OCTOBER 2007


Introduction                                        3

Screening Procedure                                 5

Equality Impact Assessment Timetable                6

Screening Report                                    7

Responding to the Consultation                      9

Section 1 Education-related policies              10

Section 2 Human Resources and Welfare policies    14

Section 3 Internal Personnel policies             16

Section 4 Corporate Services policies             19

Section 5 Building and Development policies       22


Appendix 1 Sources of Research                    25

CCMS Screening Report                               2
October 2007


The Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) is the advocate
for the Catholic Maintained Schools sector in Northern Ireland.

Established under the auspices of the 1998 Education Reform
(Northern Ireland) Order, the Council’s primary purpose is the
provision of an upper tier of management for the Catholic Maintained
Sector with the primary objective of raising standards in Catholic
Maintained Schools.

 CCMS represents trustees, schools and governors on issues such
  as raising standards, planning and managing the school estate
  and teacher employment.

 CCMS is the largest employer of teachers in Northern Ireland –
  approximately 8500 teachers.

 CCMS plays a central role in supporting teachers whether through
  its welfare service or, for example, in working parties such as the
  Independent Inquiry into Teacher Pay and Conditions of Service.

 CCMS supports trustees in the provision of school buildings, and
  governors and principals in the effective management and control
  of schools.

 CCMS also has a wider role within the Northern Ireland Education
  sector and contributes, with Education partners, to policy on a
  wide range of issues such as curriculum review, selection, pre-
  school education, pastoral care and leadership.

The Council has completed a revised screening exercise of its
policies in 2006 - 2007and now wishes to consult on the results of
this activity in terms of its Equality Impacts Assessment (EQIA)

CCMS Screening Report                                                  3
October 2007


In 2001, following the approval of the Council’s Equality Scheme, the
Council completed a screening exercise in relation to existing polices
and, following consultation, devised an equality impact assessment
timetable to be implemented over a five year period1. This
programme was the subject of regular review and change over time.
Over the years 2002 – 2005, major slippage occurred in the plans to
carry out this programme due to a number of circumstances including
a period of major re-organisation in 2003. In addition, given that
many of the Council’s policies, procedures and guidance emanate
from the Department of Education, it was deemed appropriate to
dovetail the impact assessment of Council policies and procedures
with the programme developed by the Department. The Department
experienced slower progress than expected in implementing its own
programme of equality impact assessments (EQIAs) and initiated a
major review and consultation in 2004 – 2005. By this time, many of
the policies originally screened by CCMS had been revised or were
out of date. It was therefore decided in 2005 that the Council should
identify all current policies, procedures and guidance and subject
them to screening. These policies, procedures and guidance were
categorised according to the main CCMS business areas and
identified as either:

      1. Originating with CCMS
      2. Issued by or developed with an external body such as the
         Department of Education or Teachers Negotiating Committee
      3. Requiring to be updated
      4. Under Development

This process was completed in November 2005.

Only those policies classified as originating with CCMS (i.e.
category 1) were included in the revised screening exercise.

CCMS will be co-operating as appropriate in the screening of policies
originating with external bodies. Policies, procedures and guidance
under development or being updated will be subject to a separate

    A copy of the full screening report is available on request.

CCMS Screening Report                                                 4
October 2007

screening process in accordance with guidance developed by the
Council’s equality committee.

Screening Procedure

The policies, procedures and guidance identified for the purpose of
this exercise were subject to screening for equality impacts in
accordance with guidelines published by the Equality Commission for
Northern Ireland using a toolkit developed by CCMS. The screening
was carried out by senior officers assisted by two education
consultants2. The criteria used to assess impacts are:

    1. Is there any evidence of higher or lower participation or uptake
       by different groups?
    2. Is there any evidence that different groups have different
       needs, experiences, issues and priorities in relation to the
       particular policy?
    3. Have consultations with relevant groups, organisations or
       individuals indicated that policies of this type create problems
       specific to them?
    4. Is there an opportunity to better promote equality of opportunity
       or better community relations by altering the policy or working
       with others in government or in the larger community in the
       context of this policy?


The Council has adopted a two stage approach to consulting on the
outcomes of this exercise.

