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Market Snapshot

  Friday May 13, 2011 (04:30 PM EDT)
  S&P Market Commentary

  ... Stocks wrapped up a volatile week by heading lower on Friday. Meanwhile, the dollar index and Treasuries
  rose, as lingering concerns about the global economy and European debt led investors out of risky investments
  and into safer havens. Leading stocks lower were Basic Material, Financial, Technology, Industrial and
  Telecommunication issues. U.S. economic data today showed gains in consumer prices and consumer
  sentiment. Overseas, Europe posted some strong GDP figures. NYSE breadth was 22-9 negative, NASDAQ
  breadth was 20-6 negative. Gold fell. Crude rose./

The Outlook's Market Insight

 Friday May 13, 2011 (05:00 PM EDT)
 No Place Like Home

 S&P sees domestic stocks outperforming foreign markets.

 Considering the uncomfortably high U.S. unemployment rate, rising gasoline prices, and the sorry state of the
 housing market, it s easy to see why there is a cloud of economic malaise hovering over the country. Many people
 still speak of a recession, even though the economy returned to growth more than two years ago.

 These problems have no doubt led many investors to conclude they are better off owning companies in faster
 growing foreign markets, particularly the emerging economic powerhouses of China, Brazil, and India; foreign
 equity mutual funds have seen strong inflows during 2010 and 2011, and domestic equity funds have seen even
 stronger net outflows. While it is indisputable that growth in some important overseas markets is much stronger
 than growth at home, that does not always mean that the best investment returns are overseas as well.
 In fact, Standard&Poor s Investment Policy Committee believes that domestic stocks will outperform foreign stocks
 during the balance of 2011 for several familiar reasons. To cope with the rapid growth, economic policy makers in
 China, Brazil, India and elsewhere are raising interest rates lest the scourge of inflation erode the progress they ve
 made. By contrast, the U.S. should continue to enjoy more accommodative monetary policy, especially relative to
 emerging markets, says S&P s International Equity Strategist Alec Young.
 That s not the only reason. Low interest rates and slower growth have pushed the value of the U.S. dollar close to
 historic lows. While many investors view this as a sign of ebbing confidence in the U.S. economy, it has been a
 major factor in the strength of first-quarter corporate earnings reports, since S&P 500 companies now get almost
 half the revenue overseas.
 Companies are using these profits to do all the things investors like: buy back shares, raise dividends, and acquire
 other companies to fuel further growth. They are in the enviable position of benefiting from both the low interest-
 rate environment at home and the stronger economies abroad.
 Accompanying the recovery, however, has been a strong rally in commodity prices, with metals, energy, and
 agricultural products either approaching or surpassing previous record highs. While the inflationary implications of
 this rally are obvious, its ability to keep going is less clear. A move to increase the margin requirements for trading
 silver futures touched off a broad decline across precious metals and energy markets, raising questions about the
 source and future strength of demand for these items. U.S. stocks tend to have a lower correlation to commodity
 prices than foreign markets, Young says, making them that much more attractive if commodities get more volatile in
 the future.
 Vaughan Scully

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S&P Stock Picks and Pans

 Friday May 13, 2011 (04:00 PM EDT)

 Ahead of Mar-Q results expected after the markets close on May 24, we see a loss per share of $0.57 on revenues
 of $150M, down from $359M last year, as TTWO did not have a major title release in the quarter. Industry sales of
 video games rose 26% last month. However, we think year-over-year comparisons were relatively easy following
 sharp declines in the prior two years. We are slightly more optimistic in FY 12 (Mar.) when TTWO releases several
 major titles, including L.A. Noire later this month. We keep our FY 12 EPS estimate of $0.17, and our target price at

 $0.26, vs. $0.31, was below our $0.34 estimate. Sales grew by 11%, including 1.6% from forex, but margins
 narrowed as a result of higher raw material costs. We expect continued positive trends in manufacturing and
 energy markets. Selling price increases offset about 40% of cost increases in Q1, and we expect that additional
 price increases will not offset currently escalating costs until late this year. We lower our '11 EPS forecast by $0.05
 to $1.60, below guidance, and keep our $30 target price on higher relative multiples.

 S&P MAINTAINS BUY OPINION ON ADSS OF TELEFONICA(TEF23.70 **** ) : While Q1 revenue growth of 10%
 beat our estimate, EBITDA up 36% was below our 38% forecast, mainly due to weak profits in Spain owing to
 higher smartphone sales. Although harming short-term margins, we believe accelerating smartphone demand will
 support the all-important data revenue growth, while securing further premiums in the customer base. Despite
 slightly disappointing results in Spain, we see TEF's investment case based on Latin American growth, where
 trends remain solid, in our view. On currency fluctuation, we raise our 12-month target price by $1 to $30.

 S&P REITERATES STRONG BUY OPINION ON SHARES OF XEROX(XRX10.20 ***** ) : We are taking a slightly
 less bullish view of prospects for XRX, following an analysts' day on May 10. We expect the services segment to
 grow faster than the technology segment, tending to hurt gross margins while improving operating cost trends. We
 believe renewed share repurchases will aid EPS, but are trimming our operating EPS estimates to $1.12 from
 $1.15 for 2011, and to $1.35 from $1.40 for 2012. Employing a lower target P/E multiple that is closer to peers, we
 are reducing our 12-month target price to $14 from $16. With substantial upside potential seen, we would buy.

Industry in Focus
Update on 11-05-2011

S&P Focus Stock of the Week
Update on 09-05-2011

STARS Changes
Date       Symbol Company Name           New Ranking Old Ranking Reason

05/13/11 BXS            BancorpSouth                                      Valuation

05/13/11 DDS            Dillard's Inc.                                    Valuation

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05/13/11 FITB          Fifth Third Ban   Valuation

05/13/11 HMC           Honda Motor ADS   Valuation

05/12/11 CSCO          Cisco Systems     Growth challengrs

05/12/11 GS            Goldman Sachs G   Potential lawsuit, valuation

05/12/11 TCK           Teck Resources    Valuation

05/12/11 THI           Tim Hortons       Weaker revenue & cost trends

05/12/11 TBL           Timberland Co.    Valuation

05/12/11 YHOO          Yahoo Inc         Alibaba Group investment uncertainties

05/11/11 ACV           Alberto-Culver    Acquired by Unilever (UN)

05/11/11 DIS           Disney (Walt) C   Improving fundamentals & valuation

05/11/11 EMC           EMC Corp          Valuation

05/11/11 M             Macy's Inc        Valuation

05/10/11 FOSL          Fossil Inc        Valuation

05/10/11 IFF           Intl Flavors/Fr   Valuation

05/10/11 JASO          JA Solar Holdin   Valuation

05/10/11 JRCC          James River Coa   Valuation

05/10/11 MXIM          Maxim Integrate   Valuation

05/10/11 MR            Mindray Medical   Valuation

05/10/11 TSL           Trina Solar ADS   Better demand & healthy margins

05/10/11 TGI           Triumph Group     Valuation

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05/09/11 ARE           Alexandria R.E.                               Valuation

05/09/11 MPW           Medical Prop Tr                               Valuation

05/09/11 TESO          Tesco Corp                                    Valuation

05/09/11 TRMB          Trimble Navigat                               Valuation

05/09/11 TSN           Tyson Foods 'A'                               Weaker EPS outlook

