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					                            THANET 2 MANAGEMENT BOARD MEETING
                      held at Ellington School for Girls, Pysons Road, Ramsgate
                             Tuesday 6 November 2007 8:30am – 11am

                Present:        Sara Woodward – LEO, Sharon Irvine (Chair),
                                Di Holland, Chris Humphreys, Ian Johnson,
                                Jane Bennett, Richard Edey, Jenny Jones,
                                Martyn Doole, Nedine Watson-Cutts
                                Jo Marsh (minutes)

1.   Welcome           1.1 SI welcomed all present. Additional members welcomed to the
     and               meeting, Martyn Doole, AEO, Nedine Watson-Cutts, Joint Commissioning
     introductions     Officer, and Jenny Jones, PEP Head.

2.   Cluster                 SW presented a summary of the Cluster Development Plan and the
     Development              budget allocated to date to the members. IJ thanked SW for all of
     Plan and                 her hard work preparing the document.
     Summary of        2.1 Being Healthy
     priorities for         Dane Court, Marlowe Academy and 1 x Primary School to achieve
     2007-08                  Healthy Schools accreditation shortly. ¾ of all Thanet 2 schools
                              accredited, i.e. 19 out of 28 schools in the Cluster. The official
                              target is 100% schools to be accredited by March 2008, although
                              SW tentatively proposed 100% accreditation by July 2008, (subject
                              to QUAG – quality assurance group discussions next week).
                            The Healthy Schools Thanet Gazette article was mentioned, as
                              seemed only to promote the success of Thanet 1 schools in this
                              campaign and not the county as a whole. SW informed the
                              members that this piece had been driven by Carol Healy. SI to
                              chase the Gazette re. a follow up article to redress the balance.       SI
                            Walk on Wednesday (WoW). SW stated that this initiative was
                              started at Birchington, spreading to Th1, and now Th2. Some
                              schools were concerned about the administration, 100% of all
                              primaries involved. SI stated that some schools had issues, as
                              younger children were not able to chose their own means of travel
                              to school, and so were being penalised unfairly (i.e. unable to claim
                              badges etc). However, the general feedback was very positive as
                              children were making the effort to walk and hence reducing the
                              amount of congestion around the school at peak times. IJ
                              suggested taking this initiative to secondary schools. SW agreed,
                              and will raise with LG. If children unable to walk all the way to       SW
                              school, are asking parents to park elsewhere and walking the last
                              segment of the journey, ‘Park and Stride’.
                            SW stated that Thanet 2 now has a school nurse, Suzanne Frewin-
                              Clarke, and that the gaps at primary school level now have to be
                              addressed. The Occupational Therapy scheme (OTIS) piloted in
                              Newington Nursery and Infant School last year looked at children
                              with attention difficulties, fidgeting, and broader issues such as
                              using knives and forks. SW & LG have met to discuss the project
                              with the OT service, and a further meeting is imminent, looking at      SW
                              the overall menu and costings. *Stone Bay & Foreland would like
                              to be included in this project.
                            Substance Misuse. RE suggested this issue needs to be
                              considered in terms of the pupils and also teachers.
                            Emotional Health. SW mentioned SEAL, Social and Emotional
                              Aspects of Learning. SI interjected that some schools may not use
                              SEAL, but have other emotional learning programmes in place.
                              Newington, Newlands, Dame Janet have developed, as part of the
                              Excellence Cluster experience. SW reiterated that schools need to

