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									                                        YONG SU
                     1076 Wilsham Drive, San Jose, CA 95132, United States
                    Mobile: +1 408-784-2269, Email: jean.timex@gmail.com

Effective team player with strong experience in UI development, both front end and back end
web application architecture, user experience, problem solving seeks a web developer full-
time position that will utilize my extensive web development experience in diverse industries.

CADRE design Pty. Ltd. (Sydney, Australia)                                01/2006-03/2012
Australia's leading developer of innovate eLearning and interactive multimedia
Senior Interactive Developer
   Lead developer for Australian government and enterprise customers with 1000+ users,
    developed a customizable online eLearning course management system. Designed and
    built the UI for both front-end users and administrators. Technologies that were used
    include JavaScript, ExtJS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. The CMS has become one of the
    company's most competitive products and the customers keep growing.
   Designed and developed SimSkill simulation and builder tool softwares for clients
    including Australian governments and U.S educational institutes. Implemented all the UI
    functionalities using Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR and Javascript. Wrote the software user
    manual and trained the company how to use it. SimSkill product is now acquired by Idria,
    an Australia's leading company in business simulation design, training and development.
   Led established and developed company's latest eLearning course shell with GAIA
    framework, worked closely with graph designer and implemented all the UI
    functionalities, designed and developed a layout engine that helps display the XML
    content. Also involved in the database design for creating the online course builder tool
    which is built with jQuery UI.
   Collaborated with U.S leading online education institute and developed the NumberLine
    tool for educating mathematics, using ActionScript to enhance the user experience and
    worked closely with client’s graph designer to meet the pixel-perfect UI requirements.
    Used JavaScript to interact with client’s server API.
   Worked with developers to build an XML-driven Graphing tool for U.S Worth Publishers
    Economics, designed, created and layout all the UI components, implemented API to let
    the application interact with the question shell.
   Lead programmer for Western Sydney University and Singapore government, developed
    sports interactive physics simulation and softwares, helping students evaluate their results
    and teachers generating statistic data. Programmed UI components including sliders,
    buttons, drop down menus and discussed with client regarding user experience.
   Implemented a language translation plug-in for Articulate Presenter with both Google
    translation engine and Japanese Cross Language Server, built the UI structure and layout
    and did all the programming with JavaScript and ActionScript.
Languages           JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, ExtJS, JSON, PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML,
                    CSS, ActionScript, C, C++, Objective-C
Softwares           Flash, Flex, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Xcode, SQLyog, MS SQL
                    Server, NetBeans, Komodo, WAMP, XAMPP, MS Office
Web Technologies    HTTP, TCP/IP, IIS, Apache Web Server, Questionmark Perception
                    Server, Adobe Flash Media Server
Operating systems   Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP/Vista/7, µcOS

June 2006           Master of Engineering
                    Electronics and Information Engineering
                    South China University of Technology
June 2003           Bachelor of Engineering
                    Electronics and Information Engineering
                    South China University of Technology

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