Economic Calendar

 Friday May 13, 2011 (01:36 PM ET)
 Calendar of Upcoming Economic Events
                                                        AE      Street
    Date         Time                   Release   For Forecast Median Last
  05/13/11 08:30 US CPI                           APR 0.4% A     0.4% 0.5%
  05/13/11 08:30 US CPI Y/Y                       APR 3.2% A             2.7%
  05/13/11 08:30 US CPI ex-Food & Energy          APR 0.2% A     0.2% 0.1%
  05/13/11 08:30 US CPI ex-Food & Energy Y/Y APR 1.3% A                  1.2%
  05/13/11 09:55 US Michigan Sentiment Pre        MAY 72.4 A     70.0    69.8

Economic Brief

Update on 12-05-2011

Word On The Street
 Archives
Friday May 13, 2011 (04:00 PM EDT)


Kenneth Stumphauzer says $1.27 Q1 adj. EPS compares with $0.92 consensus. Notes margin performance
suggests structural improvements. Believes more compelling product resulted in increased full-price selling; SG&A
declined due to sustainable reasons, i.e., increased allocation of media spend to more cost efficient avenues.
Believes DDS is in middle stages of a turnaround characterized by product repositioning, improved inventory mgmt,
more judicious expense deployment. Raises $3.25 FY 12 (Jan.) EPS est. to $3.73, $4.10 FY 13 to $4.75, ups target
to $65. B.Brodie

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Analyst Edward Yang tells salesforce TCPG posted $0.70 Q1 EPS, up 207% y/y from $0.23 on surprisingly strong
Crude C4, as-expected Performance Products. Notes butadiene remained sold out, gross margins expanded more
than planned as prices rose $0.18/lb, outpacing feedstock costs due to pass-through timing of contracts. Says TPCG
is optimally positioned to benefit from chronic butadiene tightness as the #1 C4 processor in N. America with 35%
overall capacity, 65% of merchant market. Raises $2.06 '11 EPS est. to $2.53, $3.15 '12 to $3.26; price target to
$49. M.Morrow

Kenneth Zaslow says DAR's Q1 EPS of $0.43 exceeded his Street high expectation of $0.33 (Street was at $0.29)
as strong pricing and the contribution from the Griffin acquisition (which contributed an incremental $11M or $0.06-
$0.07 relative to his expectations) fueled outperformance in DAR's op. profit. Continues to expect sequential profit
improvement in Q2, on the heels of: stronger pricing across all rendering products; increased volume in the
foodservice channel; an additional quarter of cost synergies. Has $18 price target. M.Morrow

Market Movers
 Archives
Friday May 13, 2011 (04:00 PM EDT)


YAHOO! INC.(YHOO) : In response to recent media reports regarding the timing of the restructuring of Alipay,
YHOO issued a statement saying that, on March 31, 2011, YHOO and Softbank were notified by Alibaba Group of
two transactions that occurred without the knowledge or approval of the Alibaba Group board of directors or
shareholders: the transfer of ownership of Alipay in August 2010 and the deconsolidation of Alipay effective in Q1
'11. S&P reiterates hold.See

RAMBUS INC.(RMBS) : RMBS shares seen lower after US appeals court reportedly rules that co. inappropriately
destroyed documents related to its patent infringement case with MICRON, Hynix Semiconductor.

CA TECHNOLOGIES(CA) : CA posts $0.48 vs. $0.37 Q4 non-GAAP EPS on 4.9% revenue rise. Street was looking
for $0.51. Sees FY 11 revenue growth of 6%-8% in constant currency, non-GAAP EPS growth in constant currency
of 6%-10%, which at 3/31/11 exchange rates, translates to reported non-GAAP EPS of $2.12-$2.19. S&P maintains
hold. RBC Capital cuts target, maintains outperform.See

NVIDIA CORPORATION(NVDA) : NVDA posts $0.27 vs. $0.29 Q1 EPS on 4.0% revenue decline. Street was
looking for $0.19. Expects Q2 revenue to be up 4%-6% sequentially. S&P maintains hold. Needham downgrades to
hold from buy.See

DEAN FOODS CO.(DF) : Goldman upgrades DF to buy from neutral. Co. unavailable.See

DILLARD'S INC.(DDS) : DDS posts $1.31 vs. $0.68 Q1 EPS on 2% higher same-store sales, 10% higher total sales.
Street was looking for $0.91. S&P upgrades to buy from hold. Sterne Agee raises estimates, target, reiterates

BODY CENTRAL CORP.(BODY) : BODY posts $0.34 vs. $0.28 Q1 EPS on 16% higher same-store sales (SSS),
27% higher total sales. The Street was at $0.30. For Q2, sees $0.28-$0.30 EPS on net revenues of $71M-$73M,
assuming an SSS increase in the low teens coupled with net new store openings. For FY 12, sees $1.12-$1.16 EPS
on $286M-$292M revenues, assuming a mid- to high-single-digit SSS increase coupled with net new store openings.
The Street was at $1.37.

VERMILLION, INC.(VRML) : Roth Capital reiterates buy, $7.50 target. Yesterday co. announced that a study
published online ahead of print in the June 2011 edition of Obstetrics&Gynecology demonstrated that American
College of Obstetrics and Gynecology guidelines for determining likelihood that an ovarian mass is cancerous prior

      S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
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to surgery would accurately identify more women with ovarian cancer if co.'s OVA1 blood test were used in place of
the currently recommended CA 125 blood test.See

EVERGREEN SOLAR INC.(ESLR) : ESLR posts $0.93 Q1 loss vs. $0.70 loss on 55% lower revenue. Cancels its
previously scheduled conference call arranged for May 13 at 8:30 am ET. S&P cuts target, maintains hold.
Wunderlich reiterates sell.See

DARLING INTERNATIONAL INC.(DAR) : DAR posts $0.43 vs. $0.14 Q1 EPS on sharply higher sales. Says Q1 '11
results benefited from the acquisition of Griffin Industries and higher prices for finished products. The Street was
looking for $0.29 EPS. BMO Capital reiterates outperform.See

EASTMAN KODAK CO.(EK) : EK shares seen trading higher after International Trade Commission reportedly rules
in co.'s favor in patent dispute with APPLE.

LIFE PARTNERS HOLDINGS, INC.(LPHI) : LPHI says on 5/9/11 it received a "Wells notice" from the staff of the
SEC stating that the staff will recommend that the SEC bring a civil injunctive action against co. and two of its
directors and executive officers, Brian D. Pardo and R. Scott Peden, for possible violations of Section 17(a) of the
Securities Act of 1933, Sections 10(b) and 13(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and certain rules

ATLAS PIPELINE PARTNERS LP(APL) : APL announces major organic project expansions, which come in
response to the significant growth that has occurred and is continuing on all of co.'s systems, which are operating at
or near 100% of capacity. Now expects '11 EBITDA of $170M-$205M, up from $160M-$200M, distributable Cash
Flow (DCF) per unit of $2.00-$2.60 per unit, up from $1.80-$2.60 per unit previously stated.

