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Top 60 WRs 082812


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									                                        The Fantasy Fool's Top 60 Wide Receivers
Rankings are based on each player's projected position by the end of the 2012 season. This is a value ranking, NOT a recommended draft order.
Players may be drafted significantly higher or lower based upon their perceived value to other owners. Stats listed are from 2011. Visit the Fantasy Fools
blog at http://fantasy-fools.blogspot.com/ for daily fantasy advice.

                  Levels             Elite   Near Elite   Solid   Marginal   Depth                             Updated: 8/28/12
RANK            PLAYER              TEAM        '11       REC     REC YDS                                          Comment
                                                                                     The only WR worth a first-round pick this season, the biggest worry is
   1         Calvin Johnson          DET         1         96      1,681      16
                                                                                     having his picture on the cover of Madden '13.
                                                                                     He's not happy about his contract, but that won't keep him from
   2           Wes Welker             NE         3        122      1,569       9
                                                                                     remaining Brady's go-to target.
                                                                                     He suffered a concusion in a team scrimmage, so he won't see much
                                                                                     preseason action. He remains Rodgers' favorite weapon, though
   3          Greg Jennings           GB        18         67       949        9
                                                                                     Jordy detracts from his value. Nelson is a better value one or two
                                                                                     rounds later.
                                                                                     Last year's rookie sensation has a year under his belt with fellow
   4            A.J. Green           CIN        14         65      1,057       7     sophomore Andy Dalton. They should build on their success this

                                                                                     He's only suited up for 20 games over the last two seasons, so
   5         Andre Johnson           HOU        71         33       492        2
                                                                                     injuries are a real bugaboo. When healthy, there's no one better.

                                                                                     Tell me Kurt Warner is returning and Fitz shoots to No. 2 on this list.
   6         Larry Fitzgerald        ARI         5         80      1,411       8     Since you can't tell me that, I won't be spending a first-round pick on
                                                                                     him this year.
                                                                                     Cruz and Nicks are arguably the second most potent WR tandem in
   7           Victor Cruz           NYG         4         82      1,536       9     the league. I love Cruz's game-changing potential, and his salsa
                                                                                     As much as I love Jennings, I'm targeting Jordy in every draft this
                                                                                     year. For starters, it's always nice to own a big piece of the Packers
   8          Jordy Nelson            GB         2         68      1,263      15
                                                                                     offense. In addition, his big-play potential makes him a threat to be
                                                                                     among the Top 5 WRs again this season.
                                                     That's right, you heard it here first: Jones will surpass Roddy in the
9      Julio Jones      ATL   17   54    959     8   Falcons pecking order this season. Maybe not in his reception count,
                                                     but in yards and TDs. Bank on it.
                                                     With Robert Meachem gone, Colston will have to share a little less of
10   Marques Colston    NO    11   80    1,143   8   Drew Brees' attention this year. Barring injury, he should easily
                                                     return to the Top 10 ranks.
                                                     Even in their heyday in Denver, Marshall never ranked higher than
11   Brandon Marshall   CHI   13   82    1,227   6   9th in the fantasy WR pecking order, so curb your enthusiasm for a
                                                     Top 5 finish.
                                                     The maturation of Julio Jones makes me wary of Roddy this year,
                                                     especially given his dropsies last season. I'd rather grab Jones a
12     Roddy White      ATL   8    100   1,296   8
                                                     round or two later and let someone else pay dearly for White's
                                                     comparable value.
                                                     An offseason foot fracture put his availability for Week 1 in peril, but
13    Hakeem Nicks      NYG   12   75    1,169   7   he's been activated off the PUP list now and is back on pace to play
                                                     in the opener.
                                                     He needs to end his holdout soon because he's losing valuable reps
14    Mike Wallace      PIT   9    72    1,193   8   with Big Ben. That could lead to even more attention going Antonio
                                                     Brown's way when the season begins.
                                                     No longer playing second fiddle to Boldin, the big-play WR is poised
                                                     for a monster season. I could see him penetrating the Top 10 ranks
15     Torrey Smith     BAL   23   50    841     7
                                                     as long as his preseason ankle injury doesn't keep him from starting
                                                     the season strong.
                                                     There's no discounting the bonehead factor when dealing with Dez.
                                                     He also has trouble staying intact, as witnessed by his most recent
16     Dez Bryant       DAL   19   63    928     9
                                                     injury in practice. He also tends to disappear from the offense on
                                                     occasion. But man, the guy has off-the-charts talent.
                                                     Now 33, Smith found his fountain of youth last season thanks to Cam
                                                     Newton. He should continue to prosper with his young QB, but
17     Steve Smith      CAR   6    79    1,394   7
                                                     Father Time spares no one. A preseason foot infection has him on
                                                     crutches little more than a week before Week 1.
                                                    Signed to a monster contract by the Bucs this offseason, V-Jax will
                                                    be as big as Josh Freeman can make him. It may take some time
18    Vincent Jackson   TB    10   60   1,106   9
                                                    for them to develop rapport, but the game-breaking WR will have his
                                                    moments, to be sure.

