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               Circuit Rider
                         Asbury United Methodist Church Newsletter – Published Monthly
     JUNE – 2012                   90 Church Avenue, Forestville, Connecticut 06010             Volume 19, Issue 6

Pastor                                                                                Custodian
 The Rev. Laura L. Galbraith                                                           Bruce Lauzier
Secretary & Circuit Rider Editor                                                      Asbury Church Office: 860-584-0529
 Melissa Gray                                                                         Office FAX: 860-584-0520 (call first)
Music Director                                                                        Dial-A-Prayer: 860-584-0520
 Michael Coderre                                                                      Parsonage: 860-261-4131
Organist                                                                              Pastor e-mail:
 Jana Ros                                                                    
Nursery Coordinator                                                                   Secretary email:
 Kate Bechert                                                                
Bell/Children’s Choir Director                                                        Asbury Web Page:
 Kristen Russo-Houde                                                          

                                      Falemenderit shumë! Shukran bezzef!
                      Dank u zeer! Merci beaucoup! Frisian! De rien! Avec plaisir! Foole tunk!
                        Mahalo! Grazie mille! Prego! Aw kohn! Nia:wen! Dzieki! Gracias!
                                                 THANK YOU!
Dear Friends,
  June is upon us! College students have moved home … or into their summer housing arrangements and
summer jobs have begun. College graduates are remembering the joy of their graduation, planning for the next
chapter in their lives. High school students are looking ahead to summer vacation and summer jobs and high
school graduates are enjoying their last summer before college!
  June arrives on the heels of the “official kick-off” of the summer season: Memorial Day weekend. Have you
barbequed yet? Perhaps the “official kick-off” of the summer season in the life of Asbury is Children’s Sunday,
which will be June 17th, Father’s Day. Our children and youth will have important roles in the service and we’ll
take time to honor the teachers and Sunday School staff who work faithfully all year long to provide this
wonderful ministry.
  As we look ahead to a slower pace of summer in the life of our congregation, just a reminder that the door
remains open for business on Sunday mornings all summer! We’ll worship at a single service at 9:00 am
beginning in July and continuing through to Labor Day weekend. We’re still here for business all week long as
well, so stop by!
  As we draw to an end of our program year, a word of thanks to the many who contribute to the life that we
celebrate as Asbury UMC each week, all year long! Over these past months, individuals have painted walls and
planted flowers; stuffed backpacks and baked enough coffee hour goodies to stuff us all!; taught Sunday School
and sang to God’s glory; welcomed visitors to worship and visited those in nursing homes; served meals and
bought tickets to eat one; participated in the fair and offered a fair price at the tag sale; covered the office while
Melissa was away and, in so many ways, so many of you served undercover!

                              Thank you! You make Asbury UMC what it is …special!
                                       Asbury United Methodist Church
  JUNE – 2012                         The Circuit Rider                                      Page 2

