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									                PPS Physical Education Curriculum Materials
Health Related Fitness
Fitnessgram/Activitygram                                                 Implemented at 6 -high levels

The Fitnessgram is a measurement and reporting tool for health-related fitness levels. Having
been developed and supported by the Cooper Institute since 1982, this assessment tool has
become the nationally recommended fitness program by NASPE. The software capability of this
program would allow physical education students in the district to track their personal health
related fitness levels over multiple years. There are both student and parent reports that are
Fitness assessments are appropriate for students in grades 5-12 and the current implementation
in PPS is focused on grades 6-high school.
The Activitygram and Activity Log portions support students in their pursuits of physically active
lives. Activities promote goal setting of physical activity and being active throughout the day with
student tracking opportunities.
The Brockport is a Fitness Test manual for Adapted PE teachers to use to support students with
physical and mental disabilities in their personal fitness measurements.
The Fitnessgram is the recommended fitness assessment component to support the Physical
Best curriculum, making a comprehensive health related fitness education program

Physical Best                                                               No current implementation

Physical Best is a health related fitness education program supported by the National Association
of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE). The teachers activity guide provides a collection of
age appropriate, health related physical fitness activities that teach aerobic fitness, muscular
strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition to students. Physical Best was
designed to educate, challenge, and encourage all children of all fitness levels in the knowledge,
skills, and attitudes they need for a healthy and fit life.
Physical Best Elementary and Secondary Activity Guides are a sequential curriculum for grades
3-12 that is aligned with the national, state and PPS Physical Education Standards. It teaches to
all the Physical Education standard,s with a strong emphasis on Standard 3, Physically Active
Life and Standard 4, Maintaining Health Enhancing Fitness Levels.

The Physical Best program has a “Train the Trainer” component, which allows sustainability
following staff development by outside trainers. To date, none of the aspects of the Physical Best
program have been implemented.

Fitness For Life                                                            No current Implementation

The Fitness For Life curriculum focuses on life long activity and personal fitness. With
coordinated middle and high school materials, students are exposed to concepts and participate
in activities leading to major exit outcomes that are aligned with national, state, and district

A student workbook puts materials in the hands of all students and provides modifications to an
overview of the skills, knowledge, motivation and independent problem solving skills needed to
live physically active, healthy lives . In the sequence of Fitness for Life: Middle School & High
School , students;
                       Understand how their bodies work so they can move more effectively
                          and efficiently
                       Learn how to create an activity and fitness plan, set individual goals,
                        assess their status and progress, manage their time and responsibilities,
                        and overcome barriers to regular physical activity. They learn to use
                        technology to benefit their fitness rather than detract from it. And they
                        experience the various components of health-related fitness, activity, and
                        wellness through participation in the many labs and activities that are a
                        crucial part of the Fitness for Life program.
                       Fitness for Life enables students to have success, build confidence in
                        their ability to lead an active lifestyle, and take control of their own health.
                        And research has shown that the program is effective in promoting
                        physically active behavior after students finish school.

Motor Skills
SPARK                                                      Currently Implemented at K-2 and 3-6 levels

Sports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK) This curriculum supports two major focus
areas for quality physical education. These areas are age appropriate development of motor
skills and the instructional practice of 50% moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA). Initial
staff development occurred during the 2008-09 school year for the K-2 and 3-6 levels. SPARK 6-
8 and Training PPS Trainers for sustainability are two aspects that need to be implemented.

The success of this curriculum is dependent upon the availability of the equipment necessary to
ensure that all students meet 50% MVPA. Due to the disparity in Physical Education Programs
within PPS, it is unknown what specific equipment is needed for implementation. It is projected
that PPS should be able to obtain the needed equipment independent of SPARK.

Five for Life; Nutrition Activities for K-5                                   No Current Implementation

The physical activities in this kit teach important nutritional concepts such as; food groups, daily
amounts, balanced diet, energy content of foods, the role of vitamins and minerals and weight
management. The emphasis of these activities is to teach students that food is used for energy,
growth, and health. When students understand nutritional concepts they are able to make
informed decisions that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

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