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									  Macalester College                                                                                          t: 651-696-6128
  Academic Internship Program                                                                                 f: 651-696-6628                                                          

                                                     UPDATED FALL 2011

This resource provides ideas for potential internships based on organizations where Macalester students have interned in
 the past. However, the positions may not be currently available, and the organizations’ information may have changed.
                                      Check our website for current opportunities.

  Internship Site                             Intern Title*                                           Location      Term        Year
  180 Degrees                                 Policy Intern                                           Minneapolis   Spring      2010
  Abbott Northwestern Hospital                Joint Replacement Intern                                Minneapolis   Fall        2008
  Adams Co. Dept. of Community Programs       Independent Project                                     Friendship    January     2003
  Admission Possible                          Cognitive Development of High School Students           St. Paul      January     2004
  Alive Arts Magazine                         Editor and Designer                                     Minneapolis   Spring      2007
  Alliance of Early Childhood Professionals   Research Asst.                                          Minneapolis   Spring      2003
  Allina Hospice Homecare& Palliative Care    Allina Intern (2)                                       St. Paul      Spring      2008
  American Red Cross, Minneapolis             SAFE Coordinator                                        Minneapolis   Fall        2003
  American Red Cross, Minneapolis             Child Safety Program Intern                             Minneapolis   Fall        2003
  AMICUS                                      Reconnect Staff                                         Minneapolis   Spring      2010
  Apollo Ctr.-People, Inc.                    Psychosocial Rehab. Specialist - Creative Arts (2)      St. Paul      Spring      2003
  Arthritis Foundation                        Community Wellness Intern                               St. Paul      Fall        2007
  Athletes Committed to Educating Students    Team Leader                                             Minneapolis   Spring      2006
  Beacon                                      Therapy Intern                                          St. Paul      Summer      2000
  Bethany Convent                             Reality Orientation Intern                              St. Paul      Spring      2004
  Birds and Bees Project                      Birds and Bees Project Intern                           Minneapolis   Summer      2009
  Brain Injury Association of MN              Education Intern                                        Minneapolis   Spring      2007
  Breaking Free                               Outreach Intern                                         St. Paul      Spring      2005
  Breaking Free                               Asst. to the Housing Coordinator (2)                    St. Paul      Fall        2009
  Breakthrough St. Paul                       Breakthrough Collaborative                              St. Paul      Fall        2005
  Bristol Place                               Mental Health Worker                                    Minneapolis   Spring      2001
  Bush Memorial Children’s Ctr. &             Behavioral Assistant/Residential Counselor (6)          St. Paul      Spring      2008
  Residential Services
  Casa de Esperanza                           Direct Services/Workshop Organizer/Presenter            St. Paul      Fall        2003
  Cedar Cultural Ctr.                         Promotions/Grant Writing Intern                         Minneapolis   Summer      2007
  Ctr. for Counseling and Growth              Counseling Asst.                                        Taichung      Summer      2008
  Centro                                      Childcare/Preschool Asst.                               Minneapolis   Fall        2008
  Centro                                      Mental Health Intern (2)                                Minneapolis   Spring      2009
  Charles Dahl Group                          Recruiter (I/O Psychology)                              Minneapolis   January     2005
  Child Trends                                Child Assessor                                          Minneapolis   Fall        2008
  Children’s Defense Fund/Halleland Health    Universal Coverage for MN Children                      St. Paul      Fall        2003
  Children’s Home Society & Family Services   HIV/AIDs and International Child Welfare Intern         St. Paul      Spring      2010
  Children's Hospital                         Human Resources Intern                                  St. Paul      Spring      2003
  CLUES                                       Asst.-Elder Wellness                                    St. Paul      Spring      2006
  Common Bond Communities                     Volunteer                                               St. Paul      Spring      2010