Phase one entailed consultation on the initial decisions on whether or
not to conduct an EQIA on individual policies. This process has now
been completed.

 Education consultants are appointed by CCMS to a select list used to support Council in its
statutory role in respect of providing advice and guidance to Trustees, Governors and Principals
on a wide range of issues. Education Consultants are not full-time employees of Council but are
called upon to fulfill specific projects as required.

CCMS Screening Report                                                                              5
October 2007

Phase two involves providing feedback to consultees on the initial
consultation and consulting on the final report and subsequent
timetable for EQIAs.

EQIA Timetable

The screening exercise identified a number of policies for EQIA.
These are listed below along with a provisional timetable for
completion. The Review of Public Administration (RPA) has
impacted considerably on the Council’s approach to conducting this
programme of work. During the screening exercise, CCMS was
working on the assumption that many of the Council’s functions would
be taken over by the new Education and Skills Authority (ESA) in
April 2008. This time limit has now been put back to April 2009. In
this period of uncertainty, the Council’s approach to establishing a
timetable for EQIAs has been to:

    1. Prioritise policies in relation to a number of criteria that include:
        Policies that have obvious significant, or potentially
          significant, equality impacts identified through screening
        Policies that have a high public profile;
        The complexity of the EQIA and associated timescale;
        Potential for generating information and data of use to new
          bodies established as a result of RPA.

    2. Conduct the top priority EQIA within the business year 2007 –

    3. Review the EQIA timetable on an annual basis and incorporate
       EQIAs within following business years, as time and resources
       allow within constraints imposed by RPA. Proposed
       commitments are outlined as below:

CCMS Screening Report                                                          6
October 2007

PROPOSED EQIAs – policies in order of priority

Policy                            Lead Section   Proposed date

School Reorganisations            Building and   By March 2008
(including Modifications to       Development
CCMS Procedures)
Diversity and Inclusion in        Education      During 2008-
Catholic Maintained Schools                      2009 depending
                                                 on RPA
Capital Works – Major / Minor     Building and   Dependant on
Works                             Development    RPA timetable
Guidance on Enrolment of          Education      Dependant on
Pupils with Physical / Mobility                  RPA timetable
Scheme for Appointment of         Teaching       Dependant on
Teachers                          Personnel      RPA timetable
Harmonisation of School           Education      Dependant on
Holidays                                         RPA timetable
Small Schools Federation          Building and   Dependant on
Proposal - Establishing a Pilot   Development    RPA timetable
Annual Business Plan              Corporate      Dependant on
                                  Services       RPA timetable
Annual Report                     Corporate      Dependant on
                                  Services       RPA timetable
Requests from Schools for         Building and   Dependant on
Review of Admissions and          Development    RPA timetable
Enrolment Numbers
Job Share Scheme                  Internal       Dependant on
                                  Personnel      RPA timetable
Family Friendly Work Scheme       Internal       Dependant on
                                  Personnel      RPA timetable
Managing Attendance at Work       Internal       Dependant on
                                  Personnel      RPA timetable

CCMS Screening Report                                            7
October 2007

Screening Report

The following sections list the policies, procedures and guidance
included in the screening exercise along with the outcome of the
screening process and changes following consultation at Phase 1.

The sections are:

     EDUCATION – relating to the Council’s support role with
      trustees, schools and governors
     HUMAN RESOURCES AND WELFARE – related to the
      employment and welfare of teachers
     INTERNAL PERSONNEL – concerned with the employment of
      CCMS internal staff
     CORPORATE SERVICES – concerned mainly with the
      administration of Council’s business
     BUILDING AND DEVELOPMENT – concerned with advising
      trustees, schools and governors on the planning and provision
      of the schools estate.

Each policy screened is listed under these headings along with
comments and the outcome of the preliminary screening and
changes following consultation at Phase 1.

Copies of the report are available in hard copy or online at the
Council’s website The report
can also be made available, on request, in alternative formats
including large print, in Braille, on computer disc, on audio-
cassette and in minority languages to meet the needs of those
people who are not fluent in English.

CCMS Screening Report                                               8
October 2007

Responding to the Consultation

The final screening report can be accessed on the Council’s website or by email electronically or in hard
copy in alternative formats as detailed above.