IMRIS, INC.(IMRS) : IMRS posts $0.10 Q1 loss vs. $0.06 loss on 8.3% revenue drop. Co. says gross profit as a
percentage of sales will be lower over the next two quarters as the early installations of its newest products IMRISNV
and IMRIScardio continue to be rolled out.

TPC GROUP INC(TPCG) : TPCG posts $0.70 vs. $0.23 Q1 EPS on 39% revenue rise. Oppenheimer raises
estimates, target, reiterates outperform.See

ATLAS ENERGY, L.P(ATLS) : ATLS posts $0.65 Q1 EPS vs. $0.05 loss despite 13% total revenue drop. Notes, on
Feb. 17, 2011, co. acquired all of Atlas Energy's (AEI) interests in its partnership management business as well as
certain producing oil&gas assets, primarily in the Appalachian basin, New Albany Shale and Niobrara region
following merger of AEI with CHEVRON CORP.

HYPERCOM CORP.(HYC) : In response to a suit filed by the US Justice Dept. to block the proposed acquisition of
HYC by VERIFONE due to concerns about reduced competition, HYC and PAY say they intend to work with the
DOJ to "better understand its concerns and assess various options for the planned divestiture" of HYC's U.S.
business, "including the possibility of a divestiture to an alternative buyer." Separately, ViVOtech said it has renewed
its approach to PAY to buy the U.S. assets of HYC.

AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC.(A) : AGILENT posts $0.56 vs. $0.31 Q2 EPS on 32% revenue rise. Posts $0.74
Q2 adj. EPS. Street was looking for $0.65. Sees Q3 non-GAAP EPS of $0.71-$0.73 on revenue of $1.64B-$1.66B.
Raises FY 11 forecast to $2.84-$2.88 non-GAAP EPS on revenue of $6.55B-$6.60B. S&P raises estimates, target,
maintains buy.See

GLOBAL TRAFFIC NETWORK INC.(GNET) : GNET posts $0.01 Q3 loss vs. $0.03 EPS as higher expenses offset
11% revenue rise.

ANTARES PHARMA INC.(AIS) : AIS prices a firm commitment underwritten public offering of 12.5M AIS shares at a
purchase price of $1.60 per share for an aggregate gross offering amount of $20M. Co has also granted the
underwriter a 30-day option to purchase up to 1.875M shares to cover over-allotments, if any.

SCORPIO TANKERS INC.(STNG) : STNG commences a public offering of 5.5M STNG shares. Proceeds of the
offering are expected to be used, after assessing any working capital and other general corporate expense needs, to
pursue vessel acquisitions consistent with co.'s acquisition strategy. In addition, co. says it is currently in advanced
negotiations with an established shipyard in South Korea for the construction of five 52,000 deadweight ton product

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Fund Strategies

Update on 11-05-2011

Neural Fair Value 25 Additions
Update on 10-05-2011

Neural Fair Value 25 Deletions

Update on 10-05-2011
High Yield Stocks

                                       High Yielding 3/4/5 Star Stocks

                                          (as of 05/09/2011 close)

 Company Name                                                            Symbol      Yield%

CENTURYLINK, INC.                                                        CTL           7.1

ENTERTAINMENT PROPERTIES TRUST                                           EPR           5.9

PITNEY BOWES INC.                                                        PBI           5.9

NATIONAL RETAIL PROPERTIES, INC.                                         NNN           5.8

ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS PARTNERS LP                                          EPD           5.7

ALTRIA GROUP INC.                                                        MO            5.6

REYNOLDS AMERICAN INC.                                                   RAI           5.6

HEALTH CARE REIT INC.                                                    HCN           5.5

AT&T, INC.                                                               T             5.4

BCE, INC.                                                                BCE           5.3

WINTHROP REALTY TRUST                                                    FUR           5.3

     S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
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     Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

FIRSTENERGY CORP.                                                                       FE          5.2

CINCINNATI FINANCIAL CORP.                                                              CINF        5.1

HCP, INC.                                                                               HCP         5.1

PPL CORPORATION                                                                         PPL         5.0

EXELON CORP.                                                                            EXC         5.0

ENTERGY CORPORATION                                                                     ETR         4.8

SUN LIFE FINANCIAL INC.                                                                 SLF         4.7

SOUTHERN COMPANY                                                                        SO          4.7

SCANA CORP.                                                                             SCG         4.6

BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB COMPANY                                                            BMY         4.5

DTE ENERGY CO.                                                                          DTE         4.5

CONSOLIDATED EDISON INC.                                                                ED          4.5

NATIONWIDE HEALTH PROPERTIES INC.                                                       NHP         4.4

TELUS CORPORATION                                                                       TU          4.4

DPL INC.                                                                                DPL         4.3

WEINGARTEN REALTY INVESTORS                                                             WRI         4.2

VENTAS, INC.                                                                            VTR         4.2

PUBLIC SERVICE ENTERPRISE GROUP INC.                                                    PEG         4.2

SOVRAN SELF STORAGE INC.                                                                SSS         4.2

S&P Platinum Portfolio
                                               Return Year To Date through 04/29/2011

                                       Platinum Portfolio                  S&P 500

     S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
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                                       +12.62                               +8.43

                                                See Below For Historical Performance

Company Name                                                 Ticker
                                                                        FairVal     Price      FVal   Star Ranking

AEROPOSTALE, INC.                                            ARO        31.10       20.80      5

APPLE INC.                                                   AAPL       416.20      346.70     5

ASPEN INSURANCE HOLDING                                      AHL        39.20       27.80      5

AVNET INC.                                                   AVT        54.80       36.40      5

BROCADE COMMUNICATIONS                                       BRCD       7.50        6.10       5

CELGENE CORPORATION                                          CELG       68.10       59.30      5

CHEVRON CORPORATION                                          CVX        103.90      102.90     4

CHICO'S FAS INC.                                             CHS        16.30       14.40      5

CISCO SYSTEMS, INC.                                          CSCO       22.00       17.60      5

COACH INC.                                                   COH        57.60       59.70      3

COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPO                                      CSC        56.50       43.50      5

CSG SYSTEMS INTERNATION                                      CSGS       25.30       19.10      5

CVS CAREMARK CORPORATIO                                      CVS        48.90       37.00      5

EXPRESS SCRIPTS INC.                                         ESRX       81.70       57.90      5

EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION                                      XOM        87.80       82.70      4

FEDEX CORPORATION                                            FDX        96.90       95.70      4

     S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
     Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
     Karachi, Pakistan                                              May -13- 2011
     Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

FIFTH THIRD BANCORP                    FITB   14.70    13.00    5

FISERV, INC.                           FISV   71.40    61.60    5

GAMESTOP CORP.                         GME    40.10    25.50    5

GENERAL MILLS, INC.                    GIS    33.70    38.70    2

GILEAD SCIENCES INC.                   GILD   53.50    41.00    5

GOOGLE INC.                            GOOG   644.70   535.30   5

HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY                HPQ    46.20    40.80    5

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS                 IBM    202.80   168.90   5