                                                                         21         Lorana Sardilli
                                                                         22         Jonathan Pierce
                                                                                    William Pierce
                                                                         23         Sharon Parsons
                                                                                    Jean Tibbitts
                                                 JUNE                               Marjorie Wysocki
                                                                         24         Emily Anderson
                                       1        Sally Shea
            For June                            Tyler Anderson
                                                                         25         Shannen Pullen
                                                                                    Joan Tilley
         Worship Leaders                        Jay Clement
                                                                         26         Carolyn Bechert
 3rd…….............…....Marilyn May    2        Donavan Anderson
                                                                                    Jushwua Flynn
10th.…...….……….....….Bill King         3        James Clevenger
17th………................…..Education                                                 Casey Voisine
                                       6        Alvin Wysocki
24th.…….………………...….TBA                                                   27         Avery Horan
                                                Jeff Achilli
  8:30 am service – Carl Aspland                                         28         Connor Cummings
                                                Hunter Smith
                                                                                    Danielle Johnson
             Greeters                  7        Bruce Boucher
                                                                         30         Brenden Cummings
 3 ……......….Dan & Lovey Fasci
  rd                                            Thomas Komanetsky
                                                                                    June Kellert
10th.…….Dick & Claudia Peterson                 Sandra Richardson
                                                                                    Charlene Clevenger
17th……………........…..Education                   Paul Tibbitts
24th.……………………….…TBA                             Carrie Zahacewski         A parishioner suggested a few
                                                Tammy Buonafede         years ago that it would be great if
         Fellowship Hour                                                each day of the year the members
                                                Colin Hagan
 3 …...….The Beveridge Family
                                                                        of Asbury could pray for one
10th.…..…….The Baker, Coderre          8        Madison-Min             family in the congregation. We
          & Schaffrick Families                   Barnaby               would strengthen our prayer skills
17th……………......…..Education                     Sandra Maier            as well as knowing that one day
24th.……….…The Szydlo Family            9        Ben Linn                out of the year, a lot of people
                                                Camryn Tucker           would be sending God’s love our
              Ushers                            Tammy Johanns           way.
  Wayne Fuller, Bonnie Emery,         10        Matthew Kirschner         The Thursday Morning Bible
  Chad Lockhart, Dennis Floyd,                                          study would like to resurrect this
                                                Nathan Pinette
   Dick Peterson, Roy DiYulio                                           idea. They are asking you to post
                                                Tyler Cyr
       Communion Stewards             11        Brian Komanetsky        this page with your Bible, or
        Treaty & Wayne Fuller                   Deborah Bechert         wherever you pray. Each day look
                                                                        at the birthday list and pray for the
         June Altar Guild             12        Lucille Hamel
                                                                        people whose birthday falls on that
            Kate Abekah               13        Natalie Cummings        day. It doesn’t need to include
                                                Mark Kirschner          specifics, just a request for God to
       June Birthday Caller
                                                Kenneth Clark           be with the person.
           Geri Beveridge
                                                Joseph Grasso
                                      14        Kim Richardson                 MARK YOUR
                                                Lorraine Clark                 CALENDAR:
                                                Jean Bradley
                                                Logan Annelli
                                      16        David Barry
 The deadline for the combined
   July/August Circuit Rider is       17        Michelle Voisine        SUNDAY WORSHIP
       Sunday, June 17th.                       Heather Lafland
  Please leave all articles in the    18        Corey Pratt                     JULY 1 –
  mailbox in the church office                  Jean Hagan                    SEPTEMBER 2
        or e-mail them to:            19        Karen Cranford        20        Lori Bolduc
                                                Joseph Wojcik                     9:00 AM
                                         Asbury United Methodist Church
     JUNE – 2012                        The Circuit Rider                                          Page 3
                                     Daniel A. and Liza Fasci will be       Dear Asbury Members,
FAMILY PAGE                          graduating on May 31st from              Thank you so much for your
                                     Leonardtown High School in             thoughtfulness, with cards and
 Please keep these people            Maryland. He plans to enter the        visits by Mernie, Phyllis, Cecil and
   in your prayers……                 military in July.                      Eula. It warms my heart. And
Tom Szydlo, Arlene Chabot, Elsie       Matthew Stephenson, son of           then Kate Abekah came by with a
Lyons, Edward Coloske, Bob           Diane Fasci Stephenson, will be        beautiful pink hyacinth plant on
Pullen, and others who have needs    graduating from Rocky Hill High        Easter Day, and we discovered she
of which we may not be aware.        on June 19th. Matt is planning to      lives just around the corner from
                                     attend Manchester Community            me.
         PRAYER CHAIN                College in the Fall.                     When I get really walking, I
If you wish to relate prayer needs                                          hope to stop by and say hello.
to the chain, please call Phyllis      Beth Pond is graduating from         Bless you all.
Petit at 860-589-6059 or Mernie      Hendrix College Summa cum                                             Love,
Whitcomb at 860-583-5373. Please     laude with Distinction. She will                            Marian Conrad
keep your call brief, and be aware   receive a bachelor’s degree in         Asbury Church Friends,
of the privacy rights of the         English with a concentration in          Thank you for the Mother’s Day
person(s) for whom you are           creative writing.                      gift of “Amazing Love”. Music
requesting prayers.                    In the fall Beth will begin her      has the power to uplift my soul and
                                     studies at the University of British   this CD was greatly appreciated.
                                     Columbia in Vancouver, Canada          Well done.
                                     toward a MFA in creative writing.                                In Christ,
                                     She received a Fulbright                                  Donna P. Frank
                                     Scholarship to teach English in
                                     South Africa for a year which will     Dear Asbury UMC,
                                     begin in January. Upon her               Brian and I would like to thank
                                     completion of that program she         everyone who helped make our
                                     will return to UBC for another         pasta dinner fundraiser a great
                                     three semesters to complete the        success. We raised over $1000.00
                                     MFA program.                           towards our trip to Ghana. Our
  Congratulation to our Lenny                                               love goes out to our spouses and
Cannon chosen Student of the                                                families, without whose support
Year at Bristol Eastern High           Becky Schaffrick has joined
                                     Americorp. She is in Wisconsin         we would not have this
School. Lenny is a senior,                                                  opportunity at all. We thank our
president of the Student Council,    right now working with the Park
                                     Department.                            church family also for buying
Public Relations Officer for the                                            tickets, washing dishes, serving
Student Council, and the Student                                            food, cleaning up, buying scrip
Body. He has also organized                                                 cards, and most importantly, for
blood drives at the school.                                                 your prayers. We are an extension
  Lenny is our 4th and 5th grade                                            of your love and support. Jesus
Sunday School teacher, Summer                                               gives us all gifts and missions to
One-room teacher, a member of                                               support, Brian and I hope we make
the Bell Choir, Worship Leader,                                             you proud.
and a member of the Outreach         Dear Members of Asbury,
                                       Thank you so much for your                     Thanks sooo much again.
Committee.                                                                                               Debbie
  In the Fall, Lenny will be         prayers, presence and friendship
                                     during the ordeal of the loss of our                                Bechert
attending the University of
Connecticut at West Hartford         mother and daughter, Carole. Her             THANKS A BUNCH!
studying biological science, and     service was perfect, exactly what      Many thanks to Barbara Ivers and
wants to become an orthodontist.     she envisioned thanks in part to       the generous folks at The Gables in
                                     your contributions and support.        Farmington for their support of the
  Dan and Lovey Fasci are            We truly appreciate your help.         Backpack Ministry. Barbara
grandparents of two high school                         The Soucy, Dyer     organized a peanut butter drive at
graduates. Anthony Fasci, son of                   and Lishness families    the Gables and over 50 jars were
                                           Asbury United Methodist Church
     JUNE – 2012                           The Circuit Rider                                           Page 4

