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									Joan Robinson
   Joan Robinson (all'anagrafe
    Joan Violet Maurice; Surrey,
    31 ottobre 1903 – Cambridge,
    5 agosto 1983) è stata
    un'economista inglese di
    orientamento        marxista-

                         Prof. Bertolami Salvatore
Joan Robinson
   In 1933, in her book, The Economics of Imperfect Competition,
    Robinson coined the term "monopsony," which is used to describe the
    buyer converse of a seller monopoly.
   In 1942 Robinson's An Essay on Marxian Economics famously
    concentrated on Karl Marx as an economist, helping revive the debate
    on this aspect of his legacy.
   During the Second World War, Joan Robinson worked on a few
    different Committees for the wartime national government. During this
    time, she visited the Soviet Union as well as China. She developed an
    interest in underdeveloped and developing nations and contributed a lot
    that is now understood in this section of economics.
   In 1949, she was invited by Ragnar Frisch to become the vice president
    of the Econometric Society but declined, saying she couldn't be part of
    the editorial committee of a journal she couldn't read.

                               Prof. Bertolami Salvatore
Joan Robinson
   In 1956, Joan Robinson published her magnum opus, The
    Accumulation of Capital, which extended Keynesianism into the long-
    run. Six years later, she published another book about growth theory,
    which talked about concepts of "Golden Age" growth paths.
    Afterwards, she developed the Cambridge growth theory with Nicholas
    Kaldor. During the 1960s, she was a major participant in the Cambridge
    capital controversy alongside Piero Sraffa.

   Close to the end of her life she studied and concentrated on
    methodological problems in economics and tried to recover the original
    message of Keynes' General Theory. Between 1962 and 1980 she wrote
    many books to try and bring several economic theories to the general
    public. Robinson suggested developing an alternative to the revival of
    classical economics.

                               Prof. Bertolami Salvatore

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