JACOBS ENGINEERING GROU                JEC    51.60    47.00    4

JOHNSON CONTROLS INC.                  JCI    36.40    39.60    2

KYOCERA CORP.                          KYO    156.10   108.90   5

MARVELL TECHNOLOGY GROU                MRVL   19.00    14.70    5

MEDCOHEALTH SOLUTIONS I                MHS    71.50    62.50    5

MEDTRONIC, INC.                        MDT    52.20    42.70    5

MEMC ELECTRONIC MATERIA                WFR    19.50    11.00    5

METROPCS COMMUNICATIONS                PCS    20.00    17.30    5

MICROSEMI CORP.                        MSCC   26.00    23.00    5

MONOLITHIC POWER SYSTEM                MPWR   20.10    16.20    5

NICE SYSTEMS LTD.                      NICE   37.40    37.00    4

    S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
    Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
    Karachi, Pakistan                                                                        May -13- 2011
    Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

ORACLE CORP.                                               ORCL      40.20       34.90   5

RANDGOLD RESOURCES LTD.                                    GOLD      153.60      79.70   5

RELIANCE STEEL & ALUMIN                                    RS        86.50       52.40   5

RIO TINTO PLC                                              RIO       81.90       67.50   5

THE TRAVELERS COMPANIES                                    TRV       63.00       63.40   3

THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFI                                    TMO       64.20       60.40   4

WAL-MART STORES INC.                                       WMT       64.10       55.00   5

WESTERN DIGITAL CORP.                                      WDC       53.60       38.10   5

XEROX CORP.                                                XRX       11.80       10.30   5

                                                Platinum Portfolio Performance

                                      Year   Platinum(%)            S&P 500(%)

                                      2010   17.42                  12.78

                                      2009   34.23                  23.45

                                      2008   -44.47                 -38.49

                                      2007   4.85                   3.53

                                      2006   12.97                  13.62

                                      2005   10.63                  3.0

                                      2004   10.74                  8.99

                                      2003   45.45                  26.38

      S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
      Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
      Karachi, Pakistan                                                                              May -13- 2011
      Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

                                        2002   -35.52            -23.37

                                        2001   -0.27             -13.05

                                        2000   18.61             -10.14

                                        1999   75.98             19.53

                                        1998   20.54             26.67

                                        1997   17.42             31.01

                                        1996   34.32             20.26

Analyst Blog
Luminex Stays at Neutral
Posted Fri May 13, 06:27 pm ET
by Zacks Equity Research

We maintain our Neutral recommendation on Luminex Corporation (LMNX). Revenues and earnings for first-
quarter fiscal 2011 topped the Zacks Consensus Estimates. Profit more than doubled year over year on the back of
solid top line growth.

Revenues surged 30% year over year in the quarter led by strong consumables and assay sales. Consumable
revenues propelled 53% to touch a new quarterly record (of $15 million), boosted by strong demand from the
company’s major partners.

Healthy shipments of analytical instruments contributed to sustained double-digit growth in system sales. Better sales
mix supported gross margin improvement in the quarter. The company backed its revenue forecast for fiscal 2011.

Texas-based Luminex develops and markets proprietary biological testing technologies, which have applications
across the life sciences industry. Its proprietary open-architecture xMAP technology enables fast, cost-effective and
accurate conduct and analysis of biological tests (bioassays).

Luminex continues to expand its xMAP technology-based installed instrument base. The company shipped 197
analyzers (including 38 MAGPIX analytical instruments) in the first quarter, resulting in cumulative shipments of 7,897
(up 13% year over year).

Luminex possesses an extensive product portfolio and a healthy pipeline of novel assays, which if successfully
developed and launched, would facilitate further growth. The company expects to launch the RVP Fast assay in the
U.S. and the NeoPlex 4 newborn screening assay in Europe in fiscal 2011.

Moreover, Luminex has a strong international presence which has helped it to expand its product portfolio and
customer base. The company’s collaborative agreements should also help expand the use of its products/technology.
Luminex, in February 2011, collaborated with Massachusetts-based integrated health system Partners HealthCare to

       S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
       Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
       Karachi, Pakistan                                                                                May -13- 2011
       Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

discover novel biomarkers and develop clinical assays.

However, Luminex operates in the highly competitive life sciences industry, characterized by rapid and continuous
technological innovation. The company competes with Affymetrix (AFFX), Life Technologies (LIFE) and
Sequenom (SQNM).

Moreover, Luminex is challenged by sluggish growth in its core markets, faces regulatory uncertainties, and heavily
depends on partners to market its instruments and assays, a strategy that has risks. Our recommendation on the
stock is supported by a short-term Zacks #3 Rank (Hold).

ProAssurance Upped to Outperform
Posted Fri May 13, 06:13 pm ET
by Zacks Equity Research

On the back of strong first-quarter results, we recently upgraded ProAssurance Corporation (PRA) to Outperform.

The company reported its first-quarter earnings on the heels of enhanced shareholder value through share buybacks.
Further, the company's financial strength, unrivaled expertise in claims handling, skilled underwriting, and innovative
risk management has provided significant support in the changing healthcare scenario.

ProAssurance recently completed the acquisition of the second largest writer of medical professional liability,
American Physicians Service Group Inc. (APS) in an all-cash transaction of $32.50 per share. As a result of the
merger, APS is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProAssurance.

Excluding one-time transaction and restructuring costs, ProAssurance expects the transaction to be accretive to its
2011 earnings.

We also anticipate the acquisition to provide superior quality insurance protection for the policyholders of APS.
ProAssurance also believes that this will prove to be a strategic expansion, which will , in turn, help to grow both its
business and top line in 2011.

Further, the acquisition will help ProAssurance to immediately expand its footprint in Texas, an important part of its
growth strategy. Given American Physicians’ track record of operating profitably in Texas, ProAssurance expects to
accrue immediate tangible benefits.

Additionally, ProAssurance’s better-than-expected result was attributable to growth in net premiums written and a
decline in total expenses also resulted in top-line growth.

At the end of the first quarter, gross written premiums of ProAssurance inched up 2.0% from $157.2 million to $160.8
million, while net premiums written increased from $145.2 million to $149.9 million. Revenues also surged slightly by
5.9% year over year to $173.6 million in the reported quarter.

These results were also reflected in ProAssurance’s return on equity, which increased to 10.2% in the first quarter of
2011 compared with 8.8% in the prior-year quarter.

In addition, ProAssurance’s loss severity trends continue to develop favorably compared to the previous
expectations, which has helped in offsetting the continuing regulatory challenges and threats of price competition.
Moreover, the benefits of geographic diversity and strong financial position are likely to have a positive impact over

Apart from this, ProAssurance has entered into a revolving credit facility, which allows borrowing up to $150 million
from a consortium of five banks, on a secured or unsecured basis at an interest rate determined by the financial

       S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
       Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
       Karachi, Pakistan                                                                                  May -13- 2011
       Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

ratings at the time of borrowing. The credit facility will remain in place for three years.

Further, ProAssurance repurchased 258,821 shares of its common stock in the reported quarter for about $15.0
million. At the end of the reported quarter, the company has approximately $194 million left under its $200 million
authorization approved by the board in November 2010 and has fully utilized the share repurchase authorization of
September 2009.

The quantitative Zacks #3 Rank (short term Hold rating) on the stock indicates no directional pressure on the shares
over the near term.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, ProAssurance Corporation operates as a holding company for property and
casualty insurance companies. With a single business segment principally in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southern
U.S., the company provides professional liability insurance products primarily to physicians, dentists, other health
care providers and health care facilities through its subsidiaries.

