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Children Transported Non approved for state funding Children Transported TOTAL by HC120830172442


									Department of Education                                                                                            Office of Finance and Administration
Public Service Building                                                                                          Pupil Transportation and Fingerprinting
255 Capitol Street NE                                                                                                                     503-947-5600
Salem, Oregon 97310                                                                                                                  FAX 503-378-5156

                                                                                                  County _______________________________________
                                                                                                  Dist. Name & No. _______________________________

                                                     TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION
                                                       for School Year Ending June 30, ______

Retain one copy for district files and send one copy to the Department of Education by September 1.

1.                                                                    Regular Routes       Approved        Non-approved          TOTAL
     Number of pupils transported to school daily (a.m.).              (beyond 1 &       Supplemental        (for state
                                                                        1.5 miles)           Plans            funding)
                                                                         Children           Children          Children
                                                                       Transported        Transported       Transported
     a.      Early intervention/childhood services
     b.      Pre-kindergarten
     c.      Kindergarten
     d.      Elementary grades (Grade ______) to (Grade ____)
     e.      Mid./Jr. high grades (Grade ______) to (Grade _____)
     f.      H.S. grades (Grade ______) to (Grade _______)
     g.      Parochial/Private
                                                                                                  TOTAL ALL STUDENTS

 2. Number of buses used on regular daily routes          ______________
    Number of spare school buses                          ______________
    Number of district-owned school buses                 ______________
    Number of contracted school buses                     ______________
    Other district-owned vehicles used to
       transport pupils (not school buses)                ______________
    Other contracted vehicles used to
       transport pupils (not school buses)                ______________
 3. Name and address of contractor (if any) _____________________________________________________________________________________
 4. Name of transportation supervisor or district transportation liaison ________________________________________________________________
    a. Percentage of time spent on transportation _______________%
    b. List other duties of supervisor/liaison (i.e., bus driver, principal, teacher, mechanic, etc.) ____________________________________________

 7. Annual miles on regular routes
     a. Home to school
        (1) Service outside 1 & 1.5 mile limits                    ____________________
        (2) Service for approved supplemental plans                ____________________
        (3) Total home to school miles (Total of 7a (1) + 7a (2) ) ____________________
     b. Other annual reimbursable mileage
        OAR 581-23-040(3)(c)(d) (Field Trips)                       ____________________
     c. Total reimbursable miles      (Total of 7a (3) +7b)         ____________________
 8.Non-Reimbursable Miles
 These figures will not be used to reduce the State School Fund, Annual Transportation Grant.
 Include all non-reimbursable miles in all funds.
      a.       Non State approved Service within 1 mile for
               elementary and 1.5 miles for secondary               ____________________
          b. Other non-reimbursable miles                           ____________________
            c. Total non-reimbursable miles                         ____________________

 9.Total annual mileage (Total of 7c + 8c)                          ____________________

10. Salary information        Drivers      $_______________ $_______________           per hour      per month
                                                     Starting         Maximum
                              Mechanics    $_______________ $_______________           per hour      per month
                                                     Starting         Maximum
11. How many mechanics or service persons other than transportation supervisor, are employed?
     Mechanics _______________ _______________                              Service Persons _______________ _______________
                  Part Time          Full Time                                                   Part Time       Full Time
Form 581-2249-M (Rev. 5/08)

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