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									“Global Electronics China” GEC
           •   Sponsored by China’s Ministry of Information
               Industry, GEC is China’s top electronic
               publication with 36,000 circulation and 15,000
               paid subscriptions under our management.
               (RMB 8/copy)

           •   This printed magazine is supplemented with
               120,000 copies of e-Version for national
               circulation. It covers a broad spectrum of
               markets, applications, professions and
               geographical locations.

           •   To supplement ChinaECNet and ICC, GEC
               will publish “Global IC Guide”, an
               authoritative classification of all the newly
               released ICs. It will also highlight the top 10
               new ICs with the best market application in
“Global Electronics China” GEC
GEC eVersion & Features

          Highly complementary with ChinaECNet

          In addition to 36,000 circulation, GEC
          publishes e-News Letter on monthly
          basis to 120,000 engineer members.

          GEC has a number of outstanding
              New IC of the Month
              Global IC Elites
              IC Technology Trends
              Online Seminar Excerpts

          Effective online feedback system.
                   GEC eVersion

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                          GEC 2012 Editorial Calendar
 月份                         主题                                                     相关话题
MONTH                    Key Theme                                             Associate Contents

  1     半导体市场展望                         2012年行业趋势,技术热点
 JAN    Semiconductor Market Outlook    Industry Trends and Hot Technologies in 2011

  2     医疗、健康、安全                        便携医疗设备,远程监控
 FEB    Medical,Health,Safety           Portable Medical Devices,Remote Monitor & Control

  3     数字信号处理器,微处理器                    数字信号处理器,数字信号控制器,微处理器,FPGA
 MAR    DSP/MCU,FPGA                    DSP, DSC, MCU, FPGA

  4     无线通信                            蓝牙技术/WIFI/WAPI, 网络媒体播放器, 无绳VoIP, RFID/物联网技术, LTE
 APR    Wireless Communications         Blue tooth/WiFi/WAPI, Net Media Player, Wireless VoIP, RFID, LTE

  5     汽车电子                            汽车导航系统GPS, 汽车HB LED照明技术,混合动力/电动汽车,,汽车自动收费系统,汽车电池管理
 MAY    Automobile Electronics          GPS,HB LED Lighting, Hybrid Power Automobile, Automatic Paying System,Power Managment

  6     模拟器件                            模拟前端,功率放大器,LNA低噪声放大器
 JUN    Analog Devices                  Analog Front End, Power Amplifier,LNA

  7     绿色能源与环保、节能技术                    LED照明、太阳能电池、高亮度发光二极管、电源管理、电池监测、智能电网/PLC
 JUL    Green Energy Technologies       LED Lighting, Solar, HB LED, Power Management, Battery Monitor, Smart Grid, PLC

  8     平板显示,光电器件                       DLP、LCOS、OLED、LCD、LED、图像传感器
 AUG    Flat Panel, Optical Devices     DLP、LCOS、OLED、LCD、LED、Image Sensor

  9     物联网技术与传感器                       三网融合技术,传感器,智能交通
 SEP    M to M & Sensing Technologies   Tri networks integration, Sensors

  10    无源元件                            电容,电感,电阻,连接器,保险丝
 OCT    Passive Components              Resistor, Capacitor, Connector, Fuse

  11    嵌入式系统技术                         Embedded Microprocessor, Embedded Application Software, Embedded Operating System, Board
 NOV    Embedded System                 Embedded System
                                        嵌入式微处理器, 嵌入式应用软件, 嵌入式操作系统, 板级嵌入式系统

  12    消费电子                            触摸屏技术, 高清STB技术,LEDTV/3DTV, 微型投影仪,PND/个人导航系统
 DEC    Consumer Electronics            Touch Screen, HD STB, LEDTV/3DTV, Mini Projector, PND, Personal Navigate System
         2012 "Global Electronics China"
              Magazine Price Sheet

No.      Color Ads.          1x       3x       6x        9x        12x

1     Front cover          US$4,700 US$4,200 US$3,900 US$3,600   US$3,200

2     Back cover           US$4,200 US$3,800 US$3,500 US$3,200   US$2,700

3     Inside front cover   US$3,400 US$3,200 US$3,000 US$2,700   US$2,500

4     Inside back cover    US$3,300 US$3,100 US$2,800 US$2,600   US$2,200

5     Inside full page     US$2,800 US$2,600 US$2,400 US$2,200   US$2,100

6     Half page            US$1,600 US$1,500 US$1,400 US$1,300   US$1,200
           Readership        Analysis
              Regional Segmentation

        Region          Members       Percentage

East China               191,319            46.44%

North China              110,640            26.85%

Central & South China     65,720            15.95%

Southwest China           14,587             3.54%

Northeast China           13,363             3.24%

Northwest China            9,378             2.28%

HK, TW & Macau             4,645             1.13%

Overseas                   2,348             0.57%
             Readership           Analysis
                 Industrial Segmentation

               Industry            Member      Percentage
Consumer Electronics                  77,756       18.87%
Wireless Communication                71,816       17.43%
Wire Communication                    51,587       12.52%
Computer & Peripherals                38,403        9.32%
Energy Technology                     33,841        8.21%
Industrial Control & Automation       33,548        8.14%
Automotive Electronics                28,135        6.83%
Testing Equipment Industry            25,275        6.13%
Medical Equipment                     19,668        4.77%
EMS / IDH                             15,002        3.64%
Banking Electronics                    8,144        1.98%
Other                                  8,826        2.14%
          Readership         Analysis
              Professional Segmentation
             Job Title       Member         Percentage
Engr - System Design            196,442         47.68%
Procurement                      51,706         12.55%
Engr - Assistant/Tech            28,716          6.97%
Student                          26,615          6.46%
Engr - Manufacturing             22,372          5.43%
Marketing/Sales/Service          19,405          4.71%
Engr - Software Design           19,034          4.62%
Corporate Management             18,087          4.39%
Engr - Component/Testing         11,083          2.69%
Faculty/Professor                 4,038          0.98%
Information Services              3,461          0.84%
Consultant                        1,030          0.25%
Media/Publishing                      453        0.11%
Other                             9,558          2.32%
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