Written responses should be returned to:

Helen Leith
Policy Development Officer
160 High Street
Co Down
BT18 9HT

Tel:            028 9042 6972
Fax:            0289042 4255

Responses should be returned, if possible, by Friday 30
November 2007. Responses will be accepted up to, but no later
than Monday 3 December 2007.

If you or your organisation would prefer to present your views on this
screening exercise, please contact Helen Leith as above to arrange a
suitable date.

Responses to this consultation will be subject to the Freedom of
Information Act, which gives the right of access to information held by
all public bodies.

CCMS Screening Report                                                 9
October 2007



1        Ethos and Management Framework

These are high level advisory policies and provide a Catholic
philosophy and ethos context for the management framework within
which Catholic schools operate. Assessment of the impact on
Section 75 categories depends on the acceptance that the promotion
of equality of opportunity is inherent in the management processes in
Catholic schools.

Summary of Screening Outcomes

Policy                  Descriptor            Recommendation Change
Management              These documents       No EQIA         No change
Structures in           provide guidance      CCMS should
Catholic                for Boards of         monitor through
Maintained              Governors on          ETI inspection
Primary Schools         appropriate           reports
Management              management
Structures in           structures
Catholic                appropriate to the
Maintained              size of the school

Life to the full        Provides guidance     No EQIA           No change
                        to teachers,          CCMS should
                        principals and        monitor through
                        Governors on          ETI inspection
                        inter-related         reports
                        aspects of

Partnership for         Outlines for          No EQIA           No change
Quality                 teachers,
                        principals and
                        Governors the
                        inter-related roles

CCMS Screening Report                                                          10
October 2007

                        essential for the
                        provision of quality

School                                         No EQIA       No change
Proclaiming the         Document setting       No EQIA       No change
Mission                 out the distinctive
                        philosophy and
                        values of Catholic

Diversity and           The over-riding        Full EQIA     No change
Inclusion in            aim of this            recommended
Catholic                publication is to
Maintained              challenge schools
Schools                 to consider what
                        they are doing to
                        promote and
                        sustain a climate
                        of openness and

2        Service Delivery and Operational Policies

Summary of Screening Outcomes

Policy                  Descriptor         Recommendation Change
Policy Statement        Provides a         This should be     No change
on Measures to          framework for      more closely
Combat                  dealing with       linked with use of
Harassment              complaints of      the grievance
                        harassment in a    procedure,
                        consistent, fair   bullying at work
                        and objective way. and informed by
                                           case law.
                                           strategy also

CCMS Screening Report                                                          11
October 2007

                                             New policy to be
                                             screened on a
                                             joint employing
                                             authority basis

School Smoking          Offers a             Updated in line     No change
Policy                  framework against    with changes in
                        which                legislation using
                        occupational         CCMS guidance
                        smoking and its      on screening.
                        management may       Neutral policy in
                        be addressed         terms of equality

Business                Guidance            No EQIA              No change
Education               provided to
                        secondary schools
                        on the continued
                        development of
                        links with
                        business, industry,
                        commerce and the
                        public sector.

Improving the           Research Report      Not appropriate for No change
Uptake of Free                               EQIA but should
School Meals                                 be monitored
                                             taking anti-poverty
                                             and diversity
                                             considerations into

Format of Board         Advisory policy      No EQIA             No change
of Governors
Invitations to          Advisory policy on   No EQIA             No change
Distribute              engaging with
Information on          commercial
Product Literature      organisations
to parents
Harmonisation of        Advice to Boards     This policy         No change
School Holidays         of Governors and     should be
                        principals on        subject to EQIA
                        options for school   in the context of
                        holidays             cross-sector co-

CCMS Screening Report                                                          12
October 2007

Handling of             Sample policy        Needs feedback         No change
Complaints in           reflecting good      mechanism.
Catholic                practice in
Maintained              handling
Schools                 complaints

Guidance on Use         Advisory note to     Recommend              No change
of School               Trustees, Boards     review and update
Premises by Other       of Governors and     to include social
Organisations           school principals    inclusion, good
                                             relations, diversity
                                             and access.

Guidance on             First in series of   Recommend              No change
Enrolment of            guidance             review and update
Pupils with             documents to         taking account of
Physical / Mobility     promote an           SENDO.
Difficulties            inclusive approach   Full EQIA
                        to education         recommended.

