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									                        Summer Programs:
                       A World of Choices
There are hundreds of summer programs out there, and the sheer numbers of choices are often
intimidating for students. Here are descriptions of several types of programs to aid students in their search:
(Participation is also a great addition to college applications!)

   Academic Programs: Great for students who are bored by high school classes but intrigued by
    learning. It’s fun to live in a dorm and experience college life!

   Study Abroad and International Travel Programs: For students who are interested in learning
    another language or spending time among people of another culture

   Community Service Programs: The career center has a list of volunteer opportunities. Get
    involved and find something you have a passion for

   Outdoor Adventure and Travel Programs: Ideal for students who seek continual challenge while
    seeing the world

   Athletic Programs: For students who want to play a collegiate sport, hope to be recruited, or want
    to earn a scholarship

   Arts Programs: Great for students who want resources and training beyond that available in most
    high schools

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   U.S. Programs   Website            Description                 Dates      App.         Accomodations    Fees
M WPI Frontiers,   HS Juniors and Seniors,     July 8-    April 30,    Residential on   Session I $1,995
  Worcester        ntiers             attend workshops on         20, July   2011         campus           Session II $1,550
  Polytechnic                         campus in science and       22-31                                    Includes room and
  Institute, MA                       humanities                                                           board

M WPI Launch,   HS Freshmen and             Aug. 8-    June 15,     Commuter only    $495
  Worcester        nch                Sophomores attend           12         2011
  Polytechnic                         workshops on campus
  Institute, MA                       in science, digital media
                                      and robotics

A University of    www.soe.honors.a   Summer of Excellence        June 4-    Session I:   Residential on   See Website for
  Arizona,         offers two 5 week           July 5,    May 11,      campus           detailed fee
  Tucson AZ                           sessions for                July 9-    2011                          structure.
                                      Sophomores, Juniors         Aug. 8,    Session II
                                      and Seniors with full       2012       May 25,
                                      immersion in the                       2012
                                      college experience
B Boston      Earn up to 8 college        July 1-    May 14       Residential on   $545 per credit,
  University       mer/highschool     credits in two 6 week       August     Financial    campus           program fee $450
  High School                         undergraduate courses       10         aid: April                    Room and Board:
  Honors                              open to rising juniors                 20.                           $2,026 or $2,196
                                      and seniors

B Boston      Rising seniors pursue       July 1-    May 14,      Residential on   Tuition: $3,600
  University       mer/highschool     scientific research         August     2011         campus           Program fee $450
  Research                            under guidance of           10                                       Room and Board
  Internship                          faculty mentor. Six                                                  $2,026 or $2,196
                                      week program
B Boston      Sophomores, Juniors         Various    Open Until   Residential on   $3,260
  University       mer/highschool     and seniors explore 2       dates,     program is   campus
  Summer                              subjects and preview        June 17    filled
  Challenge                           college life. 2 week        through
                                      program                     Aug. 3
    Summer           National Society for         Various dates     See website   Residential   Varies about
    Institute for the                             Gifted and Talented          depending on                                  $4,300 for
    Gifted                                        program immersion in         Campus see                                    residential
    Multiple                                      academic programs            website
A   Embry-Riddle        http://www.pathwaystosc   Aerospace, computer and      Various dates,    See           Residential   $1,050
    Aeronautical   electrical engineering and   depending of      Website                     inclusive, or
    University,         p?sort=SUM-               flight exploration           program                                       $1,950
    Prescott AZ         EmbryRiddle-STEM          programs. Six days                                                         inclusive for
C   University of       www.summer.uchicago.e     Summer Language              Various           May 2,        Residential   Varies, see
    Chicago             du                        program, Academic            beginning June    2011                        website or
                                                  programs, 3 weeks up to 9    20 through                                    brochure
                                                  weeks                        August 26.
N   Phillips Exeter     Upper School 5 week          July 3 – August   See           Residential   See Website
    Academy, New                                  program includes             6, 2011           Website
    Hampshire                                     academics, athletics and
                                                  performing arts. Also
                                                  offered: SAT test prep.
  Carleton         Summer writing program,      depending on
M College,              er                        liberal arts and science     program.          See website   Residential   See Website
  Minnesota                                       programs                     Beginning July
                                                                               7 to August 3
J   Junior State of        Rigorous academic            Various           April 27      Residential   $4,500
    America, JSA,                                 program with AP courses      depending on
    various                                       in History, government.      campus