Ventas Completes Atria Acquisition
Posted Fri May 13, 05:59 pm ET
by Zacks Equity Research

Ventas, Inc. (VTR) a leading health care real estate investment trust has recently completed the acquisition of 118
private senior housing communities of privately-owned Atria Senior living Group for $3.1 billion.

Before the closing of this deal, Atria senior living group spun off its management business to Atria senior living, Inc.
(Atria), a new company which will continue the management of the acquired properties.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Atria is the fourth largest operator of assisted living properties in the U.S. It is a leading
industrial operator that builds vibrant communities providing seniors with comfort and a better quality of life.

This transaction demonstrates Ventas' strength to acquire portfolios of senior housing located in the affluent coastal
markets with Atria’s strong management team committed to high quality care for seniors. After this deal Ventas,
becomes the largest owner of senior housing nationally.

Ventas reported first quarter 2011 funds from operations (FFO) of 62 cents per share, compared to 66 cents in the
year-earlier quarter. Fund from operations, a widely used metric to gauge the performance of REITs, is obtained after
adding depreciation and other non-cash expenses to net income.

The company expects its 2011 FFO per diluted common share to range from $3.06 -$3.14, including the impact of
the Atria acquisition. The company also expects post-closing Net operating Income (NOI) for its senior housing
assets managed by Atria to be in the range of $186 million - $196 million in FY11.

Ventas is primarily engaged in the business of financing, owning and leasing healthcare related and senior housing
facilities. The company has one of the largest and most diversified portfolios in the healthcare sector with exposure to
all types of facilities.

The product diversity of the company allows it to capitalize on opportunities in different markets based on individual
market dynamics, and provides a hard-to-replicate competitive advantage over its peers.

Ventas currently retains a Zacks #2 Rank, which translates into a short-term Buy rating. We are also maintaining our
long-term Neutral recommendation on the stock. One of its competitors, HCP, Inc (HCP) currently retains a Zacks #3
Rank, which translates into a short-term Hold rating

Bull of the Day

       S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
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       Karachi, Pakistan                                                                              May -13- 2011
       Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

Caterpillar Inc. (CAT)
By: Zacks Equity Research

May 13, 2011 | Comments: 0

Caterpillar Inc.'s (CAT - Analyst Report) first-quarter EPS jumped to an all-time quarterly record of $1.84 from
$0.36 in the year-ago quarter, driven by higher sales volume. Revenues surged 57% to $12.95 billion due to
continued economic growth and improvement in machine demand.

For 2011, Caterpillar expects revenues in the range of $52 billion to $54 billion and EPS of $6.25 to $6.75, the
highest profit in the company's history. Caterpillar's strong brand name, pricing power and global dealer network
enable it to take advantage of the growing need for infrastructure development worldwide.

The company's planned capital expenditure of $3 billion will boost its long-term potential. The Bucyrus acquisition will
position Caterpillar as the #1 mining equipment manufacturer in the U.S. We have upgraded our recommendation
from Neutral to Outperform based on its record first-quarter performance and increased guidance.

Bear of the Day
Eastman Kodak Co. (EK)
By: Zacks Equity Research

May 13, 2011 | Comments: 0

We maintain an Underperform recommendation on Eastman Kodak (EK - Analyst Report) on the basis of a
competitive market situation, where the company encounters aggressive price competition for all its products and
services. The pressure of overcapacity in film industry and digital transition also poses a risk.

The company's huge exposure to volatile products is also a matter of concern as the rise in raw material prices and
currency fluctuations may affect profitability. Moreover, Kodak's huge dependence on third party manufacturers and
external suppliers may impact its product reliability and raise its cost.

We maintain our Underperform recommendation, which indicates that the stock will perform below the broader
market. We are using estimated book value per share of $0.031 and P/B multiple of 81.2x to arrive at a target price of

Aggressive Growth

Kadant, Inc

By: Bill Wilton

May 13, 2011 | Comments: 0

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Kadant Inc. (KAI - Snapshot Report) continues its impressive streak of topping expectations. The company also
guided higher resulting in dramatic upward estimate revisions from analysts.

Shares are a Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) with great growth rates, but also trade with attractive valuations.

Company Description

      S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
      Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
      Karachi, Pakistan                                                                              May -13- 2011
      Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

Kadant is a supplier to the pulp and paper industry. The company's products are also used in the steel, rubber, food
and other industries.

Getting Better and Better

Since being featured on Mar 1, Kadant has reported another earnings surprise. On Apr 27 the company said its
quarterly revenue was up 17%, to $72 million. That led to net income of $5.8 million, a 61% jump.

Earnings per share came in at $0.47, up sharply from a year ago and 11 cents higher than the Zacks Consensus
Estimate. Earnings surprises have become the norm for Kadant, which has topped forecast in every quarter for the
past 5 years.

Consensus Pops

There are only 2 analysts polled for KAI's expected earnings and they both supplied dramatic upward revisions after
the company raised its guidance in the quarterly update.

Forecasts for this year jumped 49 cents, to $2.19. Next year those analysts are looking for $2.33, a 33-cent
improvement. Given the $1.41 Kadant earned in 2010, the projected growth rates are 55% and 7%, respectively.

And a Value?

Thanks to those estimate revisions, shares of KAI are trading with great valuations too. The forward P/E is about 14
times and given a 21% long-term growth rate the PEG ratio is just 0.7. Both metrics showing a solid value.

The Chart

Yes, shares of KAI also jumped on the earnings news. But take a look at the long-term earnings trend. Year-over-
year growth has been there for a while, but we are also getting big upward moves throughout the year that should
drive KAI even higher.

Bill Wilton is the Aggressive Growth Stock Strategist for He is also the Editor in charge of the Zacks
Small Cap Trader service

This Week's Aggressive Growth Zacks Rank Buy Stocks

Federal-Mogul Corp. (FDML - Snapshot Report) has pushed through a point of resistance thanks to a recent
earnings report. The company, once again, topped expectations and analysts are raising estimates. Shares are up to
Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) and also trade with solid valuations.

       S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
       Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
       Karachi, Pakistan                                                                                 May -13- 2011
       Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. (SBH - Snapshot Report) recently posted its fifth consecutive earnings surprise, thanks
to strong same-store-sales growth. Analysts moved estimates higher, keeping valuations in check and giving SBH a
Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy).

Thoratec (THOR - Analyst Report) analysts keep raising their estimates, with the latest move coming on an
earnings surprise. The company has an excellent earnings track record and could further benefit from a competitor's

The growth rates for this Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) are looking good and getting better.

Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc. (USAP - Snapshot Report) continues to beat expectations, posting its
latest earnings surprise in late April. Estimates are moving higher, which is nothing new, pushing shares to a Zacks
#1 Rank (Strong Buy)

CARBO Ceramics, Inc.

By: Michael Vodicka

May 13, 2011 | Comments: 0

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CARBO Ceramics, Inc. (CRR - Snapshot Report) recently surged higher into a new all-time high after reporting
strong Q1 results that came in ahead of expectations. With an average earnings surprise of 21% over the last four
quarters and a bullish growth projection, this Zacks #1 rank stock is a top momentum player.

