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					                                            The Fantasy Fool's Top 32 Quarterbacks
Rankings are based on each player's projected position by the end of the 2012 season. This is a value ranking, NOT a recommended draft order.
Players may be drafted significantly higher or lower based upon their perceived value to other owners. Stats listed are from 2011. Visit the Fantasy
Fools blog at for daily fantasy advice.
             Categories >>                  Elite             Solid    Marginal Desperation Time                      Updated: 8/28/12
                                                              PASS       PASS                RUSH
RANK                PLAYER                 TEAM       '11                           INTS                                 COMMENT
                                                              YDS         TDS                 TDS
                                                                                                       Not quite in a category by himself, but not far
   1             Aaron Rodgers               GB        2       4643        45         6         3      from it, either. He should be the first QB off the
                                                                                                       board in every league.
                                                                                                       Another no-lose proposition, he arguably has
                                                                                                       the deepest receiving corps in the biz, with
   2               Tom Brady                 NE        3       5235        39        12         3      Welker, Lloyd, Gronk and Hernandez. Gets a
                                                                                                       nod over Brees because of a less-experienced
                                                                                                       RB corps.
                                                                                                       The only other fantasy QB consistently in
                                                                                                       Rodgers' and Brady's league, he should have
   3               Drew Brees                NO        1       5476        46        14         1
                                                                                                       little trouble moving on without HC Sean
                                                                                                       He joined the elite ranks last season, and
                                                                                                       should continue to be a fantasy force to be
   4            Matthew Stafford            DET        4       5038        41        16         0      reckoned with, as long as Megatron is on the
                                                                                                       same field. Injury to non-throwing hand
                                                                                                       shouldn't be a factor in regular season.
                                                                                                       His rushing TDs made him formidable in 2011.
   5              Cam Newton                CAR        5       4051        21        17        14      Can he keep up his amazing pace this
                                                                                                       season? Not sure I'd bet on it.
                                                                                                       If he can just get his receivers back on the
                                                                                                       field, Romo can approach elite status again.
   6               Tony Romo                DAL        7       4184        31        10         1
                                                                                                       The problem is, they're dropping like flies, and
                                                                                                       there's still no No. 3 WR solidified.
                                                           The Eagles (and Vick) finished 2011 strong,
                                                           and they should again be formidable
7       Michael Vick      PHI   11   3303   18   14   1    competitors this season. But you have to be
                                                           worried after the QB was knocked out of 2
                                                           consecutive preseason games (finger, ribs).

                                                           Just as he appeared to put the "injury-prone"
                                                           label behind him, he suffered another string of
8       Matt Schaub       HOU   24   2479   15   6    2    problems that kept him out of 6 games in 2011.
                                                           Healthy again, he has a chance to return to
                                                           lofty heights. Love him as a borderline QB1.

                                                           The ultimate high-risk, high-reward candidate,
                                                           Manning finally took (and survived) his first
9     Peyton Manning      DEN   --    --    --   --   --   meaningful hit since his series of neck
                                                           surgeries. He looked sharp in Week 3 of the
                                                           preseason, so optimism reigns in Denver.

                                                           The two-time Super Bowl champ never gets
10      Eli Manning       NYG   6    4910   29   16   1    his due, but with Cruz and Nicks on the wings,
                                                           Eli should continue to be a strong, though
                                                           dumb-faced, fantasy QB.
                                                           After a very slow start that soured many of us
                                                           on him (yes, I'm still bitter), Rivers finished the
                                                           year strong. He has a healthy Gates back, but
11      Philip Rivers     SD    9    4624   27   20   1
                                                           V-Jax is now a Buc. Suspect talent on the
                                                           outside, and last year's erratic play, depresses
                                                           his value.
                                                           You gotta love his receiving corps. Yet Ryan
12       Matt Ryan        ATL   8    4177   29   12   2    rarely puts together a dominant outing that
                                                           makes him a fantasy stud.
                                                           Nicked up again (ankle) heading into the
                                                           season, Big Ben needs to get Mike Wallace
13   Ben Roethlisberger   PIT   12   4077   21   14   0    back in the fold quickly. Did you know
                                                           Roethlisberger has only thrown for more than
                                                           21 TDs twice in his career (2007, 2009)?
                                                          He'll be measured against Newton because
                                                          he's a lethal passing and rushing threat, but
14   Robert Griffin III   WAS   *     *     *    *    *   that's setting the bar a bit high fantasy-wise. I
                                                          see him as a terrific backup QB with
                                                          tremendous upside.
                                                          Heads an up-and-coming offense with one of
15     Andy Dalton        CIN   15   3398   20   13   1   the most electrifying WRs in the game. Should
                                                          only improve with time and experience.
                                                          Sure, he gets to play catch with Marshall again;
                                                          but he's still Jay Cutler -- a guy who's cracked
16      Jay Cutler        CHI   25   2319   13   7    1
                                                          the Top 10 ranks just once in his six-year
                                                          Perennially over-rated by fantasy experts
                                                          (yours truly excepted), he's now totally under-
                                                          rated, even going undrafted in many mock
17     Joe Flacco         BAL   14   3610   20   12   1
                                                          drafts. With Torrey Smith developing into an
                                                          elite receiver, Flacco should see his aerial
                                                          production improve significantly.

