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									Planning Your Family Vacation in New Mexico

Brief Description: If you want to take the family on a vacation they will never forget this summer,
explore the beautiful history of New Mexico. This article suggests all of the different adventures that
this state holds, and why vacationing there could be your best decision of the year.

If you are interested in planning a summer family vacation that you will never forget, try exploring the
beautiful landscape and rich history of New Mexico. This state has adventure to offer around every
corner, and can provide opportunities that you will not want to miss.

Whether you are looking for historical museums, classic western landscapes, Native American culture,
biking and hiking in the beauty of nature or more, this state has it all. With incredible cities like Santa Fe
and Albuquerque to explore, you will never run out of things to see.

Great Things to See in Albuquerque

                                           Albuquerque hotels boast to be the most beautiful for you to
                                           enjoy, including something for every budget. You will have no
                                           trouble finding a hotel that is suitable for either a romantic
                                           getaway, or a trip with the whole family.

                                            Whether you want to experience an active vacation in nature
                                           with friends, a romantic getaway in the old west, or an
                                           educational trip for the family, this is the place for you. This
                                           state offers some of the most beautiful ancient dwellings that
                                           history can provide.

                                           Sheer-walled canyons, clay top mesas, and ancient cliff
                                           dwellings give purpose to Bandelier National Monument, a
                                           twenty three thousand acre archeological site with a window
                                           on the past. You could spend days exploring the beauties of
                                           this historical landscape.

A one mile interpretive trail leads visitors through the carved out Cliffside rooms, ceremonial caves, and
kivas. There are seventy miles of rich land available for exploring on foot, bike, etc.

The best-known archeological sites in these beautiful canyons were inhabited from the 1100s into the
mid-1500s. Hiking is the very best way to absorb the cultural connectivity with the earth.

Fun for All Ages
There is a range of activities available for people of all ages, including things to keep the kids busy and
happy. On weekends during the summer, cultural demonstrations are conducted that are both
entertaining and educational.
Watch history come to live in front of your eyes, as you see demonstrations of pottery, basket making,
beadwork, embroidery, dance, drums, turkey feather blankets, and jewelry. This rich setting is definitely
worth spending a few days of vacation.

If you want a place that will keep the kids happy for a day, be sure to check out the Santa Fe Children’s
Museum. Activities include a climbing wall, bubble making, pulley power, waterworks, face painting,
interactive work/play stations and a greenhouse, friendly animals, stage area, and a one-acre outdoor
play area.

Spend a day with musicians, puppeteers, magicians, storytellers, and actors waiting to offer live
performances and entertainment. Professional artists guide children through hands-on activities in the
visual or performing arts, often incorporating recycled and found objects into their work.

Plan a day at the museum, and allow your children to explore and be creative. Keeping the kids busy and
happy will make your vacation much more fun as well!

The last attraction we will discuss is the Museum of International
Folk Art. This museum is one of the best museums in the country,
and boasts the world's largest collection of cross-cultural traditional
folk art from dolls, puppets, and masks to textiles, ceramics, and
Spanish colonial folk art.

You will be able to experience and enjoy different forms of music,
art, drama, dance, storytelling, and more representing over one
hundred different countries around the world. Displays are hands-
on, and oriented for families.

Children and the young at heart will enjoy the book and toy lounge
featuring toys that stimulate the imagination, and allow everyone
to express their creative side. This museum can easily hold days of
exploration and entertainment, no matter what you are interested

If you want a taste of the genuine old west, New Mexico is a state that you will remember for the rest of
your life. The haunting backdrop will take your breath away, and leave you wanting to explore every
inch of it.

Grab your bikes, running shoes, or 4-wheelers, and book your vacation to this expansive state. Be sure
to find a comfortable place to rest from your day’s activities, and check out some of the delicious
cooking that is native to this setting.

Today is the perfect day to book your Albuquerque hotel for summer vacation with the family. Be sure
to check out some of the places mentioned in this article, and spend your week allowing yourself to be
transported to the Wild West.

Photo Credit: Brian Couch Jr, Michael Connell

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