  Community Foundations                       Mental Health Rehab Worker (4)                          St. Paul      Spring      2007
  Cupid Travels Pvt.,Ltd.                     Travel Agency Intern                                    Mumbai        January     2008
  Dakota Communities, Inc.                    Advocate                                                St. Paul      Summer      2004
  Dakota Communities, Inc.                    Personal Care Attendant                                 St. Paul      Fall        2004
Internship Site                             Intern Title*                                     Location      Term      Year
DDB [marketing/advertising]                 DDB Chicago Summer Intern                         Chicago       Summer    2005
Environment MN                              Coalition-Builder                                 Minneapolis   Spring    2008
Exploration Junior Program                  Junior Program Faculty (2)                        Norwood       Summer    2010
Exploration Senior Program                  Instructor/RA/Program Asst.                       New Haven     Summer    2010
Family and Children’s Services-Lake St.     Youth Development Intern                          Minneapolis   Spring    2010
Family Tree Clinic                          Patient Educator (8)                              St. Paul      Fall      2009
Family Tree Clinic                          Women’s Health Intern                             Minneapolis   Spring    2008
Folwell Ctr. for Urban Initiatives          Research Intern (2)                               Minneapolis   Spring    2007
Fraser Child and Family Ctr.                Personal Care Asst./HCS Member                    Minneapolis   Spring    2008
Fraser Child and Family Ctr.                Developmental Trainee (16)                        Minneapolis   Fall      2008
Fraser School                               Volunteer Intern                                  Minneapolis   Spring    2010
Free Arts MN                                Free Arts Intern (2)                              Minneapolis   Fall      2007
Green Central Elementary                    Youth and Media Intern (Lilly)                    Minneapolis   Summer    2006
Groveland Park Elementary                   Teaching Intern (4)                               St. Paul      Fall      2005
Guild Incorporated                          Activity Asst.                                    St. Paul      Spring    2008
HACER                                       Research Intern                                   Minneapolis   Fall      2008
HCMC Emergency Medicine Dept.               Research Associate                                Minneapolis   Spring    2007
Hennepin County, Dept of Correction         Probation Officer Asst.                           Minneapolis   Spring    2008
Highwood Hills Elementary                   Teaching Intern (Urban Ed.)                       St. Paul      Fall      2006
Hmong American Partnership                  Elders Program Advocate/Health and Wellness       St. Paul      Spring    2010
Hovander House                              Mental Health Practitioner                        St. Paul      Spring    2005
Howard Area Community Ctr.                  Project JAM Asst.                                 Chicago       Summer    2003
Hubert H. Humphrey Job Corps                Counseling and Coordinating Intern (4)            St. Paul      Spring    2006
Hubert H. Humphrey Job Corps                Intern/Training Employee Asst. Prog. Specialist   St. Paul      Fall      2006
Hubert H. Humphrey Job Corps                Community Psychology Intern                       St. Paul      Fall      2007
Iconoculture, Inc                           Editorial Research Intern                         Minneapolis   Summer    2008
Institute for Family Functioning            Peer Counselor                                    Tokyo         Summer    2006
Institute of Child Development              Research Asst.                                    Minneapolis   Fall      2003
Integrative Medicine and Cultural Care      Research Asst.                                    Minneapolis   Spring    2006
Interact Ctr. for the Visual & Perf. Arts   Studio Facilitator (2)                            Minneapolis   Spring    2004
International Adoption Project              Research Asst. (2)                                Minneapolis   January   2007
Jeremiah Program (St. Paul Campus)          Child Services Aide                               St. Paul      Spring    2008
Jewish Community Action                     Community Organizing Intern                       St. Paul      Spring    2006
Johnson Elementary                          VIK Program Facilitator                           St. Paul      Fall      2005
Juvenile Detention Ctr.                     Juvenile Corrections Intern                       St. Paul      Fall      2009
Karen Judge                                 Personal Care Attendant                           St. Paul      Spring    2002
Kidsnet Norcross                            Care for Children with Severe                     Norcross      Summer    2003
                                            Emotional/Behavioral problems
La Oportunidad, Inc.                        Latino Youth Program Asst. Intern (2)             Minneapolis   Spring    2005
La Oportunidad, Inc.                        Research Asst.                                    Minneapolis   Spring    2006