                                                          Now armed with V-Jax on the outside,
                                                          Freeman has a chance to bounce back nicely
18   Josh Freeman         TB    16   3592   16   22   4
                                                          from his junior slump. But he hasn't looked
                                                          sharp in preseason. There are worries here.

                                                          Perched precariously on the hot seat, Smith's
                                                          job seems more secure than ever. If Randy
19     Alex Smith         SF    17   3150   17   5    2
                                                          Moss can be Randy Moss again, it won't matter
                                                          that his other WRs under-perform.

                                                          Fitz's job isn't exactly etched in cement, so he
                                                          needs to develop some consistency -- and
20   Ryan Fitzpatrick     BUF   13   3832   24   23   0   string together some wins. Only Stevie
                                                          Johnson can be considered a reliable weapon
                                                          on the outside.
                                                        The old man has had a full offseason to
21   Carson Palmer      OAK   26   2751   13   16   1   prepare, and a group of young receivers with
                                                        more talent than durability.
                                                        He won the job even sooner than projected.
                                                        Now he just has to play the game. There's
22     Jake Locker      TEN   18   542    4    0    1
                                                        some upside here, if Britt, Jared Cook and his
                                                        other receivers step up their games.
                                                        His team desperately needs him to play up to
23    Sam Bradford      STL   31   2164   6    6    0   his potential. His WRs are suspect and Steven
                                                        Jackson can't do it all.

                                                        Has won the starting job over Matt Flynn, in a
                                                        fairly significant surprise. Hard to imagine him
24   Russell Wilson     SEA   *     *     *    *    *
                                                        having much consistency in his rookie season,
                                                        especially with a mediocre WR corps.

                                                        He'll be under a microscope, but the rookie has
                                                        a dearth of talent to help him adjust to the
25    Andrew Luck       IND   *     *     *    *    *   speed of the NFL. Don't count on much early
                                                        on, but he could prove to be a decent mid-
                                                        season bye-week sub, in the right matchup.

                                                        Ponder showed some flashes of potential last
26   Christian Ponder   MIN   28   1853   13   13   0   season. But he still has a long ways to go, as
                                                        does the rest of his offense.
                                                        Dwayne Bowe finally signed his tender, so now
                                                        it's a sprint to prepare for the season. Even
27     Matt Cassel      KC    32   1713   10   9    0
                                                        with his top WR back Cassel's prospects are
                                                        still fairly suspect.
                                                        If his value wasn't already depressed enough,
28    Mark Sanchez      NYJ   10   3474   26   18   6   imagine coming out of the game when your
                                                        team reaches the red zone. No thanks.

29   Blaine Gabbert     JAX   27   2214   12   11   0   Uh, no.
30   Brandon Weeden    CLE   *     *     *   *   *   Maybe next year.

                                                     You know you're in trouble when John Skelton
                                                     is nipping at your heels. In fact, Skelton could
31     Kevin Kolb      ARI   30   1955   9   8   0
                                                     win the starting job for the season opener.
                                                     Avoid both.

                                                     The rookie just won the job, vaulting over Matt
                                                     Moore more quickly than most experts
32    Ryan Tannehill   MIA   *     *     *   *   *
                                                     predicted. With pretty meager receiving
                                                     options, this could be a very rough first season.

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