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									                        The 6th China Corrosion Conference

Topic: Corrosion Resistant, Long-life, Green, New Materials, Technologies and Products

Nowadays, advocating low-carbon economy is a fashion, accordingly, the development of long-life
corrosion-resistant green materials becomes the primary means to reduce the corrosion rate, to prolong
product life, to reduce pollution and to reduce energy consumption. Through the development of
long-life corrosion-resistant green materials, it will be beneficial to materials design, development of
new products, improvement of product quality, enhancement of brand image and the competitiveness
of the enterprises. Furthermore, it is the major breakthrough and effective way of the enterprises to
improve their capability of independent innovation and to promote technological development. It
could provide strong technical support for enterprises changing from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created by
China’. Researchers working in corrosion field have the responsibility and obligation to make
technological innovation.

The topic of the Sixth National Corrosion Conference is ‘Corrosion Resistant, Long-life, Green New
Materials, Technologies and Products’. The experts, scholars and Entrepreneurs in corrosion field are
welcome to submit papers and communicate with each other in the conference. We hope everyone
could share with each other the latest scientific fruit, which will promote the mutual cooperation and
make contributions to the cause of development of corrosion and protection in China.

Honorary Chairman: Changxu Shi, Jimei Xiao

Consultant(in alphabetical order by last name): Yong Gan, Hongnian Cai, Shaowu
Tian, Helin Li, Baorong Hou, Wei Ke, Qunpeng Zhong, Binshi Xu, Jinji Gao, Chunan Cao

Chairman: Guangzhang Chen

Vice-Chairman(in alphabetical order by last name): Fuhui Wang, Yu Zuo, Zhilin
Tian, LiJie Qiao, Zuozhen Liu, Huibin Qi, Feng Lu, Changjian Lin, Xingpeng Guo, Kali Gu, Jianxin
Xie, Enhou Han, Yusong Chen

Secretary General: Xiaogang Li

Organized by:
Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection
Supported by:
High-tech Secretary of the State Development and Reform Commission
Academic Department of China Association for Science and Technology
Department of Basic research of Ministry of Science and Technology
Engineering & Materials Sciences Division of National Natural Science Foundation of China
Science, Technology and Quality Division of Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for
National Defense
Corrosion and Protection Center, University of Science and Technology Beijing
State Key Laboratory of Metal Corrosion and Protection, Institute of Metal Research
The No.725 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
Wuhan Research Institute of Materials Protection
World Corrosion Organization (WCO)
National Association of Corrosion Engineers(NACE)

Main Topics:
1.   Corrosion in the natural environment (atmospheric, marine and soil corrosion)
2.   Environmentally sensitive fracture (stress corrosion, corrosion fatigue and hydrogen
3.   High temperature oxidation and hot corrosion
4.   Corrosion testing and anti-corrosion monitoring and detecting techniques
5.   Corrosion simulation analysis and database
6.   Typical case of industrial corrosion failure analysis
7.   Corrosion education, management and popular science
8.   Corrosion resistant metal materials and non-metal materials
9.   Heavy duty coatings and painting process
10. Metal plating (chemical plating, electroplating, hot dip plating) and the spraying technology
11. Inhibitor
12. Corrosion and protection in aeronautics and astronautics
13. Corrosion and protection in new energy (nuclear, wind, solar) industry
14. Corrosion and protection in architectural engineering
15. Corrosion and protection in petrochemical and chemical process
16. Corrosion and protection in electricity (thermal power, hydropower) industry
17. Corrosion and protection of pressure equipment
18. Corrosion and protection of automobile and rail traffic
19. Corrosion and protection of electronics and information materials
20. Corrosion and protection of biomedical materials
21. Corrosion control and application in engineering

Conference Time: end of August 2011
Conference Venue: Yinchuan

Important Time for the Conference:
The first notice of the conference: February. 28, 2011
Deadline of submission of Abstracts: April 20, 2011
The second notice and deadline of submission of Manuscripts: June 30, 2011
Deadline of pre-registration: July 15, 2011
Opening of the Sixth National Corrosion Conference: August, 2011

Contact Information of Conference Secretariat:
Address: Chinese Society for Corrosion and Protection, No 30 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District,
Beijing, PRC.
Zip Code: 100083
Fax: 010-82372305
E- mail:

Conference Contacts:
Hui Sun, 86-10-62397592,
Xiaohong Zhang,     86-10-62320080,

Forums, exhibitions (including technical reports), and advertising contacts:
Qinjing Zhang, 86-10-62332201, qingjing
Xuequn Cheng, 86-10-62333931-518,

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