                                                    Brown could vie for the lead role in this WR corps. He emerged as a
                                                    favorite target of Big Ben midseason last year and looked like he was
19     Antonio Brown    PIT   24   69   1,108   2
                                                    headed to fantasy glory. He petered out a bit toward season's end,
                                                    but big things are expected this year, especially in the TD category.

                                                    If you believe Peyton is back, then you have to believe at least 1
                                                    Bronco WR is going to be a fantasy stud. My bet is on Thomas, a
20   Demaryius Thomas   DEN   56   32   551     4   former first-round pick who emerged late in 2011 with Tebow at the
                                                    controls. Decker will get his targets too, but I prefer Thomas' big play
                                                    In 2010, he apparently sold his soul to shoot to the top of the fantasy
                                                    WR standings, with Kyle Orton as his QB no less. Now catching
21     Brandon Lloyd    NE    25   70   966     5   passes from Brady, Lloyd is poised to return to fantasy stardom.
                                                    He'll take a back seat to Welker and perhaps the TEs, but that still
                                                    leaves plenty of balls for him.

                                                    With any Luck, the 32-year-old wideout will re-emerge as a fantasy
22    Reggie Wayne      IND   29   75   960     4   force. But he has surely lost a step, and his rookie QB may not have
                                                    a whole lot of pocket time to wait for him to break free.

                                                    The talented receiver/returner has unbelievable upside, but attitude
                                                    issues have kept him from reaching his potential recently. This could
23    DeSean Jackson    PHI   27   58   961     4
                                                    be a nice bounce-back season for Jackson, though, as the Eagles
                                                    appear poised for a big year, after finishing strong in '11.

                                                    If RG3 is as good as advertised (and this Baylor boy says he is), then
24     Pierre Garcon    WAS   22   70   947     6   he's going to make Garcon a star. The former Colt offers nice
                                                    sleeper potential as the No. 1 option in the Redskins' rising offense.
                                                   I still have a hard time figuring out how he broke into the Top 10
                                                   ranks last season. The subject of offseason trade speculation,
25    Percy Harvin     MIN   7    87   967     6
                                                   Harvin's success rests in large part on the development of Christian
                                                   Ponder. I'm not optimistic.
                                                   Some people expect big things from Buffalo this season, but I don't
                                                   share their optimism. Nevertheless, Johnson is a proven commodity
26   Stevie Johnson    BUF   21   76   1,004   7
                                                   with excellent chemistry with his QB and a nose for the end zone.
                                                   He's a great WR2 with borderline WR1 potential.
                                                   He finally signed his tender, but now he must learn a new offense in
27    Dwayne Bowe      KC    20   81   1,159   5   a hurry. That will likely hurt his timing with Cassel early in the
                                                   Injuries to Tony Romo and his own hamstrings kept Austin from
                                                   producing well in 2011. And those hammies are betraying him again
28     Miles Austin    DAL   42   43   579     7
                                                   this preseason. If he doesn't get on the field soon, this could be
                                                   another lost season for Smilin' Miles.
                                                   Option 1b in the Eagles' potent air attack, Maclin tends to be a boom
29    Jeremy Maclin    PHI   31   63   859     5   or bust fantasy contributor. Lots of upside, but he makes me
                                                   Stafford has to pass to somebody other than Megatron some time,
                                                   so if Young can get his head out of his a__, the second-year WR has
30     Titus Young     DET   46   48   607     6
                                                   a chance to be special. He is clearly more talented than Nate
                                                   Burleson, so he makes a great sleeper candidate.
                                                   A nice sleeper candidate if he can just stay on the field, look for
31   Denarius Moore    OAK   39   33   618     5   Moore and Carson Palmer to form a quietly effective tandem this
                                                   In PPR leagues, Decker will have plenty of value as Peyton's most
32     Eric Decker     DEN   35   44   612     8   frequent target. He's not a game-breaker, but he does have a nose
                                                   for the end zone.