Linwood A+ Elementary                       Student Teacher/Asst.                             St. Paul      Spring    2005
Little Brothers                             Little Brothers Intern                            Minneapolis   Spring    2004
Lyngblomsten                                Therapeutic Eldercare Recreation Intern (2)       St. Paul      Spring    2007
Macalester College                          Human Resources Intern (2)                        St. Paul      Spring    2008
Maura Fisk                                  Verbal Behavior Therapist Intern (2)              Mendota       Spring    2002
Mayor’s Forum                               Education Research Intern                         St. Paul      Fall      2007
Melpomene Inst. for Women’s Health          Intern                                            St. Paul      Spring    2005
Mental Health Association of MN             Support Group Intern                              Minneapolis   Fall      2006
Midwest AIDS Training & Ed. Ctr.            Outreach Specialist                               Minneapolis   Spring    2006
Midwest Health Ctr. for Women               Patient Advocate (3)                              Minneapolis   Spring    2008
Minneapolis Public Schools                  Psychology in Education                           Minneapolis   January   2007
MN Autism                                   Behavior Therapist Intern                         Minneapolis   Fall      2004
MN Children’s Museum                        Early Childhood Informal Education Intern         St. Paul      Fall      2004
Internship Site                             Intern Title*                                        Location       Term      Year
MN Dept. of Human Services                  Intern                                               St. Paul       Spring    2008
MN Dept. of Health, Injury, & Violence      Epidemiologist Paraprofessional (2)                  St. Paul       Spring    2010
Prevention Unit
MN Dept. of Health, Injury, & Violence      Public Health Researcher (2)                         St. Paul       Summer    2009
Prevention Unit
MN Historical Society                       Exhibit Development Intern                           St. Paul       Spring    2007
MN Internship Center                        College and Career Advocate                          Minneapolis    Spring    2010
MN Life Insurance Company                   Human Resources Intern                               St. Paul       Spring    2004
MN Zoo Foundation                           Behavior Management Internship                       Apple Valley   Summer    2009
Mississippi Nt’l River & Recreation Area    Education/Restoration Asst.                          St. Paul       Fall      2008
Monroe Achievement Plus Comm. School        Mentoring Kids                                       St. Paul       Spring    2005
Multicultural Resource Ctr.                 Museum Intern                                        St. Paul       January   2005
MWD Imaging Ctr.                            Research Asst.                                       Albuquerque    Summer    2005
National Runaway Switchboard                Crisis Liner                                         Chicago IL     Summer    2003
Neighborhood House                          Marketing Intern                                     St. Paul       Fall      2008
New Choices, Inc.                           Educational Intern                                   Muscatine      Summer    2000
Northwest Youth and Family Services         Grant Asst. Intern                                   Shoreview      Spring    2010
NTT Communication Science Lab.              Research Intern                                      Kyoto, Japan   Summer    2002
Pangea World Theater                        Literary Asst. Intern                                Minneapolis    Spring    2008
Parents' and Children’s' Services           Helpline Crisis Answerer & Data Enterer              Boston MA      January   2002
Park House                                  Dance Therapy Intern                                 Minneapolis    Spring    2005
People Incorporated                         Mental Health Practitioner/ Support Specialist       St. Paul       Fall      2005
People's Ctr. Medical Clinic                Patient Resource Coordinator                         Minneapolis    Fall      2008
Personnel Decisions International           I/O Psychology Intern (3)                            Minneapolis    Spring    2003
Pillsbury United                            Early Risers Child Advocate (2)                      Minneapolis    Spring    2002
Planned Parenthood                          Administrative Asst./Patient Support (4)             St. Paul       Fall      2008
Polk Co., Dept. of Human Services           Social Work Intern                                   Des Moines     January   2004
Project for Pride in Living Learning Ctr.   Employment-Based Training Program Asst. (2)          Minneapolis    Spring    2010
Project for Pride in Living                 Youth Development Intern                             Minneapolis    Spring    2006
Rakhma Homes                                Recreation Asst. (Memory Care)                       St. Paul       January   2010
Ramsey Junior High                          School Social Work                                   St. Paul       January   2004