                                          SAFE SANCTUARIES
                                         AUMC has completed updating
                                       our Safe Sanctuaries Policy.
                                       Anyone who works with our
                                       children and youth, needs to
                                       complete a class regarding the
                                       updates. Classes are scheduled for        WIF had another fun filled
                                       June 10 or June 24 at 11:30. They      evening at Karen Cranford’s home.
  As we approach the end of another
                                       will last approx. 30 mins. More        Our topic of discussion was how we
successful Sunday school year, the
                                       classes will be scheduled if you are   met our spouse or significant other,
Education Committee would like
                                       unable to attend on these dates.       and we had a lot of fun listening to
to thank Asbury's dedicated teachers
                                       Our policy is to insure the safety     the different stories from the
and all of those involved in the
                                       and protection of our children,        different generations! Our Yankee
Education Program, and take a
                                       youth, and teachers.                   Candle trip has been put on hold.
moment to reflect back on the
                                         For example, we staff all classes    Watch for a new date.
year's activities and events.
                                       with two adults and we have               We would like to thank all who
  Education began the calendar
                                       windows in all of our classroom        have donated bears to our Teddy
year last September with Asbury's
                                       doors. Background checks are run       Bear ministry. We started January 8,
Annual Rally Day festivities and
                                       on all workers. All information is     2012 with 54 bears left in the pews
picnic. We participated in another
                                       kept strictly confidential.            with 12 going out into “service”. As
successful Unicef collection in
                                         Please see Harriet Donovan,          of April 29th we have collected 110
October, helped with the annual
                                       Stacey Anderson or Heidi               bears and 78 of these bears are in
Thanksgiving collection, and our
                                       Borkowski for more information.        “service” now. The bears keep
children performed a memorable
                                                                              coming in (and we so appreciate
Christmas pageant that had parents
                                                                              that) and they sit and pray and/or are
and parishioners alike moved by the
                                                                              prayed over in our worship services,
story of Jesus' birth. The winter
                                                                              and you the congregation are taking
months were long (and warm!), and
                                                                              them to the special people in your
teachers continued to spread the
                                                                              life that are in need of a hug, and
Good News to our children. This
                                                                              even more importantly in need of
Spring, the annual Easter egg hunt
                                          Plunge into God’s word and          knowing that the Asbury church
and bake sale brought with it warm
                                                                              family is thinking and caring about
weather, brightly colored Easter         discover stories of deep faith!
                                                                              them. These bears are bringing
eggs filled with treats, happy
                                        Join us for Vacation Bible School!    much needed comfort to many.
children, and yummy homemade
                                                                              Please continue to donate bears that
treats, handmade cards and                           Where:                   are new or slightly used so that we
delectable chocolates. Mark your                  Prospect UMC                are able to keep this ministry going.
calendars and don't miss this year's              99 Summer St.                  Our next WIF meeting will be
exciting and fun-filled Children's                  Bristol, CT               May 31, 2012 at the home of Donna
Sunday and Teacher Appreciation
                                                                              Frank. Please join us. Women of
Day on Sunday, June 17th.                             When:                   all ages are welcome at any and all
  While Education activities will            Sunday, June 24th through        of the meetings. Come see what the
wind down a bit over the next                  Thursday, June 28th            topic of conversation will be this
few months, we remain
                                           Sunday, June 24th – Kick-off       time! One never knows what we
busy preparing for summer and fall
                                              Cookout 4 – 5:30 pm             will be talking about, but when you
programs, and look forward to
                                            Monday through Thursday           get a group of women together there
serving Asbury's children next
                                                6:00 – 7:45 pm                will be CONVERSATION! And
                                                                              there is always dessert! Anyone
                                           For more information visit our     wishing to, can bring a small portion
     SAVE THE DATE                                   website at:              of something yummy, if they so
   June 24th – No Sunday School                       /prospect                  Our June 28th meeting will be a
                                          Or call the church office at 860-   picnic at Pastor Laura’s home.
                                                582-3443 to register.         Watch the bulletins for more details.
                                            Asbury United Methodist Church
     JUNE – 2012                             The Circuit Rider                                             Page 5