CCMS Screening Report                                                             13
October 2007



Summary of Screening Outcomes

Policy                  Descriptor             Recommendation Change
Scheme for              Outlines               Full EQIA      No change
Appointment of          procedures for the     required
Teachers                recruitment and
                        selection of
                        teaching staff

Promotions              Sets out               Recommend            Screening to be
Procedures              procedures to be       review to include    integral part of the
                        followed in relation   appropriate data     review and full
                        to teacher             collection. Review   EQIA if
                        promotions             to include use of    appropriate
                                               guidance on policy
                                               development and

Redundancy              Sets out               Recommend            Screening to be
procedures              procedures             review to include    integral part of the
                        relating to teacher    appropriate data     review and full
                        redundancies           collection. Review   EQIA if
                                               to include use of    appropriate
                                               guidance on policy
                                               development and

Procedure for           Sets out               Recommend            Screening to be
awarding                procedures for the     review to include    integral part of the
management              awarding of            appropriate data     review and full
allowances              management             collection. Review   EQIA if
                        allowances             to include use of    appropriate
                                               guidance on policy
                                               development and

Criminal Records        Sets out               Should be linked     No change
Check                   procedures for         clearly to
                        criminal records       appointments
                        checks in relation     process and

CCMS Screening Report                                                                 14
October 2007

                        to teacher         monitored for
                        appointments. In   equality impacts.
                        accordance with
                        DE guidance.

Teacher Welfare         This policy is     No EQIA             No change
Policy (including       aimed at
welfare of              maintaining an
teaching                enthusiastic,
principals)             highly motivated
                        and healthy

Staff Welfare           This policy is     No EQIA             No change
Policy – internal       aimed at
staff                   maintaining an
                        highly motivated
                        and healthy

CCMS Screening Report                                                        15
October 2007



Summary of Screening Outcomes

Policy                  Descriptor            Recommendation Change following
Recruitment and         Sets out              Full EQIA.     No change
Appointments            procedures to
Policy                  ensure that           This EQIA
                        Council staff are     commenced in
                        recruited and         November 2005
                        appointed on the      but had to be put
                        principal of merit.   on hold due to
                        This policy           the intervention
                        operates within       of the Review of
                        the wider context     Public
                        of employment         Administration.

Code of Conduct         Consists of the       No EQIA             No change
for Staff               ethical standards
                        expected from
                        Council Staff

Redundancy              Procedures for        No EQIA. This       No change
Procedures              managing staff        policy has been
                        redundancies          made obsolete
                                              due to the impact
                                              of the Review of

Officers                Procedures for        No EQIA             No change
Temporarily             managing
Undertaking             situations where
Additional Duties       officers of Council
                        are undertaking
                        full duties of a
                        higher graded
Policy on               Procedures for        No EQIA             No change
Discretionary           managing
Leave                   discretionary

CCMS Screening Report                                                           16
October 2007

Equal                   Statement            Linked to         No change
Opportunities           affirming the        Recruitment and
Policy                  Council’s            Appointments
                        commitment to        Policy. EQIA on
                        ensuring fair and    hold
                        equal treatment of
                        applicants for
                        employment and
                        for staff who are

Job Share               Procedures for       Full EQIA         No change
Scheme                  managing the         recommended
                        operation of the
                        Council’s Job
                        Share Policy

Career Break            Procedure for the    No EQIA           No change
Scheme                  operation of the
                        Council’s Career
                        Break Policy

Disciplinary            Procedure for        No EQIA           No change
Procedure               dealing with staff
                        in disciplinary

Grievance               Procedures for       No EQIA           No change
Procedure               dealing with staff

Harassment              Procedure for        No EQIA           No change
Policy                  dealing with cases
                        of harassment in
                        the workplace

Sexual                  Procedure for        No EQIA           No change
Harassment              dealing with
Policy                  sexual
                        harassment in the

Family Friendly         Procedure for the    Full EQIA         No change
Work Scheme             operation and        recommended
                        management of
                        the Council’s

CCMS Screening Report                                                        17
October 2007