Rape and Sexual Abuse Ctr.                  Crisis Counseling (3)                                Minneapolis    Fall      2003
Ready 4 K                                   Community Awareness Intern                           St. Paul       Spring    2005
Rebuild Resources                           Schools and Prisons Intern                           St. Paul        Fall     2009
Re-Entry House                              Mental Health Worker (3)                             Minneapolis    Spring    2008
REM-Ramsey                                  Program Coordinator/Field Work Intern (2)            St. Paul       Fall      2004
Salvation Army- Booth Brown House           Fill-In Child Care Worker                            St. Paul       Fall      2000
Science Museum of MN                        Paleontology Intern                                  St. Paul       Spring    2004
Securian Financial Group                    eRecruiting Implement. & Training Intern (2)         St. Paul       January   2006
Sexual Offense Services of Ramsey Co.       Community Educator and Advocate                      St. Paul       Fall      2001
Sexual Offense Services of Ramsey Co.       SOS Intern                                           St. Paul       Fall      2006
Sexual Offense Services of Ramsey Co.       Crisis Counseling (2)                                St. Paul       Spring    2007
Sexual Violence Ctr.                        Support Counselor/Telephone Advocate (2)             Minneapolis    Fall      2002
Sheridan Arts and Global Education          Recreation and Arts Intern                           Minneapolis    Spring    2001
Sholom Home, East                           Psychology Intern                                    St. Paul       Fall      2002
St. Paul Public Schools                     Teaching Intern (Urban Ed. 4)                        St. Paul       Spring    2004
St. Paul Public Schools - The Lab           SPS Special Ed., Art Curriculum Development Intern   St. Paul       January   2008
St. Paul Public Schools - The Lab           PSD- Special Education, Visual Lab Intern            St. Paul       Spring    2008
Support Our Schools                         Support our schools Intern (3)                       St. Paul       Spring    2006
The Bridge                                  Emergency Shelter Program Intern                     Minneapolis    Spring    2002
The Ctr. for Victims of Torture, Admin.     Research Asst. (2)                                   St. Paul       January   2001
The Loft                                    Marketing/PR Intern                                  Minneapolis    Fall      2006
Tubman Family Alliance                      Legal and Research Intern (2)                        Minneapolis    Spring    2006
Tubman Family Alliance                      Volunteer Director                                   Minneapolis    Fall      2005
Internship Site                              Intern Title*                                          Location       Term       Year
Tubman Family Alliance                       Resource Counseling Intern (3)                         Minneapolis    Spring     2010
Underwater Adventures Aquarium               Education Intern                                       Bloomington    January    2005
United Health Group                          Enterprise Services Intern (2)                         Minnetonka     January    2008
United Hospital                              Healthcare Internship                                  St. Paul       January    2007
U of M, Division of Epidemiology             V.I.K. Program Facilitator                             Minneapolis    Fall       2004
U of M, Psychiatry Dept.                     Research Asst. Intern                                  Minneapolis    Spring     2008
U of St. Thomas Child Dev. Ctr.              Preschool Teacher Intern                               St. Paul       Fall       2007
Urban Arts Academy                           Program Asst.                                          Minneapolis    Spring     2008
Very Important Kids                          Prevention of Weight-Related Disorders in Children     Minneapolis    Fall       2003
Walker Methodist                             Marketing/Events Intern                                Minneapolis    Summer     2004
Washburn Child Guidance Ctr.                 Child Mental Health Aide (3)                           Minneapolis    Spring     2007
Washburn Child Guidance Ctr.                 Family Focus Intern (2)                                Minneapolis    Spring     2008
Washburn Child Guidance Ctr.                 Preschool Day Treatment Program Intern (5)             Minneapolis    Summer     2008
Westminster Presbyterian                     Lilly Intern                                           Minneapolis    Summer     2007
Women Venture                                Agency Intern                                          St. Paul       Summer     2006
YouthCARE Camp Sunrise                       Assistant Counselor                                    Minneapolis    Summer     2009
YWCA                                         Youth Achiever’s Program Planning Intern (3)           St. Paul       Spring     2010

* The number following an internship title indicates the total number of past interns with the same (or a very similar) title. For
these listings, the term and year represent the most recent internship.

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