Anytown, GA 12345

PROFILE:         Recent college graduate with B.B.A. in accounting. Strong analytical and
                 communication skills. Able to solve problems requiring proficiency in MS
                 Office and business application knowledge of accounting, finance, and
                 marketing.       .

EDUCATION:       Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, May 2007
                 Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
                 GPA of 3.4
                 Relevant courses and skills: Managerial Accounting; Corporate Audit and
                   Reconciliation; Accounting I & II; Financial Management; Managerial
                   Economics; and Business Information Systems.

EXPERIENCE: Accounting Intern, ABC and Associates, Alpharetta, Georgia, May 2006-
             August 2006
             Reviewed and corrected accounting entries
             Developed Excel application for auditing client records
             Generated reports for financial planning

                 Bookkeeping Assistant, #1Sport Sporting Goods Store, Atlanta, Georgia,
                 May 2005-August 2005
                 Managed accounts payable and receivable
                 Reconciled payment discrepancies
                 Resolved client billing and credit issues

                Sales Assistant, #1 Sport Sporting Goods Store, Atlanta, Georgia, May 2004-
                August 2004
                 Helped set up in-store promotional displays
                 Audited daily cash register receipts

SKILLS:          MS Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer: Ability to use MS
                 Office tools for developing business applications and conducting Web

ACTIVITIES: • Vice President, Student Accountancy Chapter, 2006-2007
            • Dorm Resident Assistant, 2005-2007

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