                        Family Friendly
                        Working Policy

Managing                Guidelines for the      Full EQIA     No change
Attendance at           management of           recommended
Work                    staff absences

Car Leasing             Scheme for              No EQIA       No change
Scheme                  providing a leased
                        car facility to staff

Alcohol /               Policy aimed at         No EQIA       No change
Substance Abuse         identifying and
Policy                  dealing with
                        associated with
                        alcohol /
                        substance abuse

Hospitality Policy      Sets out                No EQIA       No change
                        standards in
                        where staff are
                        offered hospitality
                        or gifts

Childcare Voucher This policy puts in           No EQIA       No change
Scheme            place
                  arrangements to
                  assist staff with
                  responsibilities in
                  taking advantage
                  of government
                  incentives in this

Eye Test Policy         Procedure for bi-       No EQIA       No change
                        annual eye tests
                        for VDU users

CCMS Screening Report                                                       18
October 2007



1        Strategic level policies

Summary of Screening Outcomes

Policy                  Descriptor            Recommendation Change following
Corporate Risk          Details CCMS          No EQIA        No change
Management              methodology for
Policy                  identification,
                        analysis and
                        control of risks to
                        the achievement
                        of CCMS’s
Annual Business         Key Strategy          Should be equality   No change
and Action Plan         document linking      proofed before
                        resource planning     issue.
                        to identified
                        business              EQIA
                        objectives and        recommended

Annual Report           Not policy per se     Need to review to    No change
2005                    but communicates      ensure that
                        outcomes arising      equality measures
                        from policy           are reported

Appointments to         Procedures for        Council re-          No change
Council                 making                constituted in
                        appointments to       November 2005.
                        Council               Should be
                                              considered under
                                              Disability Action

CCMS                    Details planning      Review making        No change
Contingency Plan        and procedures in     equality
                        the event of a        considerations

CCMS Screening Report                                                            19
October 2007

                        crisis or             explicit.
                        emergency             No EQIA

Fraud Policy            Provides a         No EQIA            No change
                        framework for
                        promoting the
                        Council’s policies
                        and measures to
                        prevent and detect

IT Security             Aims to ensure        No EQIA         No change
                        the maintenance,
                        security and
                        integrity of IT

2        Operational level policies

Summary of Screening Outcomes

Policy                  Descriptor            Recommendation Change
Policy on Data          Details the           No EQIA        No change
Protection              Council’s policy on
                        compliance with
                        the Data
                        Protection Act
                        1998 and
                        Computer Misuse
                        Act 1990

Internet / Email        Sets out the rules    No EQIA         No change
Policy                  covering email
                        and access to the

Disposal of Assets Financial                  No EQIA         No change
/ Surplus /        memorandum on
Obsolete Items     disposal of assets
                   / items

CCMS Screening Report                                                         20
October 2007

Mobile Phone            Financial Control   No EQIA   No change
Policy                  measure

Hospitality Policy      Financial Control   No EQIA   No change

Standing Orders         Procedural          No EQIA   No change
for Council             arrangements for
                        Linked to

Protocol for            Financial Control   No EQIA   No change
Requisitions –          measure
Recurrent and
Protocol for the        Financial Control   No EQIA   No change
Payment of Travel       measure
and Subsistence

Scheme for              Financial Control   No EQIA   No change
Payments to             measure
Council Members
Stationery              Financial Control   No EQIA   No change
Protocol                measure

Change of               Operational         No EQIA   No change
Procedure for           control measure
School Runs             for electronic
                        distribution of
                        Circulars to

CCMS Screening Report                                               21
October 2007


1        Strategic level policies

Summary of Screening Outcomes

Policy                  Descriptor          Recommendation Change
School                  Policy dealing with EQIA                No change
Reorganisations         school              recommended.
                        rationalisations at Case studies
                        local level         required to
Modifications to        Advisory support    Potential for       To be included
CCMS                    to Trustees         equality impacts;   with EQIA on
Procedures for          relating to         dependant on        School
School                  development         individual school’s Reorganisations
Reorganisations         proposals and       key stakeholders.
Framework for           Arrangements to     No EQIA             No change
Control and Co-         support financial
ordination of           and progress
Project                 reporting against
Management of           project plans
Major Capital           throughout project

2        Operational level policies

Summary of Screening Outcomes

Policy                  Descriptor          Recommendation
CCMS Circular           Procedural update   No EQIA        No change
2001/23                 in respect of
Minor Works             applications for
Revised                 Minor Works in
Procedures              schools

Capital Works           Guidance circular   Potential for        No change
Major-Minor             on issues,          significant positive
Works                   procedures and      equality outcomes.