J Williams/Thanet 2 Management Board, 13.9.2007                                              1/7
                              share these learning patterns.
                             Mental Health. Barbara Salter is able to come to Cluster Based
                              Reviews, and can identify if a child has been referred. IJ stated
                              that The Marlowe has been successfully using Canterbury Trainee
                              Nurses to help with demands in school.
                           Breakfast Clubs. SW stated that 16 out of 17 primary schools in
                              Thanet 2 have a breakfast club, and were now looking at extending
                              the provision in secondary schools.
                           Out of School Provisions. SW spoke of the plan (this year and into
                              2008) to look at out of school provision for after school and during
                              the holidays. Target is 200-250 additional after school places (of
                              which St Peters have 30 places) in Thanet 2. For children under
                              8yrs in care over 2hrs a day, this would be registered with
                              OFSTED. Main target is to look at provision to 5:30pm-6pm, so
                              that parents are able to work. SW highlighted that this was a very
                              challenging target. SI stated that Lisa Thompson (Childcare
                              Development Officer) was going to talk to HTs about this issue at
                              the next Cluster Headteachers meeting. SW to set this up. IJ stated     SW
                              that there is money available to fund this.
                           Teenage Pregnancy. Target for each secondary school to
                              nominate a teacher to undertake training to become PSHE
                              accredited. Suzanne Frewin-Clarke can train teachers as a group.
                              At primary SRE Body Board project allocated £2k of Healthy
                              Schools funding. SI interjected that this was a Cluster initiative,
                              and so all schools should be involved.
                      2.2 Stay Safe
                           100% whole school child protection training planned. It would be
                              useful to identify a number of DCPCs to be trained as trainers.
                              Pam Ashworth (Foreland) & Derek Whitfield (Stone Bay) currently
                           SW reflected that there were multi-agency intervention
                              programmes in operation; PIP in Thanet 1, where all but 6 schools
                              have access, but in Thanet 2, 5 schools have access and 12
                              school don’t. This was not even coverage.
                      - JB joined the meeting.
                           SW discussed E safety training in primary and secondary schools.
                              JS stated that the ICT Strategy Group have produced a leaflet for
                              children. It was agreed that the “Safe Cluster” accreditation
                              framework requires a lot of funding to support it. SW mentioned
                              the need to reduce fear of bullying and sense of community safety.
                              The numbers of foreign language speakers was increasing, leading
                              to the need to monitor racial incidents and to support minority
                      - NWC joined the meeting.
                      2.3 Enjoy & Achieve
                           Gifted & Talented. JJ to give update later in the meeting.
                           ICT promotion. SW stated the budget is just under £70K for Hands
                              on Support.
                           Quality of transition days. SW to take to next Th2 meeting to seek
                              agreement, asking IJ to prepare a short piece in terms of good
                              practice, on the success of the programme in Marlowe Academy.
                              SI added that St Georges offered 2 days last year, JB stated that
                              Ellington did a week for vulnerable children and 2 days for other
                              children. SI & IJ agreed this was a Cluster Development Group           SW
                              issue, to be incorporated in Cluster Action Plan.
                           SI asked the members how to ensure all schools aware of Cluster
                              targets, and enforce ownership of these targets. SW to draw
                              targets out of Plan and produce a bullet point sheet to present to at   SW
J Williams/Thanet 2 Management Board, 13.9.2007                                              2/7
                              primary and secondary HT meetings.
                             SI thanked SW for all of her hard work to date.

                      2.4 Make a positive contribution
                      2.5 Achieve economic wellbeing
                           2.4 & 2.5 unfortunately missing due to a technical error on SW’s
                             laptop – to follow shortly.
                      2.6 School leadership development
                           JJ to cover later in meeting.