Company Description

CARBO Ceramics, Inc. manufactures and supplies ceramic propant that energy exploration companies use in the
crude and natural gas production process. The company was founded in 1987 and has a market cap of $3.57 billion.

Energy stocks have been hot for the last few years as the global economy continues to recover. CARBO has been at
the top of the list, recently spiking into a new all-time high after reporting strong Q1 results that came in well ahead of

First-Quarter Results

Revenue for the period was up 22% from last year to $27 million. Earnings also came in strong at $1.30, 27% ahead
of the Zacks Consensus Estimate, where the company has an average earnings surprise of 21% over the last four

The big story with CARBO has been demand outstripping supply, so the company has been moving aggressively to
boost production. On that note, the company is on schedule with two key projects that should bring total production
capacity to 2.1 billion pounds by the end of the year.

CARBO also boasts unbelievable margins, posting an operating margin of 60% during the quarter.

Financial Profile

Moving forward CARBO will continue to benefit from its awesome financial profile, with cash and short-term
investments of $54 million and no long-term debt.

       S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
       Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
       Karachi, Pakistan                                                                                May -13- 2011
       Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509


We saw some solid movement in estimates off the good quarter, with the current year adding 50 cents to $4.81 while
the next-year estimate gained 68 cents to $6.22, a bullish 29% growth projection.


In light of recent gains, the valuation picture does look a bit hot, with a forward P/E of 32X a premium to its peer
average. Its P/S multiple of 7X is more than twice as rich as its peer average of 2.88X.

12-Month Chart

On the chart, CRR spiked into a new all-time high on the good quarter. Look for support from the long-term trend,
take a look below.

Growth & Income
Northeast Utilities

By: Todd Bunton

May 13, 2011 | Comments: 0

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The harsh winter on the East Coast may have frustrated New Englanders, but shareholders of Northeast Utilities
(NU - Analyst Report) aren't complaining. On May 5, NU reported better than expected first quarter results due in
large part to much colder weather.

Earnings per share came at 69 cents, 10% above the Zacks Consensus Estimate, marking the company's third
straight earnings beat.

The company has also been consistently raising its dividend - a dividend that currently yields a solid 3.1%. It is a
Zacks #2 Rank (Buy) stock.

First Quarter Results

       S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
       Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
       Karachi, Pakistan                                                                              May -13- 2011
       Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

On May 5, Northeast Utilities reported first quarter earnings per share of 69 cents, beating the Zacks Consensus
Estimate by 6 cents, as the company benefited from much colder weather.

Operating revenues declined 8%, which was more than offset by a 9% decrease in operating expenses. Overall,
operating income was up slightly year-over-year.

Meanwhile, cash flow from operations soared 65% over the same quarter in 2010.

Reaffirmed Guidance

Management reiterated its guidance of $2.25 to $2.40 per share in the first quarter press release. The Zacks
Consensus Estimate is within this range at $2.31, representing 5% growth over 2010 EPS.

The 2012 consensus estimate is currently $2.46 per share, corresponding to 6% EPS growth. It is a Zacks #2 Rank
(Buy) stock.

3.1% Dividend

Northeastern pays a dividend that yields an attractive 3.1%. The company has a solid history of consistently raising
its dividend. Over the last 10 years, NU has raised its dividend at a compound annual growth rate of 10.6%.

The company most recently raised its dividend 7% to 27.5 cents per share.


Shares of NU are currently trading at 15.1x 12-month forward earnings, a slight premium to its 10-year median of
14.2x, but a significant discount to the industry average of 29.3x.

Northeast Utilities primarily operates through three wholly-owned subsidiaries: The Connecticut Light and Power
Company, Public Service Company of New Hampshire, and Western Massachusetts Electric Company.

Read the November 17 article here.

This Week's Growth & Income Zacks Rank Buy Stocks:

United Stationers Inc. (USTR - Snapshot Report) reported strong first quarter results on April 25 thanks to strong
demand and margin improvement. Analysts are projecting solid growth over the next two years, with 20% EPS
growth in 2011 and 18% growth in 2012. The company also recently initiated a dividend that yields 1.4%.

Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. (ARLP - Snapshot Report) recently reported record first quarter revenues and
earnings per unit, which came in 9% above the Zacks Consensus Estimate. It was ARLP's second consecutive
positive earnings surprise. As the partnership has been posting record financial results, it has also been consistently
raising its distributions. It currently yields a juicy 4.9%.

U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc. (USPH - Snapshot Report) recently delivered its fifth consecutive positive earnings
surprise on better than expected revenue. It also recently announced the initiation of a regular quarterly dividend,
signaling management's bullish long-term outlook.

Ecolab Inc. (ECL - Analyst Report) recently reported better than expected sales and earnings for the first quarter of
2011. Estimates have been moving higher off the strong quarter, sending the stock to a Zacks #2 Rank (Buy). The
company is also very shareholder-friendly with 74 consecutive years of dividend payments and a 10-year dividend
growth rate of 10.1%.


       S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
       Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
       Karachi, Pakistan                                                               May -13- 2011
       Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

Westlake Chemical Corp.
By: Bill Wilton

May 13, 2011 | Comments: 0

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Westlake Chemical (WLK - Snapshot Report) analysts have been significantly raising estimates
over the past 3 months. However, shares took a dive on the recent earnings surprise.

Is this a good opportunity to scoop up this Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) on the dip?

Company Description

Westlake makes specialty chemicals in 15 different facilities across North America and China. Their
products go into numerous everyday materials. From window frames and pipes to plastic wrap in the
kitchen and tires in the driveway.

Earnings Surge

On May 3 Westlake reported $83.5 million in income for the first quarter. That is up from just $17.6
million a year ago. Earnings per share worked out to $1.25, crushing the Zacks Consensus Estimate
by 27 cents for the company's fourth consecutive earnings surprise.

Sales were up $89 million, to $867 million, driven by a combination of higher volumes and price

Estimates on the Rise

After the earnings results came out analysts quickly raised earnings estimates. Full-year projections
for 2011 are averaging $4.25, up 76 cents on the news and up $1.61 in the past 3 months.
Forecasts for next year are coming in at $4.34, up 42 cents recently and $1.99 since mid-February.

Westlake reported $3.34 per share in net income last year, which puts the expected growth rates at
27% and 2%, respectively. Over the next 3 to 5 year analysts are expecting 7% annualized growth.

Valuations & Comparisons

Shares of WLK are trading at roughly 14.5 times this year's estimates, which is in line with the S&P
500. Chemicals are such a hot area right now though, ranking 35th out of 265 industries.

Westlake is the number 1 plastics company and stacks up well against its peers. Their net profit
margin of 8.8% is well ahead of the industry norm, 5.6%. WLK's ROE is 500 bps better than the
average, at 19.6%.

     S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
     Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
     Karachi, Pakistan                                                                 May -13- 2011
     Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

The Chart

Given the results, you might not think shares of Westlake would take a hit on the earnings news, but
they did. However, given the sizable jump in estimates, this looks like a good time to buy on the dip
for some added value.

Bill Wilton is the Aggressive Growth Stock Strategist for He is also the Editor in charge
of the Zacks Small Cap Trader service

This Week's Aggressive Growth Zacks Rank Buy Stocks

Anixter International, Inc. (AXE - Snapshot Report) just hit a new multi-year high after reporting
strong Q1 results that came in ahead of expectations. But in spite of the gains, this Zacks #1 rank
stock still trades at a discount to the industry average.