CCMS Screening Report                                                             22
October 2007

                           DE funded estates EQIA
                           improvement          recommended
                           initiative - project
                           to Circa 300K

Appointment and            Guidance to          No EQIA               No change
Monitoring of              Trustees on
Project                    appointment and
Management and             monitoring of
Planning                   project managers
Services for
Construction and
Other Works in
the Catholic
maintained Sector

Provision of               Central              Need case             To be replaced by
Project                    Procurement          histories to          consultancy
Management and             Directorate          evaluate              framework that will
Planning                   Framework            compliance.           incorporate ECNI
Supervisor                 Agreement            Implementation to     guidance on
Services (2004-                                 incorporate ECNI      Equality,
2008) for DE,                                   guidance on           Sustainability and
CCMS and Client                                 Equality,             Procurement.
bodies                                          Sustainability and    CCMS will
                                                Procurement           undertake
                                                                      screening and
                                                                      EQIA as
                                                                      appropriate once
                                                                      this policy is

Requests from              Procedural           Recommend             No change
schools for a              advisory notes       EQIA.
review of                  relating to school   RPA3 will have
Admissions and             capacity             significant impact.

    RPA – Review of Public Administration

CCMS Screening Report                                                                 23
October 2007

Irish Medium            Facilitation of Irish   Recommend            No change
Education.              Medium Education        review by Senior
Guidance notes to       recognising             Officer of reporting
Officers in respect     cultural diversity of   2005/06 to assess
of Irish Medium         populace                impact of support
Education                                       and create
                                                evidence base.
Emergency               Procedural              No EQIA              No change
Procedures –            advisory note to
Annual Guidance         initiate Insurance
issued                  loss adjustment

Small Schools           Initiative to assess    Has implications    No change
Federation              potential               for special needs
Proposal:               clustering              and other S75
Establishing a          reorganisation          categories
Pilot Model             model

Asbestos                Issued as advice        No EQIA             No change
Management              to Trustees,
Circular 2005/07        Chairs of Boards
                        of Governors and
                        school Principals.
                        Additional to DE

Circular 2003/20        Advisory                No EQIA             No change
Control of              document to
Asbestos at Work        facilitate
Regulations             compliance with
                        legislation and
                        code of practice

CCMS Screening Report                                                              24
October 2007


Equality Commission:

Equality Commission guidance manual on Equality Act and S75
Review of S75 Duties 2005 report, Equality Commission website
Appointment speech by Bob Collins Equality Commissioner at the
Annual Conference 2005 emphasis re RPA processes
Equality focus circular issue 5 Spring 2006
Equality Commission Officer – Research on public consultation
document October 2006 in relation to public procurement and
guidance on S75 Duties

Other RPA Organisation sources:
Community planning - Creating Healthier Communities - Local
Authority and Primary Care Trusts Model, Department of Health
resource pack published late 2005
RPA Reform Consultation document Section 6 Education Sector
review and proposals

CCMS Sources:
CCMS response to RPA consultation and proposals
CCMS Equality Commission Annual report 2005
CCMS Business plan 2005
CCMS Business plan 2006
Paul O Doherty – CCMS Senior Officer - Policy Development advisor
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Consultation document, March 2005

Additional Sources:
Local Councils / Education Bodies Northern Ireland – Section 75
Screening exercises
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Information Act 2000
Northern Ireland Tourist Board - Publication Scheme, Freedom of
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CCMS Screening Report                                               25
October 2007

Seminar papers:
Data Protection & Information Management April 2003, Walker Morris
Public Sector and PFI Team
Effective Governance – Optimising Public and Private Sector
Governance for Performance and Delivery, BMF Conferences, 12
April 2005
CIPFA, ICSA and ACCA CDP events - Governance and Financial
Management (PFI)

CCMS Screening Report                                           26
October 2007

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