                                                   Another head case WR, Holmes is clearly the most talented receiver
33   Santonio Holmes   NYJ   30   51   654     8
                                                   the Jets have. But can he and his QB(s) get along?
                                                    Facing his zillionth DUI charge, a lengthy suspension seemed
                                                    guaranteed for Britt to begin the season. Now, rumors are that it
34      Kenny Britt     TEN   88    17   289   3    won't be quite so severe, so he's moved up a bit in these rankings.
                                                    Meanwhile, he's also dealing with a knee injury and remains on my
                                                    DND (Do Not Draft) list.
                                                    He was expected to take a back seat to Meachem, but the free agent
35    Malcom Floyd      SD    32    43   856   5    has gotten off to a slow start with his new club. That makes Floyd
                                                    the favorite, for the moment, to be Rivers' top WR target.
                                                    Expected to be the clear WR2 in the Saints offense, Moore is
                                                    another guy who can soar one week and disappear the next. Draft
36     Lance Moore      NO    34    52   627   8
                                                    him as your WR4 or 5 and use him sparingly unless/until Brees
                                                    decides to make him a regular in his rotation.
                                                    He was lost for the season in Week 1 last year, but he's had an
                                                    excellent training camp and appears to once again be Sam
37   Danny Amendola     STL   156   5    45    0
                                                    Bradford's favorite target. In PPR leagues, Amendola should be on
                                                    every player's radar.
                                                    He has been slow to develop chemistry with Rivers, and he re-injured
                                                    the same knee that was operated on during the offseason. So far,
38   Robert Meachem     SD    44    40   620   6    the former Saint is not off to the greatest start in San Diego. The
                                                    injury to Vincent Brown, however, raises the stakes for Meachem
                                                    more than ever.
                                                    He has great potential, but he'll be breaking in another rookie QB. If
39      Greg Little     CLE   53    61   709   2
                                                    Weeden develops quickly, Little could emerge as a solid WR3.
                                                    He's been turning heads all offseason for all the right reasons. Who
40     Randy Moss       SF    --    --   --    --
                                                    knows? He just might have another good year in him.
                                                    He won't come anywhere near his 11 TD campaign in 2011 with
41   Laurent Robinson   JAX   15    54   858   11   Blaine Gabbert throwing him the ball. But he'll remain a viable red
                                                    zone threat who can be a decent bye-week sub at worst.
                                                    Should finish his career as a dependable possession WR, giving way
42    Anquan Boldin     BAL   37    57   887   3
                                                    to Torrey Smith as the go-to, big-play guy.
                                                    He continues to underachieve, and I don't think you can blame his
43   Michael Crabtree   SF    33    73   880   4    QB any more. I have little confidence in his ability to be anything
                                                    more than "a guy" in Fantasyland.
                                                       He's having a great offseason and has a clear path to the WR3 role
44      Randall Cobb       GB    93   25   375     1   in Green Bay. Add in his return abilities, and the guy is one injury
                                                       away (to Jennings or Nelson) from fantasy stardom.
                                                       Washington quietly cracked the Top 20 ranks last season, thanks to
                                                       the dearth of talent around him. His value depends on the
45    Nate Washington      TEN   16   74   1,023   7
                                                       development of Jake Locker (who should take over for Hasselbeck
                                                       sooner than later) and Kendall Wright, and the availability of Britt.
                                                       If only Al Davis' hadn't drafted him so early, DHB wouldn't seem like
46   Darrius Heyward-Bey   OAK   28   64   975     4   such a colossal failure. That said, I still prefer my WRs not have
                                                       butter fingers.
47      Davone Bess        MIA   64   51   537     3   Somebody has to catch passes in Miami, right?

                                                       He'll take a backseat to Garcon, but Moss will get his fair share of
48      Santana Moss       WAS   54   46   584     4   targets from RG3. Just not enough to make him an every-week
                                                       fantasy starter.
                                                       If he can only find his rookie year mojo… Maybe V-Jax's presence
49      Mike Williams      TB    49   65   771     3
                                                       will give him the spark he needs.
                                                       The most talented WR in the 2012 Draft is stuck with lousy
50     Justin Blackmon     JAX   *    *      *     *   quarterbacking and a run-first offense. He also has self-inflicted
                                                       wounds caused by his off-field transgressions. Maybe next year.
                                                       Assuming Steve Smith will slowly regress, LaFell is in the best
51     Brandon LaFell      CAR   57   36   613     3   position to pick up the slack. As long as Newton remains the real
                                                       deal, his #2 WR has value.
                                                       Only once has Rice ranked higher than the Top 60s among WRs,
                                                       and that was in 2009 with Favre as his QB (Rice finished the year as
52       Sidney Rice       SEA   68   32   484     2   the 8th best WR). Heading into 2012 with concussion and shoulder
                                                       problems, and another new QB, I'm not banking on his second stellar
                                                       Hard to get enthusiastic about a guy that hasn't yet secured the No. 2
53      Doug Baldwin       SEA   40   51   788     4
                                                       WR role in Seattle.

54      Michael Floyd      AZ    *    *      *     *   Talented rookie must contend with lousy QB play.

                                                       A rookie with speed to burn, he could emerge later in the year if Britt
55     Kendall Wright      TEN   *    *      *     *
                                                       flames out or Washington under-performs.
                                                   He'll start opposite Percy and hopefully help Ponder improve as the
56   Jerome Simpson     MIN   47    50   725   4
                                                   season progresses. Don't expect miracles.
                                                   He didn't show much in his rookie season, but the 2011 first-round
57   Jonathan Baldwin   KC    109   21   254   1
                                                   pick should progress in '12.
                                                   The rookie should line up opposite Brandon Marshall at some point, if
58    Alshon Jeffery    CHI    *    *     *    *
                                                   not at the beginning of the season.
                                                   Should win the #2 job in Buffalo. Probably won't be enough to make
59    David Nelson      BUF   48    61   658   5
                                                   him fantasy relevant.
                                                   Has a chance if he can avoid hits to the head and Andrew Luck is all
60     Austin Collie    IND   75    54   514   1   that. But another concussion suffered in Week 2 of the preseason
                                                   has his stock diving already.

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