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									National Centre for Excellence
Mathematics and Science
Teaching and Learning


Prof. J. O’Donoghue
Dr. G. McClelland
NCE-MSTL – Overall Vision

  To transform teaching and
  learning in science and
  mathematics by:
• Conducting best practice research into teaching and
  learning in maths and science
• Collaborating and sharing information with all
  universities and IT’s – key requirement
• Provision of advice to the sector – key activity
Distributed Centre

University of Limerick is lead institution

Supported by centres of expertise which already
exist in

Success depends on a coordinated effort from all
Consortium institutions
• Administrator:- Helen Fitzgerald
• Liaison Officer:- Michelle Starr
• Senior Projects Officers
   – Biological Sciences: Maeve Liston
   – Mathematics: Máire Ní Ríordáin
   – Physical Sciences: Jennifer Johnston
• Projects Officers
   – Biological Sciences: Joanne Broggy
   – Mathematics: Miriam Liston
   – Physical Sciences: Sarah Hayes
Background 1 –
Teacher Education in UL
• BSc(Ed) Biological Sciences

• BSc(Ed) Physical Science

• BSc Physical Education
   • PE with elective in Mathematics
   • Junior and Senior Mathematics

• 4 Year Honours Degree with concurrent Teacher
Background 2 - Academic Staff

• Mathematics – John O’Donoghue

• Physics – George McClelland

• Chemistry – Peter Childs

• Life Sciences – Frank McGourty
Background 3 - Research
• Science Education
  – Active research in
      • Physics – 3 postgraduates
      • Chemistry – 4 postgraduates
      • Life Sciences 3 postgraduates

• CAMET Ireland (
  – Biggest active centre for Mathematics Education research
  – Currently 15 postgraduate students

• Recognised as world-class
  Stepping Stones
Idea for National Centre in early 1990s
   Founding of UL – incorporation of Thomond College
• Proposal made to Minister in 1999
• Learner Support infrastructure developed
   Mathematics Learning Centre - 2000
   Science Learning Centre - 2003
   Regional Centre for Excellence in Mathematics
    Teaching and Learning 2007
   Regional Centre for Science Teaching and Learning -
Learning Centres
• Website:-
• Manager – Dr. Olivia Gill
• Director – Prof. John O’Donoghue
• Website:-
• Manager – Mr. Barry Fitzgerald
• Director – Dr. G. McClelland
Regional Centres:-
    Mathematics (CEMTL)
        Science (RCSTL)
• HEA funding – SIF Cycle 1 (3 years)
• Regionalisation of learner support
• T & L materials on-line
• Innovative pedagogies
  – Peer Learning, Primary Science
• Websites:-
• Culmination of developing vision
• Recognises the urgent need for initiatives to
    address the crisis in these subjects
•   Acknowledgement by Government of the
    importance of teaching and learning of
    mathematics and science to the economic, social
    and cultural future of this country.
National ?
• The NCE-MSTL will encourage stakeholders to
  become involved, including
  –   Teachers
  –   Academics
  –   Industry
  –   Government bodies
• Extensive outreach and networking
  – Research linkages
  – Delivery of CPD
  – Exchange of ideas
Themes 1 - Resources
• Establish a physical presence in all partner institutions
• Establish a major physical presence in UL
   –   Dedicated teaching space
   –   Exhibition/display area
   –   Resource Centre
   –   Accommodation for administrative and research staff
   –   Laboratory (state-of-the-art second level)
• Establish the NCE-MSTL website
   – National facility.
   – locus of resources, support and innovation for mathematics and
     science educators and students.
• Repository for T & L resources in each institution and,
  accessible nationally, on the website.
Themes 2 - Research
• Relevant projects in Science and Mathematics
• Extensive publication and dissemination of research
• Review international research and translate into practice
• Level of research activity will
   – require at least 10-15 PhD completions
   – generate at least 20-25 refereed publications, 3 Annual Reports,
     published proceedings of International Symposium, and
     extensive T & L materials in electronic and print media.
Themes 3 - CPD

Design, inform, advise on, and deliver:-

Nationally recognised courses and nationally
  accessible routes for
  – top-up qualifications
  – qualification of out-of-area teachers of mathematics
    and/or science
Themes 4 - Liaison
Full-time Liaison Officer to (inter alia)
• Liaise with industry, schools, the VECs, the HEA, the Consortium partners,
    academic departments, and 3rd level institutions nationwide
•   Seek and pursue sources of funding for NCE-MSTL activities
•   Devise and implement activities aimed at popularising and promoting
    mathematics and science
•   Plan, prepare and source exhibits and display material for mathematics and
    science, including travelling exhibits and roadshows
•   Organise, run and participate in programmes of schools visits
•   Play a major role in the organisation and running of activities for teachers
    and students
•   Build a network of careers guidance teachers
     – developments in mathematics and science based careers
We acknowledge the support already provided by

• Senior Management in UL
• The Faculty of Science and Engineering in UL,
  particularly the Departments of
      Mathematics and Statistics
      Chemical and Environmental Science
      Life Sciences
      Physics
• The Shannon Consortium
• The Centre for Teaching and Learning in UL
• The Department of Education and Science and the HEA

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