3.   Children’s             NWC introduced herself and the purpose of her role. As Joint
     Trusts – local          Commissioning Officer she has been tasked to support Thanet &
     delivery                Dover LEOs and the partner agencies (Health, Social Services,
     model                   District Council) to plan and development the implementation of
                             Children’s Trusts.
                      3.0 Children’s Trusts
                           NWC handed out a framework of the proposals for discussion.
                           Thanet Childrens Consortium is developing a 3 year preventative
                             strategy regarding vulnerable children (0-18yrs, early years,
                             primary, secondary, NEETS). CT are being set up to benefit the
                             needs of vulnerable children.
                           Local Children’s Trust arrangements all stem from 2004 Children’s
                             Act, so are driven by legislation and not political influence.
                           There will be a general Kent Childrens Trust Board at County level,
                             and at local level local agreements need to be set up.
                           There will be 2 Partnerships, reflecting the existing arrangements
                             of Thanet 1 & Thanet 2. IJ questioned the decision to have two
                             partnerships, as opposed to one and a discussion followed. IJ
                             asked if this decision had been made using a democratic process.
                             MD interjected that the decision process had been a lengthy one,
                             and had been made at County level, and not local level so far. MD     MD &
                             & NWC will report back to the board how this decision reached.        NWC
                             NWC added that the purpose of the framework was to determine
                             local priorities. MD stated that any CT structure arrangement would
                             have to have some elements of cross-cutting arrangements.
                           Thanet 1 & 2 Partnership Working Group comprises of Chairs of
                             Cluster Management Boards, LEOS, Brendon Ryan (Council), 3
                             representatives from Health, the Joint Development Manager, 1
                             representative from the Police and NWC. The working group have
                             had one meeting so far to try and determine the framework and
                             priorities. The aim is to develop the Children’s & Young Persons
                             Plan by January 2008. JB questioned the representation of
                             secondary schools on this board. NWC added that the views of the
                             Thanet 2 Cluster Management Board should be fed through SW &
                             SI to this Working Group.
                           NWC stated that the CT arrangements have to be up and running
                             by September 2008, (although no voluntary agencies have been
                             included in the process as yet).
                           SW added that current Cluster arrangements allowed for
                             duplication of work across the district, if the new CT model could
                             eradicate these inefficiencies, Thanet working practices would be
                           SW & SI confirmed that LP would take views of the board members
                             to Th2 HT meeting on 20 Nov.
                           JB added that there needed to be a fundamental review of funding,
                             looking at where the needs were. Some budgets were inequitably
                             funded at present.
                           SI asked if there would be 1 or 2 Children & Young Persons Plan.
J Williams/Thanet 2 Management Board, 13.9.2007                                           3/7
                              NWC responded that it made sense to have 1, but there may be a
                              need for 2. SW added that different areas had different priorities,
                              suggesting 1 Plan with certain variable priorities, where the majority
                              of priorities would be common. SW handed out Mosaic Analysis
                              document and ECM outcome framework, which were both sources
                              on information being used to draw up the C & YP Plan.
                      3.1 Children’s Centres
                           NWC identified that Thanet 2 had 4 Children’s Centres; Newlands,
                              Newington, Priory Infant, & Callis Grange.
                           There is currently 1 Children’s Centre Manager managing 2
                              centres, with 0.5 qualified teacher attached to them.
                           The centres reflect the numbers of children in the area, hence
                              Thanet 1 has more centres, to service a more dense population.
                           IJ expressed frustrations that the data available (Mosaic Report),
                              doesn’t accurately reflect the situation across Thanet. NWC stated
                              that there will be more detailed data available at a local level.
                           SW interjected that Ann Nerva has provided Social Services
                              indicators which are very useful; of Thanet looked after children,
                              Thanet offers provision to 90% of children.
                           SI thanked NWC for a very helpful discussion.
                      - NWC leaves the meeting.
                      3.1 Portal House Relocation to Newington Site (Martyn Doole)
                           MD led discussion re. the existing proposals, as wanted to flag the
                              issues early with the members. Portal House is a special school
                              currently located at St Margaret’s at Cliff Primary School. Both
                              schools currently coexist very well on the same site, but new
                              directives mean that special schools have to take secondary school