S   Summer Study     Enrichment classes and       Colorado: July    See           Residential   Colorado:
    University of       m                         workshops, and               9-29              Website                     $3,995
    Colorado-                                     recreation opportunities,    Vermont: July                                 Vermont:
    Boulder,                                      off campus activities.       3-30                                          $4,795
    University of                                 College credit courses in    Penn State:                                   Penn State:
    Vermont, Penn                                 Vermont                      Various                                       Various
S   Summer               www.summerdiscovery.c         Enrichment classes and      Various           See website   Residential     Various
    Discovery            om                            college credit classes.     depending on                                    depending on
    At 7 campuses                                      Topics vary depending on    campus. 2 -6                                    campus
    in US and 6                                        campus.                     week programs
F   FIDM-3 Days      Explore careers in          Various           See website   Commuter        $250
    of Fashion in        and+Events/Prospective+       fashion, participate in     Depending on
    California           Student+Events/3+Days+        workshops and learn to      campus: San
                         of+Fashion/                   sketch the fashion figure   Francisco, Los
                                                                                   Angeles, San
                                                                                   Diego, Orange
B   UC Berkeley                                Academic Talent
                                               June 20-July 29   March 5       commuter        $530-870
    ATDP                 bout/sd/              Development program
                                               offers classes in Latin,
                                               algebra, AP courses and
                                               more in 6 week courses.
S   Washington           www.summerscholars.wu High School Summer                  Various, see      See website   Residential     See website
    University in               Scholars program offers             website
    St. Louis                                  academic classes, while
                                               Summer Institute offers
                                               enrichment classes.

M Northfield Mount         http://www.nmhscho         Offers college prep courses, ESL    Various,   See     Residential   See website
  Herman-                      and a contemporary dance            see        websi
  Massachusetts                                       program.                            website    te
L Landmark                  2 week transition to college        Oregon     See     Residential   See Website
  College, Vermont                                    program for college bound seniors   July 10-   websi
  and Southern                                        and 3 week program for juniors      30,        te
  Oregon                                              offers full immersion in campus     Vermont
  University                                          living and learning to help build   July 17-
                                                      study skills and self awareness.    July 30

Y   Yosemite Institute     www.yosemitefieldr         Academic enrichment opportunity     July 30-   See     Residential   See website
    Field Research          for high school students with a          August       websi
                                            passion for exploration, science         12           te
                                            and adventure.
S   Stanford           http://summer.stanfo Students take challenging college        June 18-     May      Residential   See website
                           level courses; college credit may        August       23       and
                                            be earned and transferred to other       14                    commuter
                                            colleges or universities. Program
                                            is directed at rising Seniors.
                                            Selective application process
C   University of      www.summer@usc. One Week Marine Science study                 various      May      Residential   See website
    Southern           edu                  on Catalina Island for women                          11
    California, USC                         only, 2 week college preview
                                            camps and 4 week college credit
                                            courses on the USC campus.
N   Cornell, New       www.summercollege 3 and 6 week programs at an Ivy             June 25-     See   Residential      See website
    York              League university. Take courses          August       Websi
                                            in Architecture, Business, Film,         9            te
                                            Medicine, Psychology, Animal
                                            Science and more.