Huntsman Chemicals Corp (HUN - Snapshot Report) is a value stock with a twist of momentum,
recently jumping to a multi-year high after reporting an impressive 96% earnings surprise. HUN also
trades at a discount to its peers, making this Zacks #1 rank stock a compelling value play.

The Dow Chemical Company (DOW - Analyst Report) came in ahead of expectations last quarter,
leading to even more upward estimate revisions. The higher outlook has lifted the stock to a Zacks
#1 Rank (Strong Buy) and maintained a great value as well.

Corn Products International, Inc. (CPO - Snapshot Report) continues to click on all levels. This
Zacks #1 Rank (strong buy) just reported first quarter earnings which rose 103% over last year.
While shares are at multi-year highs, it trades with a forward P/E of just 12.

Investment Ideas

      S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
      Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
      Karachi, Pakistan                                                                 May -13- 2011
      Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

4 Momentum High Flyers Burning up the Charts

By: Michael Vodicka

May 12, 2011 | Comments: 0

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For anyone that's ever been on the right side of a big winner, watching a river of gains flow into your
account can be pretty exciting. But in order to score outsized returns, you have to be willing to take
some risk. And in the stock market, that frequently comes in the form of momentum high flyers
defying the rules of traditional investing.

Forget Valuation

One of the few things most of these high flyers have in common is a total disregard for traditional
valuation parameters. That might seem to defy logic on the surface, but there is actually a very good
reason for this phenomenon. Investors don't trade momentum stocks on current or even short-term
revenue or earnings projections, they trade on long-term expectations for outsized growth that the
market has yet to recognize and appreciate. So when you're looking at momentum stocks be sure to
remember that current fundamentals may seem a bit detached from price action.

Buy the High

Speaking of price action, momentum stocks are also known for logging many new highs over a short
or extended period of time. This in and of itself will keep many investors who prefer to buy dips on
the sidelines. There is nothing wrong with either style, it's all about personal preference, but it's
important to remember that when tracking a momentum stock, you will very rarely get a chance to
buy on a reversal or dip.

Shares Can Always Go Higher

When I was working on the trading floor at the Chicago Board of Trade a few years ago, it wasn't
uncommon to see big groups of traders rolling off the floor after a few early-morning rallies. These
guys would assume that after two legs higher, whatever market they were trading was already
gassed out. But that kind of sentiment, that a market is tapped out and can't go any higher is a
bullish signal. Needless to say, those early gains were frequently followed by the biggest move of
the day that came just as nobody was expecting it. The moral of the story is that prices can always
go higher, even if they already seem quite high.

So on that note, let's shift gears and take a look at our top 4 momentum stocks that have been
posting huge gains over the last few months.

      S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
      Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
      Karachi, Pakistan                                                                 May -13- 2011
      Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

Top 4 Momentum Stocks

CARBO Ceramics (CRR - Snapshot Report) is a momentum high flyer of huge proportions, recently
blasting into a new all-time high after reporting an impressive Q1 earnings surprise. Even though the
valuation picture is running a bit hot, the company has four consecutive earnings surprises and a
bullish growth projection, enough to keep the bulls charging higher. Take a look below.

Priceline, Inc. (PCLN - Analyst Report) has been one of the hottest momentum stories of the last
year, defying skeptics with a meteoric rise to an all-time high of $561. Ya, the forward P/E of 27X is a
premium to the industry average, but with sharp earnings growth in hand, the momentum investors
of the world expect more good things from this travel deals provider. To boot, the stochastic below
the chart says shares are oversold, take a look below.

Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR - Analyst Report) is a valuation felon, currently trading with a
forward P/E of 52X, more than 3X the industry average. But so what, momentum investors could
care less, and they have been getting paid handsomely to do so, with GMCR recently jumping into a
new all-time high on another strong quarter. The valuation suggests a pending correction, but
remember, the market can stay irrational longer than most people can stay solvent. Check out the
three gaps higher below.

      S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
      Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
      Karachi, Pakistan                                                                 May -13- 2011
      Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

Brace for impact momentum traders, this next pick is hotter than Tiger Woods at a pancake house.
ProShares Ultra Silver (AGQ) is a double long silver ETF that tracks cash silver prices. With a 4-
month range of $117 to $382, this is both an endorsement and cautionary tale of the kind of action
you can find in a momentum high flyer. Take a look at the wild price action below.

Momentum Stocks-Proceed With Caution

So as you can see, there is plenty of spicy action in some of these momentum high flyers. Names
like these don't necessarily represent your largest holdings, but having smaller allocations to higher-
beta stocks gives you a chance of snagging a big winner.

Zacks #1 Rank Top Performers
Update on 09-05-2011

Economic Highlights
May 13: The Inflation Debate

by Zacks on May 13, 2011

       S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
       Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
       Karachi, Pakistan                                                                                May -13- 2011
       Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

Inflation has reared its ugly head in a number of places around the world, such as China, India and even Europe. This
is prompting monetary authorities to take corrective measures before pricing pressures reach threatening levels. But
that is unlikely to happen here in the U.S. anytime soon, as today's inline CPI report shows.

Only the other day China raised its reserve requirements for the 8th time in as many months after its April CPI came
higher than expected. The European Central Bank (ECB) became the first monetary authority in the developed world
last month to raise interest rates in the face of rising inflation expectations, particularly in the core EU economies of
Germany and France. And with today's better-than-expected first-quarter GDP growth rates in the Euro-Zone (more
on that a little later), the ECB will likely have to do further tightening in the coming days.

This is the backdrop for the raging debate here in the U.S. as inflation readings have spiked lately. Today's April CPI
report, which came inline with expectations both at the headline and core level, comes after a hotter-looking report at
the wholesale level on Thursday.

The Fed has been arguing consistently that the recent spike in inflationary readings was due to transitory factors that
will reverse going forward. The Fed's position appears to have plenty of takers in the bond market, where inflation
expectations have remained anchored around levels that are non-threatening for the economy. That said, the core
CPI, which strips out food and energy prices, has has roughly doubled since October, but still remains below the
Fed's target level.

The sharp declines in a number of key commodities over the last few days appears to be bearing the Fed out. As
such, the Fed can afford to maintain its easy-money policy for quite some time. But the ECB may not have that

Europe posted better-than-expected first quarter GDP numbers overnight, helping improve the growth outlook for the
global economy. The Euro-Zone economy expanded at a 0.8% rate -- the fastest in the last three years -- driven by
strength in Germany and France. Italy and Spain lagged other members, while Portugal went into a recession.

The strong report increases the odds that the European Central Bank will raise rates further in the coming days. This
expectation should help the common currency, which had been losing ground in the last few days as renewed
concerns about Greece took center stage. This will likely have a net negative impact on the greenback's exchange
value, which should benefit commodity prices.

With the first quarter reporting season almost over, we don't have that many earnings reports any longer. Upscale
retailer Nordstrom (JWN) came out with better-than-expected adjusted results after the close on Thursday. But the
extent of its gains lagged what we saw with Macy's (M) a few days back. We also got a solid top- and bottom-line
beat from Agilent Technology (A) this morning. The maker of electronic measurement instruments also raised
guidance for the year.