                                                       Today                       From Trustees: A big THANK
                                                   Submitted by Bea Trafton        YOU to Chuck Anderson, Wayne &
                                           Why fear tomorrow, timid heart?         Jo Ann Bacon, Lorna Baxter, Mark
                                           Why tread the future’s way?             Hultman, Jamie Clevenger, Stacey
                                           We only need to do our part             Rich, Gardner Wright, Cathleen
                                           Today, dear child, today.               Willock, Marilyn May &
  The Seniors are enjoying many                                                    John Carlson for cleaning and
fun and interesting activities this       The past is written! Close the           painting Wesley Hall.
month. One of them coming up is          book                                        Wesley Hall has just been painted.
putting together fun crafts led by Pat    On pages sad and gay;                    PLEASE do not put any TAPE on
Sallstrom to either take home or to       Within the future do not look,           the walls. Use the bulletin boards
be taken to someone in the hospital       But live today – today.                  for notices. Thank you for your
or not feeling well. Coming up also                                                cooperation.
is a treat to watch a video of Africa      ‘Tis this one hour that God has
by Phyllis Petit’s daughter. We also     given;
had a Tea Cup Auction with many            His now we must obey;
items to boost one of our funds for        And it will make our earth His
our activities or contributions.         heaven                                                 June 2012
Another fund we have is our Penny          To live today – today.                      BIBLE READING GUIDE
Jug Collection that is always in our                                                  Come Together in Faith and
Church Narthex for people to get rid                                                  Build Up the Body of Christ
of their heavy pocket pennies (we                                                   1 Acts 5.1-16
take silver, too). Look for it on                                                   2 Acts 5.17-42
Sunday mornings. Larry Clark will                                                  *3 Galatians 1.1-24
be happy to see the jug fill up. We                                                 4 Galatians 2.1-21
do a lot for the church with these                                                  5 Galatians 3.1-29
funds. We just voted to help pay the                                                6 Galatians 4.1-31
Handicap Lift Elevator repair bill.                                                 7 Galatians 5.1-26
When there is a need, we try to help.                                               8 Galatians 6.1-18
  I haven’t been a member of the         From Church Council: Help us               9 Philippians 1.1-30
Seniors for very long, but since I       keep our kitchen clean and sanitary!      10 Philippians 2.1-30
joined them I’ve found a group of        When you use the kitchen, make            11 Philippians 3.1-21
caring men and women who help            sure you clean up after use: wash,        12 Philippians 4.1-23
church members and friends know          dry and put all pots, pans, utensils      13 Colossians 1.1-29
they are loved and not forgotten.        back in their proper places; wash off     14 Colossians 2.1-19
They visit, send cards and make          all counter surfaces; and mop the         15 Colossians 2.20—3.17
numerous calls. They made 45             floor as necessary; take all trash out    16 Colossians 4.2-18
visits during the month of April.        to the dumpster.                          17 1 Thessalonians 1.1-10
We recently lost two of our                If you are leaving any food or          18 1 Thessalonians 2.1-20
members, Mae McCabe and Shirley          beverages in the refrigerator, label it   19 1 Thessalonians 3.1-13
West who we dearly miss.                 with the date so others will know         20 1 Thessalonians 4.1-18
  We would love to see people join       when it was placed there. You can         21 1 Thessalonians 5.1-28
us every Thursday at 10:15 am.           find labels in the drawers next to the    22 2 Thessalonians 1.1-12
                        Barbara Hentz    refrigerator for this purpose.            23 2 Thessalonians 2.1-17
                                                                                   24 2 Thessalonians 3.1-18
         Senior Fellowship               From Ann Morin and Jan                    25 Hebrews 8.1-13
         Activities for May              King: The totals just came in             26 Hebrews 9.1-28
 7th – Card Games – Lunch Out                                                      27 Hebrews 10.1-39
14th – Crafts with Pat,
                                         from the Tag Sale and Clothing
                                                                                   28 Hebrews 11.1-40
       Lunch In - Pizza                  Drive. The amount raised was
                                                                                   29 Hebrews 12.1-29
21st – Pot Luck Picnic –                 $3,100 and $490.62 respectively.          30 Hebrews 13.1-25
       Barbara Hentz’s home              As Jan King said, God is good!            * Orthodox Christians will celebrate
28th – Birthday Celebrations                                                       Pentecost on June 3, 2012.
       & Bingo, Bring a Sandwich

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