S Summerfuel, The           www.asaprograms     Enrichment camps at UC                 Various       See          Residential   $3,995-6,395
  College Experience        .com                Berkeley and Amherst,                  beginning     Website
                                                Leadership camps at Yale and           July 3
                                                Stanford, Admissions Prep at UC
                                                Berkeley, Columbia and Tufts
C Berkeley Summer           http://summer.ber   Take college courses at the 1-99       Various       February     Commuter      Fees for
  Sessions                  level with college students and        May 23 –      15                         visiting
                                                earn college credit. Classes are       August                                   college
                                                offered in over 80 academic            12                                       student unit,
                                                disciplines                                                                     enrollment
M Smith Summer Science    Selective summer program with          July 3-30     May 1        Residential   $4,850
  and Engineering           ep                  classes in science, engineering
  program for Girls                             and medicine at one of the top
                                                rated liberal arts colleges in the
C COSMOS, California     Selective summer science and           Various,      See          Residential   $2,675
    State Summer School for smos              math programs with labs, field          see        Website
    Mathematics and                           activities, lectures and                website
    Science at UC campuses                    discussions at UC Davis, Santa
                                              Cruz, Irvine and San Diego.
N Barnard College of Summer program offers pre-               One to 4   See           Residential     See website
  Columbia University in    pcp               college courses and opportunities       week       website
  New York                                    to explore New York City with           courses
                                              classes such as Masterpieces of
                                              Art in NYC and Architecture in
C Architecture Summer       www.arch.calpoly. Intensive, 4 week in depth view         June 19-   See           Residential     See Website
  Career Workshop, Cal      edu/programs/sum of Careers in Architecture.              July 15,   Website
  Poly San Luis Obispo      mer-career.html   Includes studio exercises,              or June
                                              projects and field trips.               26-July

m Harvard              Take college courses for               June     See website     Residential or $9,900
  Secondary                                      credit, such as Neurobiology,          27-                      commuter
  School                                         acting workshop and                    August
  Program,                                       Multivariable calculus.                13
  Cambridge ,MA                                  Participate in renowned
                                                 Summer Seminars
    Boston College    Talented and Motivated                 June     See website     Residential      See
    Summer           /?9gtype=search&9gkw=su     rising seniors with                    27-                                       Website
    Experience,      mmer%20college&9gad=923     outstanding academic records           August
    Boston MA        6945931.1&9gpla=&9gag=25977 are immersed in the college            5
                     09651&gclid=CPyoy-          experience taking college
                     7B7q0CFQVwhwodsA7Tsw        level courses.

S   Savannah               5 week residential program       June    See website      residential
    College of Art                                    that awards college credit to     23-July
    and Design                                        rising high school seniors        28,
                                                      who are ready for a pre-          2012
                                                      college experience.
    US Arts and        Website          Description                Dates      App. Deadline           Accommodation     Fees
    Music                                                                                             s
O   Otis College     4 week program             Month      See website             On campus for     Tuition:
    of Art and                          Summer of Art for ages     of July                            non-comuting      $2,811
    Design, Los                         15 and older. Rigorous                                        students          excluding
    Angeles, CA                         total immersion                                                                 housing,
                                        program with studies in                                                         supplies and
                                        digital media, graphic                                                          pocket
                                        design, animation and                                                           money.
p   Pratt Institute,   Pre-college 4 week         July 5-    March 15                Residential at    Tuition:
    Brooklyn, NY       prostudies       program offering           July 29,   Scholarship deadline,   Brooklyn campus   $2,775
                                        classes in art, design,    2011       April 1 application                       Housing:
                                        architecture, creative                deadline                                  $792
                                        writing, construction                                                           Meals
                                        mgt. and more at 4                                                              $675
                                        locations around NYC.
A   American     Campuses in Los            July 5-    When program is full    Commute only      $1,400
    Academy of         youth/           Angeles. 3 week            July 22
    Dramatic Arts                       summer intensive
S   San Jose State    Summer in the City         June 19-   When program is full    Commuter or       Commuter:
    Summer               Summer Music Camp          June 25                            Residential       $350,
    Music camp                          for Middle School and                                                           Residential:
                                        High school Students.                                                           $595
                                        Students participate in
                                        Concert Band,
                                        Orchestra or Choir with
                                        Master classes and
                                        private lessons
B   Explore     Known for it’s             See        See website             Residential       See website
    Berklee            mmer             diversity of study         website
    Summer                              options, world-class
    Programs                            Berklee faculty,
                                        visiting artists, and
                                        state of the arts
                                        facilities, “five-weeks”
                                        is the premier
                                        contemporary music
                                        summer program for
                                        young musicians.
U.S. Art Programs and music