                              age children, inflating current numbers from 35 – 65/70 pupils. The
                              existing site is too small and too compact to accommodate these
                           MD stated that there were no objections to these proposals until a
                              ludicrous article appeared in the papers, stating that ’60 of the
                              worst yobs in society would be dumped on the Newington Estate’.
                              This statement is totally untrue; Portal House is a very good special
                              school, achieving consistent success at OFSTED. Children that
                              attend are not excluded children, but simply need specialist
                              support. Understandably, local opinion is building against the
                              proposal since the article.
                           This is a sensible solution, not an easy option. King Ethelbert’s
                              was nominated, but there were too many building restraints to
                              make it a viable.
                           Will go to public consultation shortly, a statutory requirement for a
                              special school that is moving more than 2 miles from its original
                           There is a 2009 implementation date, with funding coming through
                              BSF programme.
                           RE supported the move, knowing of Portal Houses’ excellent
                              reputation, stating that the school would be a valuable asset to
                           SI asked if the members supported the venture; support was
                              unanimous. MD to bring consultation document to the next                 MD
                              meeting for discussion.
                      3.2 Ellington & Hereson
                           MD handed out a leaflet regarding the proposal to amalgamate the
                              two schools. Public consultation started on 05 Nov, and will
                              continue until 19 Dec 2007. On 20 Nov there will be a public
                              meeting at the Thanet Skills Studio.
                           Both very good schools but do not have projected pupil number
J Williams/Thanet 2 Management Board, 13.9.2007                                               4/7
                             sustainability. This issue has arisen due to; falling rolls in
                             secondary sector, pattern of pupil migration across Thanet,
                             grammar schools taking from a wider catchment area. Ellington &
                             Hereson have unfortunately taking the biggest knock; Ellington
                             School was built to accommodate 600 children, now has 400.
                          Both single sex schools will have issues of losing this provision, but
                             would retain elements of this in the amalgamated school.
                          Both HTs support the venture and have written to the parents.
                          The 6 week evaluation process will incorporate the views of the
                             parents, others parties involved, and the Cluster Board. MD will
                             therefore be asking for the Cluster board’s official view. He would
                             like to raise at the next HTs meeting on 13 Nov, but is currently
                             unable to attend this meeting due to other commitments.
                          SI will take issue to primary and secondary HTs and report back to         SI
                             MD with their views.
                          MD to report back to the board at the end of the consultation             MD
                             process on 10 Jan 08.
                          IJ handed MD his completed feedback form, offering his support for
                             the proposals.
                      -DH leaves the meeting.
4.     P
     For Decision     4.1 Report on Minority Ethnic Pupils and those with English as an
                      additional language.
                           SW handed out Overcoming Barriers to Learning document and
                              Action Plan.
                           SW currently has an under-spend of just under £5k, she suggested
                              additional TA support in schools and would open negotiations if
                           There is a marked increase in minority ethnic pupils in Thanet 1 –
                              protocols needed on hard to place Yr 11 admissions.
                           SI stated that all members in favour of the suggestion.
                           SW continued that Stella Dadzie was doing a day at Hartsdown on
                              equality and diversity training, perhaps the event could be match
                              funded? JB & IJ disagreed, JB suggested Hartsdown inviting other
                              schools along.
                           SW to have a meeting with UB, re. consultation as to the best way
                              to spend these funds.                                                  SW
                      4.2 Looked After Children – Vulnerable Children Grant funding & Cluster
                           SW stated that £70k had been devolved to schools over the past
                              two years in LAC funding to raise the educational achievement of
                              looked after children. Nick Ireland produced a report on how
                              schools spent their funding. The report is centred around a holistic
                              approach to LAC, based on various targets.
                           The cluster is being measure on the outcomes for Kent LAC as part
                              of the L-PSA2 target. Still awaiting outcome data for results in
                              2006 and 2007.
                           A further £22.5k is available to the cluster this year.
                           There are 170 LAC in Thanet 2 (approximately half Kent & half out
                              of county children).
                           SW explained how the funding had been allocated to schools to
                              date – on the basis of all LAC. Given that the funding had now
