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					Student Teaching ROUND UP
  Office of Clinical Experiences
    Student Teaching Application

   You will need to complete:
       Application form ONLINE
       Eligibility sheet for YOUR major
       Paper & pencil…take notes!

       Due Date: Friday April 16th to OCE
       Turn in ALL parts as a package, not separately
       Use the checklist
     Click on: “Field Experience
        and Student Teaching Application”
    Student Teaching Application

 Apply for the CORRECT COURSE
 List all schools where you attended
 List schools where you are known
 Edit your school information if needed
 Do NOT list prior field placements
    Student Teaching Application

 Elem Ed: Have a minor?
 Be sure to state your minor on your
 Let OCE know by October 1, if you
  want a placement in your minor
 This minor placement would be Block
  3 ONLY
               Eligibility Sheet
   Eligibility sheet for YOUR major
       SPED: Most is completed in the SPED Dept.
       Dbl Majors: fill out appropriate forms; get
        signatures from both major advisors
   Transfer students: make sure credits have
   Get this signed prior to due date (see who
    needs to sign: advisor, dept rep, content
    advisor, TDEV education advisor, etc.)
   Apply to major: El        APPLY to Student
    Ed ONLY: include           Teach ON TIME,
    copy of major              EVEN IF YOU MAY
    applic. form               HAVE ELIGIBILITY
   Apply to Teacher           ISSUES!
    Education (Dean’s             GPA, not admitted
    Office EB A 110)               to teacher education
                                   yet, etc.
   GPA requirements
       2.5
       2.75 CFS, El Ed
      CFS & Secondary…

 Set an advising meeting NOW to
  meet and get signature on your
 Email your advisor and set an
 DO NOT wait!
           Eligibility Deadlines…
   El Ed:
       Oct 15th/Feb 15th semester prior to ST: Completion of all
        Incompletes and Appeals, and removal of all grades
        below C in required major courses (In Elem Handbook)
   Secondary Ed:
       Oct 15th/Feb 15th semester prior to ST: Completion of all
        Incompletes and Appeals, and removal of all grades
        below C- in required major courses (In Handbook)

    CFS: OCE Deadlines

   SPED: Apply to SPED + meet OCE Deadlines
        Other Requirements

 SPED Teacher Candidates:
 You must ALSO APPLY in the SPED
 Deadlines are:
     March 1 for Fall
     Oct. 1 for Spring
    Student Information Sheet
   Information must be as current as
   Husky Net Email only
   Student ID#
   Include schools you attended & graduated
    from (cannot place there)
   OCE will not place you where you are
    known, have family/friends working, where
    your children attend, or are coaching
   Licensure area(s): include ALL
 Where will you be living? Update
  online as needed!
 OCE will place you within one hour
  drive time maximum of where you
 Including more information helps us
  make the best placement for you
 Accommodations needed? State this
  on application; Meet with OCE staff
   El Ed: Cognate area: not placed in cognate
    for Student Teaching
   El Ed: 1 placement for Block 3 & 4 EXCEPT
    for K and minors
   Common Market (through another MNSCU
    institution) generally difficult option for El
    Ed majors over the 2 semesters
   Out of State/International Opportunities
    meeting dates (3 per semester)

 Include  any trainings, all
  experiences working with
  children, in school settings, etc.
 Proof your work!
 Ask a friend to proof your work!
 Revise   ED 200 Essay or begin
 ED 300: Submit this essay!
 Read your essay out loud…get a
  friend to read it…be professional!
 El Ed: if strong preference for K-
  3 or 4-6, state in essay
 CFS: OCE will request 1st/2nd
        Other Requirements
   CPR & First Aid: Required for CFS and
    HPERSS only
   Liability Insurance: Education MN Apply
    “Who We Are”, “Student Program”
    (need credit card)
   Grads already licensed and a member of
    ED MN through your District?…Purchase a
    student membership to ED MN.
      Other Requirements

 Criminal Background Check (CBC)
  required for most districts: OCE will
  include this information with your
  placement contract
 CFS: You may choose PreK or K-3,
  but not guaranteed
     Other Requirements

 Orientation Attendance Mandatory:
  Friday January 7th, 2011
 You will receive reminder Email
 Jobs: Work can NOT interfere with
  your student teaching hours and
Do Not Attempt to Secure Your
     Own Placement!!!!!
    Placement Considerations
   Goal: placement within one hour of where
    you live
   Goal: Diverse placement opportunities
    within all field and student teaching
   OCE will place you in a location where you
    are not known…
   You will not be placed in schools where you
    have family/friends working, your children
    attend or you are coaching
    Process to Secure Placements

   Applications received in OCE database
   You update as needed, within deadlines
   OCE sends files and request out to schools
    semester prior
   CHECK YOUR HUSKYNET…we may have Q’s
   OCE secures placement
   Hold placement meetings with you during
    finals week: watch for signs posted!
   You will sign a contract
    Special Programs/Options

 El Ed: Urban Block (Fall-Spring)
 UTEP: Urban Teacher Education
  Partnership (St. Paul Public Schools)
 Common Market, Out of State,
  International opportunities
 Aldine Texas opportunities (Houston)
 Partnerships: China and South Africa
 SPED: Cartwright District, Phoenix AZ
 See Kathy Watson or Fran
 Umerski for any questions “Student Teaching”

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