  US Arts and Music       Website              Description                        Dates      App.        Accommodations Fees
  Programs                                                                                   Deadline
N New York Film      1 to 6 week camps in               Various    See         Residential    See
  Academy, New York,      mer_camp             Filmmaking, acting for film,                  website                    website
  Hollywood, Harvard,                          musical theatre, 3-D
  Disney-Florida.                              animation, screenwriting,
                                               video game design, editing
                                               and digital filmmaking, and
                                               broadcast journalism
C Musicians Institute,           Summer Shot summer camp            Various    May 20,   commuter         $1,150 to
  College of                                   offers intensive one week                     June 1                     1,550
  Contemporary Music,                          programs in Performance,                      depending                  depending
  Hollywood, CA                                Recording, Songwriting and                    on                         on
                                               Guitar Building. Includes                     program                    program
                                               private lessons, labs, and
C California College of   Earn 3 units of college credits    June 27-   See         Commuter and   $2,750
  the Arts, Oakland, CA   lege                 in Animation, Architecture,        July 22    Website     residential    excluding
                                               Graphic Design, Jewelry,                                                 housing
                                               Sculpture, Digital
                                               Photography and more.
C California State      Highly competitive program         July 9-    February    Residential    $1,550
  Summer School for                            for artistically talented youth.   August 5   28
  the Arts, Valencia, CA                       Rigorous Pre-professional
                                               training program in the visual
                                               and performing arts, creative
                                               writing, animation and film.
   Student Conservation       Offers nationwide, tuition-        Various    Rotating,   Residential    Tuition
   Association                                 free 2-5 week summer                          see                        Free
                                               opportunities to work in                      website
                                               back-country, parks and
                                               forests. Learn conservation
                                               and outdoor skills.
  International   Website            Description                                    Program     Application   Accommodatio         Fees
  Programs                                                                          Dates       Deadline      ns
  Oxford       Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in a          July 12-    See Website   Residential on       See
E Advanced        uk                 challenging academic curriculum, at the        August 5                  campus               Website
  Studies,                           UK’s Oldest University
  Global Works-   www.globalw        Cultural exchange, language immersion, and                 See website   Residential          See
  travel with a     service programs in Australia, Fiji, China,                                                   Website-
  purpose                            Costa Rica, France, Spain and more.
  Summerfuel      www.summerf        Residential, Home stay and enrichment          Various   See website     Residential, or      See
  Study abroad            programs with cultural immersion in Spain,     depending                 Homestay             website
  and U.S.                           Italy and England. College programs at Yale,   on
  college                            Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia and more.         program
  Experiment in   www.experim        Cultural immersion living with host family.    4-5 weeks   See website   Homestay             See
  International   entinternatioan    Students engage in language training, arts     in June                                        website
  Living,800-         exploration, community service, eco-           and July
                  345-2929           adventure.
  Visions         www.visionser      Offers hands on service work in                3-4 weeks   April 1       Residential          $3,900 –
  Service         viceadventures     construction, environmental and agricultural   in June,                                       4,900
  Adventures      .com               work, and day camps for children. Students     July and
                                     live together in a host community. Programs    August
                                     in Central and south America, Vietnam,
                                     Dominica, and more.
  LPO Learning    www.lpiabroa       Language immersion programs with cultural      Varies,   See website     Homestay             $3,300-
  programs              excursions in Mexico, Spain, France, Italy,    depending                                      $4,900
  International                      Central and South America. Students stay       on
                                     with local families.                           location

   International      Website          Description                             Program   Application      Accommodatio      Fees
   Programs                                                                    Dates     Deadline         ns
   Tasis Schools in     Language, Academic and                  See       See Website      Residential       See Website
   Europe             m                Enrichment Courses in Switzerland,      Website
                                       England, Spain and France.
                            Students in England and
                            Switzerland will stay at the Tasis
                            American Schools.
YFU-Youth for    www.yfu-   Student exchange program offers        See       See website   Home stay     See website
Understanding    cultural immersion with local          website
                            families in over 40 locations around
                            the world
New Zealand-     www.nmhsch New Zealand summer abroad              See       See website   Residential   See website
Northfield Mount    explores local culture through         website
Herman Summer               hiking, kayaking and biking.
Abroad program

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