Today's benign CPI report and strength in Europe should reassure the markets about the growth momentum of the
global economy. This should help stocks end this volatile week on a positive note.

Market News Summary
Stock Market News for May 13, 2011

by Zacks Equity Research on May 13, 2011

With the lack of any major events and the fading out of the earnings season, volatility in commodities has
swung the markets over the past few days. On Thursday, a rebound in commodities lifted the

      S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
      Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
      Karachi, Pakistan                                                                      May -13- 2011
      Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

benchmarks higher. Moreover, investors chose to negate mixed economic data as crude prices gained
strength to pull indices up from the previous day’s loss.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) increased 0.5% to settle at 12,695.92. The Standard & Poor
500 (S&P 500) also gained 0.5% to finish the day at 1,348.65. The Nasdaq Composite Index ended at
2,863.04 after gaining 0.6%. The fear-gauge CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) dropped to roughly 16. On the
New York Stock Exchange consolidated volumes were 3.6 billion shares.

Since late last week, commodities have been fluctuating and this phenomenon had subsequently led to
volatility in the markets. While last week ended with a sharp decline in commodities, markets opened with
strong gains on Monday. Markets witnessed a massive sell off in commodities last week as investors
chose to take the exit route, unnerved by volatility. Stocks had to shoulder the consequences and
benchmarks inched down by more than 1%. However, on Monday the markets bucked the trend and
such fluctuation carried on through the week.

On Thursday, markets opened with commodities making a slow start, but by the end, crude and gold
futures surged higher though silver was left in the red. Light, sweet crude oil for June delivery settled at
$98.97 per barrel, gaining 0.8%. Crude prices had reached a high of $100.49 per barrel during intra-day
trading. Gold futures reached $1,506.80 an ounce, gaining $5.40 or 0.4%.

Energy shares have also moved in line with crude prices. Meanwhile, executives from major oil
companies had to appear before a Senate committee to explain why the industry needs tax breaks at a
time when consumers are paying a hefty $4 a gallon for gasoline. Executives from companies like
ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP), Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM), BP plc (NYSE:BP) had to face
this committee and these companies’ shares dipped 1.4%, 0.1% and 0.9%, respectively. However,
shares of Chevron Corp. (NYSE:CVX) jumped 0.5%.

On the economic front, the Labor Department reported that initial jobless claims benefits had dropped
44,000 to a seasonally adjusted level of 434,000 last week. This figure is marginally higher than
economists’ expectations of unemployment benefits declining to a seasonally adjusted 428,000.
However, the figure is not yet strong enough to suggest an improving economy. A figure above 400,000 is
considered to be significantly high and is therefore reason for concern. Unemployment concerns draws
reference to Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke’s statements last month about job data posing a
bigger threat than short-lived inflationary pressures.

Separately, the Commerce Department reported retail sales had posted their smallest improvement in
nine months in April. According to the Commerce Department, retail sales surged only 0.5% last month
to $389.4 billion. Economists had expected an increase of 0.6%. However, this rise also marks the tenth
consecutive month of increases. Additionally, producer prices gained 0.8% last month versus a 0.7%
increase in March.

The consumer discretionary, the SPDR S&P Retail was up 1.6%. Among retail stocks Macy's, Inc.
(NYSE:M), Target Corp. (NYSE:TGT), Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE:BBY), BJ's Wholesale Club Inc. (NYSE:BJ),
Costco Wholesale Corporation (NASDAQ:COST) and Nike Inc. (NYSE:NKE) jumped 0.9%, 1.9%, 4.1%,
0.8%, 2.0% and 2.3%, respectively.

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Company News Summary
Company News for May 13, 2011

by Zacks Equity Research on May 13, 2011

• NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) posted a Q1 EPS of $0.27, higher than the Zacks Consensus Estimate 0f $0.19 per

• Nordstrom, Inc’s. (NYSE:JWN) Q1 EPS came in at $0.65, lower than the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.67 per

• Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) has decided to sell a maximum of 10 million shares of Clearwire (NASDAQ:CLWR) in
public open market transactions. Currently, 32.8% of Clearwire's outstanding shares are owned by Intel

• PSS World Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ:PSSI) reported Q4 EPS of $0.38 per share, just ahead of the Zacks
Consensus Estimate of $0.37 per share. Revenues for the quarter increased 10.6% year-over-year to $549.7 million,
beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $522.0 million

• Analysts at Williams Capital initiated coverage on Ball Corporation (NYSE:BLL) setting an “Outperform” rating
with a target price of $45.00

• Analysts at Williams Capital have initiated coverage on Crown Holdings (NYSE:CCK) with an “Outperform” rating
and a target price of $46.00

• Analysts at Auriga initiated coverage on Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) with a “Buy” rating and with a target price of

• Analysts at Deutsche Bank initiated coverage on Diamond Foods (NASDAQ:DMND) with a “Buy” rating and with a
target price of $75.00

• Analysts at Auriga initiated coverage on EMC Corp. (NYSE:EMC) with a “Hold” rating and with a target price of

• Analysts at Goldman Sachs initiated coverage on Energy Transfer (NYSE:ETP) with a “Neutral” rating on the

• Analysts at Rodman & Renshaw initiated coverage on FX Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:FXEN) with an “Outperform”
rating and with a target price of $10.00

• Arctic Cat (NASDAQ:ACAT) reported a Q4 loss per share of $0.52, lower than the Zacks Consensus Estimate for
a $0.57 loss per share. Revenues for the quarter declined 12.5% year-over-year to $73.46 million, beating the Zacks
Consensus Estimate for $72.0 million

Sector Data Rank as of 18-03-2011

                           "This                                                 "FY10 Estimates
Sector                             "Week ago      "FY10            "FY10                               "FY11
                          Week's                                                 Revised Down "
                                   Zacks Rank    Revisions        Estimates                           Revisions
                        Zacks Rank

        S.S. Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
        Textile Plaza M.A Jinnah Road
        Karachi, Pakistan                                                        May -13- 2011
        Phone: +92-21-32430867-32420509

                                  "        "     Ratio "   Revised Up "             Ratio "

Auto-Tires-Trucks               2.59      2.73    2.12         70          33         2.52

Transportation                  2.72      2.72    2.05         352        172         1.94

Computer and
                                2.86      2.89    1.99         843        424         1.81

Basic Materials                  2.9      2.93    0.95         196        207         1.15

Aerospace                        2.9      2.95    0.79         38          48         0.76

                                2.94      2.94    2.09         232        111         1.86

                                2.98      2.98    1.63         312        191         1.25

Business Services               3.01       3      0.89         134        150         0.79

Utilities                       3.02      3.07    1.48         155        105         0.92

Consumer Staples                3.03      3.06    1.65         167        101         1.76

Medical                         3.04      3.03    0.91         404        442         0.73

Retail-Wholesale                3.06       3      0.89         292        327         0.77

Construction                    3.07      3.01    0.54         63         116         0.41

Oils-Energy                     3.09      3.08     0.7         482        690         0.71

Finance                         3.11      3.07     0.8         932        1159        0.56

Conglomerates                   3.13      3.04    3.93         55          14         1.27


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