                              reduced it might be more appropriate to target Kent LAC only.
                           Board members opted to retain the model used to date, of
                              allocating funding on the basis of all LAC in schools.
                           SW stated that other schools have; employed social workers,
                              funded TAs, spent money on resources- computers etc. SW
                              suggested weighted funding according to the number of LAC in the
J Williams/Thanet 2 Management Board, 13.9.2007                                             5/7
                               school; more for first child, less for second, on a sliding scale,
                               incorporating devolved funding to individual schools. JB agreed
                               that funding should be allocated proportionally.                          SW
                            SW asked schools to report back with their views.
                      4.3 Pivotal Leaders training – funding
                            SW explained that Canterbury Christ Church University were
                               holding middle leadership training at secondary level, lead by Dr
                               Robin Precey. SW looking at feedback to see if effective and
                               beneficial. The funding was originally £3k, RP wants to introduce a
                               second trainer, taking the required funding to £6k. SW asked if the
                               board supported the full costs of the training. SW to investigate if a
                               further £3k can be taken from the Cluster admin budget. SI agreed
                               and supported the actions on behalf of secondary heads. IJ asked          SW
                               for evaluations from primary perspective from RP.
                      4.4 In Year Fair Access protocols
                      4.5 Devolved funding for children at risk of exclusion and out of school
                      4.6 Agenda for Headteachers Meeting on Tuesday 20 November
                            SI reported that there was nothing in writing as yet.
                            SW stated that it was ideal having a points weighted table for
                               keystage 1,2,3 and 4. SW distributed a handout.
                            If a pupil is out of school and hard to place, the school with the
                               lowest points would have to take them. (IJ delighted as at present
                               he doesn’t appear on the table at all!)
                            At present the schools agree the new system in principle,
                               Governors yet to offer their support.
                            MD interjected that if a school wasn’t at full capacity they would
                               have to offer a place, but if a school was full, they may still have to
                               accommodate the child.
                            SI added that a system has to be in place to ensure a fair
                               approach. The question was asked of what support was put into a
                               school if a difficult child was taken on. SW responded that this
                               issue was on primary and secondary HT Meetings agendas.
                            IJ suggested that the closest school geographically might be a
                               better option, as the school that may have allocation may not have
                               the appropriate support mechanisms in place. He noted the data
                               did identify a huge difference through schools.
                      - IJ leaves the meeting.
5.   For              5.1 Primary Excellence Headteacher
     information/           Jenny Jones, PEP Headteacher spoke to the members.
     discussion             She has been working on an Innovation Project, to commence in
                               January 2008, working with gifted and talented leaders to develop
                               schools within the Cluster.
                            The aims are to pair people up, to provide mentoring support.
                            A pack of materials is being developed to give to leaders at the end
                               of the project, for them to take back into the schools.
                            There is £2k funding available for this project.
                            JJ very enthusiastic and keen to take this initiative forward.
                      5.2 Cluster Specialist Teaching Resources (letter to Graham Badman)
                            SW stated the need to identify specialist teacher arrangements
                               before CTs are finalised and the need to identify the funding
                            Issues are prominent, such as primary permanent exclusions in Yr3
                               & Yr 5 this year already in Thanet 2.
                            HTs are dissatisfied with the levels of funding since the move
                               towards Clusters. JB identified that her SIP, a Headteacher from
                               West Kent, receives far greater support in school than that
                               available in Thanet.

J Williams/Thanet 2 Management Board, 13.9.2007                                                 6/7
                             SI & SW to discuss later.                                            SI &
6.   Matters          6.1 Management Board meeting on Tuesday 2 October
     Arising from           Parenting and literacy. There is potentially £20k available. IJ has
                              already done work with Roger De Haan. SW stated that Marisa
                              White would match fund.
                      6.2 Headteachers meeting on 9 October
                            Reception Entry Guidance. SW expecting a letter from Ian Craig to
                            The meeting with GB has been deferred, as not needed now.
7.                    Meeting closed at 11.00am.
                      Next Meeting Tuesday 22 January 8.30-11.00am,
                      Ellington School for Girls.

J Williams/Thanet 2 Management Board, 13.9.2007                                           7/7

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